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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter eleven

Chapter eleven. New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:
no (non-English) text

Page two:

Strip one:
The beginning of things

Panel one:
Dove Party agent, Sakazaki Yuuya.
Here is your next mission.

Panel two:
We’ve detected restless movements from the Hawk Party at Saint PigeoNation Academy.
Infiltrate and investigate as a student.

Panel three:
In addition, when the playback of these orders has ended
The tape will automatically self-destruct.

Panel four:
...That kind of thing won’t happen, so please dispose of it appropriately.
We pray for your success.
It looks like the explosives budget’s been cut, huh...

Strip two:
Over word limit

Panel one:
School doctor, Iwamine Shuu.
His true colors are that of a Hawk Party member, a menace to the peace.
That is what he is suspected of.

Panel two:
If he acts suspiciously, submit a chronological report.
That’s my mission, but...

Panel three:
[Lunch break]

Panel four:
[After school]
He only ever acts suspiciously!

Page three:

Strip three:
A third force

Panel one:
[Year 2188]
There are two wildly different ideologies in the world of the birds.

Panel two:
One is that of the Hawk Party.
Radical diehards who believe humans should be eliminated from society.

Panel three:
And the other is the Dove Party.
A moderate faction that aims for the coexistence of birds and humans.

Panel four:
Coo coo! (And Okosan is of the Pudding Party!)
Stop making the story more complicated!

Strip four:


Panel one:
PigeoNation is a pacifistic academy.
Dr. Iwamine must be concealing himself for some reason.

Panel two:
He behaves so suspiciously every day, but he doesn’t leave any decisive evidence.
Isn’t there any other way?

Panel three:
There isn’t anything good left in the trash bags either...

Panel four:
What are you looking for!?!
(small) Is your life that difficult!?
The fragments of my shining summer memories. ☆
Your shine is in the trash bags!?

Page four:

Strip five:
Song of questions and answers for the poor

[貧窮問答歌, or “binguu mondou ka”. It’s the name of a waka, a type of traditional Japanese poem, and was apparently about the harsh collection of taxes from the poor.]

Panel one:
Sakazaki was digging through the trash!?

Panel two:
That’s right.
I thought maybe Senpai might be having some trouble in life...

Panel three:
Oi, Sakazaki!
Whoa, you’re talking to me. What happened?

Panel four:
Take this and go.
That is, I don’t want your thanks!

Strip six:
Chukar partridge freaks freaks

Panel one:
Okay, I’ll shadow him again today.

Panel two and three:
No text

Panel four:
Senpai, why are you stalking Dr. Iwamine...?

Page five:

[Bird history]
Birds and humanity

Panel one:
Okay, it’s time for bird history~
Today is the last day, so listen well~

Panel two:
First let’s summarize what’s happened so far~

Year 2068: Bird influenza mutated
Outbreak of a new human influenza
(Sumatra Influenza)
→ Sharp decrease in human population!

Year 2070: Operation Carneades
→ Dissemination of bird erasure virus

Year 2071: Surviving birds adapt
Considerable enlargement of the brain begins

Panel three:
This was where the counterattack of the birds that had gained intelligence began.

Panel four:
In the latter half of 2071, incidents where birds carried out raids on humans happened one after another.
This is called “Hitchcock's Winter”.

Panel five:
Finally, the birds’ territory grew day by day,
and the birds declared independence in the Philippines.
At this point, it was primarily the birds in Southeast Asia who were really active~

Page six:

Panel one:
Beginning with this declaration of independence,
the battle between birds and humans progressed at full speed.

Panel two:
This war continued for a very long time.

2068 10.2 billion people
2070 3.06 billion people
2100 140 million people

During the thirty year interval until the truce agreement was signed, the population fell to 4.6%.

Panel three:
But only a few humans who died in battle.
It seems like there were still a lot of people who died of Sumatra Influenza during that time~

Panel four:
After the thirty-year war, the superiority of the birds was decided.
In reality, the truce agreement that was signed was an announcement of the humans’ surrender.

Panel five:
For a while after that, fights between birds and humans were still frequent.
But by law humans were isolated, and by promoting this segregation, it became pretty peaceful.
And then we were able to create this peaceful era~

Panel six:
Sometimes there are still human acts of terrorism.

Panel seven:
From now on,
if we can relax and live together peacefully,
that would be nice~

Page seven:

Panel one:
Head of the First Biology Division, Isa Souma.
Saint PigeonNation Academy will open in three months.
Your new post is at the affiliated medical treatment center within the school.

Panel two:
Saint PigeoNation Academy... I’ve heard it’s a high school with a cooperative ideology.
The majority of the investors have ties to us.
You should have no lack of freedom.

Panel three:
I see.
Then there should be no shortage of research equipment.

Page eight:

Panel one:
As for your new residence and the compensation...
Yes, they will do.
As long as I can continue with my research without hindrance,
I don’t have much interesting in anything else, so please send the documents later.

Panel two:
Your enthusiasm for your work is greatly appreciated.
With your power, we will surely accomplish it.

Panel three:
Our dearest wish.

Panel four:
A truly peaceful world.

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