Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prince of Tennis: Niou Masaharu - 1/365 no Kiseki

Translation of a Niou song, from his album P.

1/365 Miracle

Under the deep blue winter sky
Warmly dissolves white breath
On a morning without much warmth
That was how I was born

The people who think it’s important
Clearly have too much
The boredom of being alone
Before I realized it, I had forgotten it

The journey in which I grow up surrounded by warmth
Began, and the day it should be remembered
Is today…

365 times, circling and continuing, within the everyday
It’s a miracle of only one day
Happy birthday

If I was born in the morning
The way I live would also be just a bit sly
I should be in this place now
But I am definitely not, right?

While lost in the same dream
That there are comrades who laugh as we meet
Is surely a present from fate
Thinking that way is unlike me

The journey in which I grasp this chance encounter
Was selected, and the day it should be remembered*
Is today…

365 times, it was given to me, within time
Today I was given life; I’m thankful
Happy birthday

Silver powdered snow flutters, in my color

The streets are also dyed
It’s a miracle of only one day
Happy birthday

*it’s talking about “I chose this journey”

Also, as a side note, 回 is a counter for “going around” (365回, or 365 times) so it’s in the sense of the year going around and returning to the beginning. The last two verses are actually continuing the same sentence despite being split that way -- the streets are also dyed in his color as silver snow falls. *shrug*

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