Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mika Arisaka: Toki no Sabaku

Translation of the B-side of the "Life Goes On" single, the second ending theme of Gundam SEED Destiny.

Desert of Time

On that day, the words I heard were fragments of a promise
Without having anything, we laughed on those naïve, faraway days

Since then, the two of us have set off
Wandering through the tricks of time
Within the violently-blowing wind, we met by chance a second time

Soundlessly, the falling tears overwhelm
And water the desert of time for me

The hand of a clock quietly ticks in time with my heartbeat
The two paths that were too distant surface in the moonlight

Since then, many times, my hand has
Turned over the small hourglass
Under the pouring rain, I continually lost my bearings

Like the bird that flaps toward the sky, if I could be without hesitation
Like the flower that waits for spring, if I could just be strong
Soundlessly, the falling tears overwhelm
Won't they water the desert of time for me?

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