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Doki Doki Survival: Marui route

Only Marui's scene where you call each other by first name, confession scene, interrupted-but-then-continued confession, and epilogue for now.

Character name is Aoyagi Shion, just fyi, except in the interrupted confession, where it's Mizuno Rise.

From the morning of 8/1, AKA the date:

You: That's right, I heard from Yukimura-san.
Marui: Hm? About what?
You: That Marui-san likes people who give him things.
Marui: Not just anything. Food.
You: Ahaha, I heard about that too.
Marui: But you know, recently there's been one more condition added.
You: Eh? What's that?
Marui: Not just any food will do. It has to to be delicious food.
You: So in short, it's become people who give you delicious food.
Marui: That's right.
You: Ahaha, that's just like you, Marui-san.
Marui: haven't noticed?
You: Eh? What?
Marui: Ah, no. It's nothing.
You: Ha, haa.
Marui: I've been thinking for a while that it's weird.
You: ? What is?
Marui: Why do you call me by my last name?
You: Eh?
Marui: Normally, when you know each other as well as we do, you call each other by first name, right?
You: Is it okay?
Marui: Of course.
You: Ummm... all right, Bunta-san.
Marui: Yeah, what is it?
You: Ah, it has a fresh ring to it.
Marui: R-really.
You: But I'm... a little embarrased. Ahaha.
Marui: R-right.


You: He's still not here... Bunta-san... I thought it's about time, but...
Marui: Yo, you wanted to talk to me?
You: Ah, Bunta-san!
Marui: Ah, what is it?
You: Ah... um. It's...
Marui: Yeah?
You: That's... Bunta-san... is there anyone that you like?
Marui: Eh? Ah...
You: S-so?
Marui: Oh, yeah... there is. I can't see her anymore, though.
You: Eh?
Marui: Ah, sorry. It looks like I was late in realizing it.
You: Eh? U-um...
Marui: I like you.
You: Eh?
Marui: So, please go out with me. I want to see you from now on too.
You: R-really?
Marui: Yeah, really.
You: I... I'm so happy!
Marui: Shion, I like you.
You: Me too! I love you too, Bunta-san!
Marui: Please make lots of food for me from now on.
You: Yes, of course!
Marui: If it's something you made, I'll eat anything.

Interrupted confession, with Yukimura:

You: He's still not here... Bunta-san... I thought it's about time, but...
Marui: Yo, you wanted to talk to me?
You: Ah, Bunta-san!
Marui: Ah, what is it?
You: Ah... um. It's...
Marui: Yeah?
Yukimura: Hi, Mizuno-san.
You: Ah, Yukimura-san...
Yukimura: I was looking for you. Do you have a moment?
Marui: What is it?
Yukimura: Sorry, I'm interrupting. But... Mizuno-san.
You: Y-yes.
Yukimura: I like you. ...I wanted to say it before you left.
Marui: ...Rise and I are talking. Do it later.
Yukimura: Mizuno-san... I want you to go out with me, please.
Yukimura: ...but, if you choose him, I won't say anything. What will you do?

Accept the confession
Reject the confession

Yukimura: I see... well, bye, Mizuno-san.
You: Ah... um, it's...
You: Um... Bunta-san, are you going out with anyone?
Marui: Eh!? N-no, I'm not.
You: Ah... um... if you would... I... that is...
Marui: Y-yeah.
You: I... I like you, Bunta-san! P...please go out with me!
Marui: I-is it okay?
You: Yes!
Marui: I'm happy! Because I like you.
You: Eh... really?
Marui: Yeah!
You: I-I'm so happy!
Marui: I am too. I like you, Rise.
You: Me too. I love you, Bunta-san!


Marui: Parfaits really are the best in summer after all! Mm, it's delicious!
You: This parfait is good, but isn't it a bit too big?
Marui: Not at all. This much is easy, easy. Ah, here, this part is melting.
You: Ah, it's true! Mm... yeah, it's delicious! This strawberry ice cream.
Marui: Give me a little.
You: All right. So help yourself...
Marui: That's not it. I meant make me eat it.
You: Um... all right then, here, say aaaaah.
Marui: Aaaaah.
You: Is it good?
Marui: Mm, it's twice as delicious!
You: Ahaha. I'm embarrassed, but I'm happy.
Marui: Well then, time to return the favor. Here, open your mouth. Aaaaah.
You: Yes. Aaaaaah.
Marui: Is it good?
You: It's delicious!
Marui: Twice as delicious, right?
You: Of course! It's 2.5 times in comparison.
Marui: Hahaha. You know, somehow at times like this, I think that I'm glad you became my girlfriend.
You: Really?
Marui: Before, I was thinking I wanted to eat this parfait, but I wasn't sure if I would come alone or invite Jackal.
You: Eh, can it be that you also had Jackal-senpai feed you?
Marui: Pfft... there's no way!!
You: R-right?
You: If you did that sort of thing, I would have to declare war on Kuwahara-san.
Marui: What's that about? Hahaha, seriously... I'll never get tired of watching you.
You: Really?
Marui: Yeah. I really like that side of you.
You: I also love that straightforwardness of yours. Bunta-san.

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  1. As much as I love how cute Marui is...I just can't stand his first name. Bunta.
    Bunta. Bunta-sempai. Bunta-san. Bunta-sensei.
    It just sounds funny.

    Well he's adorable and treats his girl like a treasure so it's fine I suppose ^_^"