Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doki Doki Survival: Yukimura route

Just the interruption end (with Marui) and confession for now.

Character name Mizuno Rise.

Interruption confession:

You: He's still not here... Bunta-san... I thought it's about time, but...
Marui: Yo, you wanted to talk to me?
You: Ah, Bunta-san!
Marui: Ah, what is it?
You: Ah... um. It's...
Marui: Yeah?
Yukimura: Hi, Mizuno-san.
You: Ah, Yukimura-san...
Yukimura: I was looking for you. Do you have a moment?
Marui: What is it?
Yukimura: Sorry, I'm interrupting. But... Mizuno-san.
You: Y-yes.
Yukimura: I like you. ...I wanted to say it before you left.
Marui: ...Rise and I are talking. Do it later.
Yukimura: Mizuno-san... I want you to go out with me, please.
Yukimura: ...but, if you choose him, I won't say anything. What will you do?

Accept the confession
Reject the confession

Marui: What's that, really... bye.
You: ...u-um, Yukimura-san...
Yukimura:, what is it?
You: U-um, you said you like me... is it true?
Yukimura: Haha, it's true. I like you, Mizuno-san.
You: Me too...
Yukimura: It's just, you had your eye on another man. I should punish you. So, close your eyes.
You: Eh.


Yukimura: It's okay, you can open your eyes.
Yukimura: Look, like this I'm all you can see now, right?
Yukimura: From now on, I want you to only look at me.
You: Yes...


Yukimura: Here. You screamed a lot, so your throat is dry, right?
You: Thank you very much. Mm, it's delicious!
Yukimura: Hahaha, I'm glad.
You: Anyway, Seiichi-san. You weren't scared at all, were you?
Yukimura: Really?
You: In the ghost house before, when that person playing a ghost came out, but you were laughing, weren't you?
Yukimura: That's because you were cute when you screamed and clung to me. That's all I saw.
You: You're saying such embarrassing things again...
You: So, so, what about the jet coaster we rode before that!
You: Even though we were in the very front, you were calm, weren't you?
Yukimura: That's right. The scenery as we went around was interesting, and because I was looking at you as you closed your eyes and screamed.
Yukimura: It was fun.
You: G-geez! We're enjoying different things!
Yukimura: It's all right. I'm enjoying myself in my own way. If I was scared, wouldn't you find it surprising and fun?
You: I-it's not like that! I'm really happy just that Seiichi-san came to the amusement park with me!
You: But you know... that's an interesting question.
Yukimura: Heeh, what question?
You: What are you scared of, Seiichi-san?
Yukimura: Haha, that's made you want to know what I'm scared of.
You: But Seiichi-san, that's because you're always smiling gently.
You: Ah, of course I love your smiling face, and I don't want to scare you or anything like that...
You: Um...
Yukimura: You want to see me make other expressions, or something?
You: Yeah! That's it!
Yukimura: I see. My other expressions? Let's see... when I kiss you, I think I don't have the freedom to make another face?
You: W-when that happens, I'm even less free than you are, so I can't look...
Yukimura: Haha, really? Well then...
Yukimura: Ah, if you want me to make a sad face, there's an easy way.
You: Eh, what is it?
Yukimura: Being told by you that you hate me is sadder and scarier than anything.
You: Eh!?
Yukimura: Would you like to try?
You: T-there's no way I can say that. I can't like or anything, and if I said that I would cry...
Yukimura: I see, I'm happy. But I don't want to make you cry.
You: I really don't want to see Seiichi-san's sad face.
Yukimura: Haha... then let's laugh together always from now on.
You: A-ahaha... that's right.


  1. I've tried to get an interrupted confession but I failed 5 times. (Marui and Akutagawa)
    I know i'm one year late, but how do you get these interrupted endings?

    1. To be perfectly honest, I don't really remember. 8D;; I do know you have to have >90 affection with both of the characters. I think (but I'm not sure) when I did it with Yukimura, his affection was a little bit lower than Marui's? Apparently you want to go on the dates and do the event scenes with the character you don't want, then choose to confess to that character at the end and the other one will interrupt. I think the key is to have both of them at high enough affection that you could've gotten an ending with either of them normally, but depending on whose scenes you see, only one of them will interrupt the other's confession.

    2. Thank you for the quick reply :) Well I tried it but it stills doesn't work, I guess i'll give up ;; But thanks a lot for helping me

  2. Can you make niou from rikkai? Sorry, i just discover this

    1. I don't translate DokiSaba so much; my focus is more on GakuPuri. These were just a couple scenes I already had done that were just lying around. Sorry.