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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter one

Chapter one.  New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:

Title: Hatoful Boyfriend

Text box:
Kawara Ryouta
Saint Pigeonation Academy
Year 2, Class 3/rock dove
A kind-hearted herbivorous boy

Yellow boxes:
Pseudo-human appearance
Bird form

Second text box:
Tosaka Hiyoko
Saint Pigeonation Academy
Year 2, Class 3/human
The academy’s only human

Page two:

Strip one:
Welcome to the highest-performing school

Panel one:
The prestigious school for pigeons.
The school that carries that reputation is Saint Pigeonation Academy!

Panel two:
The most excellent pigeons receive a high-level education here every day!
Coo! (Okosan is high level!)

Panel three:
In other words, the pseudo-human appearances are only to help beginners feel the bird-moe! In the end, the characters are all birds!
Coo coo! (Beginners can also feel at ease!)

Panel four:
Coo! (And last, here’s a warning!)
Coo coo coo! (Covering the floor in feathers is prohibited!)

Strip two:
Be careful, cows will suddenly be unable to stop

Panel one:
It’s already eight o’clock!? I’m gonna be late!
(box) I’m Tosaka Hiyoko.
(box) The only human attending Saint Pigeonation Academy!

Panel two:
(box) Why is it that you can’t see me?
I have to hurry!
There’s a quiz first period!
(box) That’s because I’m the heroine of this story! So it’s like an FPS! 
(note: *FPS = first-person shooter game)

Panel three:
(box) Don’t sweat the small stuff!
(box) If you just want an idea of what I’m like…

Panel four:

Page three:

Strip three:
The heroine’s absence

Panel one:
Good morning, everyone!
(box) Kawara Ryouta

Panel two:
Huh, Hiyoko isn’t here yet?
Cooo! (Not yet! She’s late!)
(box) Okosan

Panel three:
You can know one’s worth by their timeliness.
(box) Shirogane Sakuya
You can contact her, can you not? Why don’t you try calling her?
Yeah, I’ll do that.

Panel four:
Ah… she was trampled by a buffalo on the way to school.
She might take today off…
Wait, what kind of route was Tosaka taking to school!?

Strip four:
The token of a high-school girl

Panel one:
Ah, that’s right, you’ve only just transferred here, Sakuya, so you wouldn’t know.
Hiyoko lives in the wilderness a little ways outside of town.

Panel two:
The wilderness…!?
One can live in that sort of place!?
I think it’s usually impossible.

Panel three:
But Hiyoko said,
“Of course a high school girl can survive in the wilderness!”
Something like that.

Panel four:
Cool, right?
I want to become strong like Hiyoko too someday.
As expected of Japan… even high school girls have the samurai spirit…
*Sakuya is from France

Page four:

Strip five:
Wing Attack!

Panel one:
My stomach doesn’t feel well…

Panel two:
Coo! (Are you okay? You don’t look well!)
N-no… I have kind of a weak stomach…

Panel three:
Coo coo coo! (Okosan will stroke it!)
Coo coo! (I’ll flap until it hurts and hurts!)

Panel four:
Coo! Coo!
W-wait, San! My back hurts so much I’ve forgotten about my stomach!

Strip six:
A beginner’s guide to distinguishing them

Panel one:
No text

Panel two:
It’s hard to tell the difference between San and Sakuya.
Because you’re both fantails.

Panel three:
Are you saying this ancient breed looks like me!? What blasphemy!
Coo, coo! (Everyone is smart!)

Panel four:
B-but if humans look at you, it’s hard to tell the difference, so if… you… explain…
(box) The one with a fine spread of tail feathers wearing a ribbon is Sakuya, and the one that is completely naked is San.

Page five:

Strip seven:
Be more excited!

Panel one:
Okaaay, good work~
Homeroom teacher Nanaki Kazuaki
That’s all for today. Be careful going home~

Panel two:
Coo coo! (Super Okosan time has arrived! I will run!)
He was fast asleep all afternoon, and then he suddenly became energetic…

Panel three:
Coo coo coo! (It’s because Okosan is burning for the track club! Does Ryouta have anything he burns for in the afternoon?)
I go home after school. If you have to go that far, maybe I’m burning for my part-time job, but…

Panel four:
Coo coo! (If you run with Okosan you’ll be burning as you go home!)
Wait, San! Don’t pull me! You’ll tear off my wing! You’ll tear it!

Strip eight:
The Kawara family’s circumstances

Panel one:
I got dragged all over the city.
My heart is beating a little faster than usual…

Panel two:
If you ask why I go home after school…
I live with only my mother, and I have a part-time job because I want to help with the expenses.

Panel three:
It turns out I’m the ace of a maid café, and I’m a bit proud of that.
Ah, mail from Hiyoko.

Panel four:
From: Tosaka Hiyoko
Hey, listen, Ryouta!
I fought the buffalo again after that!
It was a great victory!!

…like that, I was overshadowed and Hiyoko shone again today.

Page six:
Pseudo-human form, act:01
Maid Café Merry Feather

Panel one:
Welcome back, Master! ☆

Panel two:

Panel three:
Is this your true self, Kawara!
What the hell are you doing!
Ah, Sakuya!

Panel four:
…I mean. Please excuse me. It’s only a part-time job, Master. ☆
Well then, please call me Coolene while you’re here. ♪
(box) Coolene (professional name)
I don’t get it… Don’t you have any pride!?
Coo! (That’s not it! He’s a proud part-timer so he has the mindset of a pro! He was able to become a pro at his job!)

Page seven:
Panel one:
I was waiting for you to come home, Master!
All right, please come this way! ☆
Wait, don't just go off on your own!

Panel two:
Tosaka told me.
“If you want to study the culture of Japan, first you should go observe Ryouta at his job!”
“It’s standard for Japan’s high school boys to work part-time at a maid café in their free time!” she said!

Panel three:
I used my precious time to come here, but what is this!
Isn’t it the same as children playing house!

Panel four:
A maid café–
What low-level culture this is!

Panel five:

W-what is it?
Do you have a complaint?

Panel six:
Calm down, everyone.
Leave this to me, okay?

Page eight:

Panel one:
I understand what you’re saying, Master, but… people of all ranks must hold jobs.
And we always strive to practice the highest level of entertainment, every day.

Panel two:
Disguising yourself under an assumed name and thoroughly and easily completing the job given to us–
You could say maids are the modern-day ninja!

Panel three:
The modern-day

Panel four:
Oh… I see… the rumored ninjas, the famous secret group, live on in a place like this even now…
If you’re ninjas, it can’t be helped.
I withdraw my previous remarks.
I apologize.
(San, small text): What beautiful cake!
Sakuya really is weak to the ninja and samurai keywords.

To be continued.

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