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Prince of Tennis: Prologue Bonus Track

Translation of ~the first seven minutes of the bonus track of Yukimura's album "Prologue", which is a voice drama. That's followed by the Yukimura cover of "Laser Beam" and the voice actor talk time; only the in-character part is translated here.

Yukimura: Today, I had Beautification Committee work to do, so I’m a little late. Recently, mysterious plants have been planted in the rooftop garden, and there's evidence that they've been watered countless times in a day, so there are a lot of strange things going on. These things should be done perfectly, right? The meeting is over, so I should hurry to club practice. The only regulars who aren’t in committees are Niou and Bunta, as well as Akaya, so I’m a little worried that they’ll skip practice, eat sweets, or do nothing. I wonder if they’re practicing properly?

Yukimura: Yeah. It seems they’re doing it seriously. As expected of our Rikkai tennis club. No matter when it is, we don’t show any weakness! …but speaking of which, all the club members are really fired up, huh? They’re all orderly, aren’t they?

“Yukimura”: Hey, you! Your movements are too sloppy!

Yukimura: …huh? I… I’m there! No, no, it can’t be, it can’t be. That sort of thing just isn’t possible, right? Calm down, Seiichi. …but… ugh. …an evil spirit!

Yagyuu: Hmm hmm hmm (humming "Laser Beam")... oh, if it isn't Yukimura-kun! Did you also have a committee meeting? I was also heading to club practice after the Public Morals Committee ended. Today was a meeting about personal hygiene. You aren't looking too good. Did something happen?

Yukimura: Yagyuu, I might be troubling you a little, but have you read Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Two Letters," or possibly, "Gears"?

[The two stories in question are, in untranslated form, Futatsu no Tegami and Haguruma.]

Yagyuu: Y-yes. If I remember correctly, I read both before graduating elementary school. ...both stories were related to dopplegangers, weren't they?

Yukimura: That's right! What do you think about dopplegangers? That they're not scientifically proven? That they're troublesome?

Yagyuu: ...that's another sudden question, isn't it...? ...ahhh! I understand! Please don't worry, Yukimura-kun. That's Niou-kun's "Illusion." The other day, he was saying it was difficult to buy a wig of Yukimura-kun's hair, but it turned out rather splendid, didn't it? As expected of Niou-kun. He's just like the real thing.

Yukimura: Heeeh...

Niou: A Trickster's Illusion... I'm Masaharu... ("Mikansei," from his P album)

Yagyuu: Niou-kun, Niou-kun, stop, stop.

Niou: Ah... ah. Puri. Yo, Yagyuu. Oh, you were with Yukimura? Your committees are done? Just as you can see, everyone's practicing seriously, you know.

Yagyuu: It's not "you know!" Honestly, people like you...

Niou: Piyo.

Yukimura: My, my. I was extremely surprised. That you can go as far as to become me, honestly, you're a terrifying man. But if you become me during practice too often, you'll just cause trouble.

Niou: Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you. Just that, since I became Yagyuu before and sang "Laser Beam," I thought it might be a bit of a challenge to try becoming the Child of God.

Yagyuu: You're always doing things because you think they're exciting. Lately, you've even taken up my own new "Laser Beam" song.

Niou: If you say that sort of thing, you sound happy more than anything, you know.

Yukimura: Heh, that song is very like Yagyuu, isn't it? You get fired up and end up having a lot of fun.

Yagyuu: Thank you very much! It's an honor to have Yukimura-kun say so.

Yukimura: But it's surprising hearing that from you, Yagyuu, since you usually never lose your composure. I wonder if it's because you're getting used to Niou's tricks. Even when he uses his Illusion to turn into you, it doesn't phase you and doesn't seem to trouble you.

Yagyuu: That's because I also take on Niou-kun's appearance during the Switch. Though I'm reluctant to do so, we are ruthless during matches, so if we have that tactic, of course we won't lose.

Niou: Haha. They call you a gentleman, but in reality, this guy's very much a trickster. Next time, how about stealing my song and making your Trickster side known?

Yagyuu: Hey, hey, it's cruel to say I'm putting on an act. Now that you mention it, at the end of that song, I definitely close with "Adieu," don't I? By substituting "Puri," you change my "Gentleism."

(Niou: What's that?)

Yukimura: But even when other people sing it, it seems like a fun song, doesn't it? The last line depends on each person's individuality, so it's interesting. If it was Sanada...

Niou: Tarundoru.

Yagyuu: Tarundoru!

Yukimura: ...he would say, and if it was Marui...

Niou: Shikuyoro.

Yagyuu: Shikuyoro.

Yukimura: ...right? What would Yanagi, Jackal, and Akaya say?

Niou: (mumbling in the background)

Yukimura: Well, if I really think about it, the only ones who hit a Laser are Niou and Yagyuu. The other members haven't sung it, have they?

Niou: Speaking of, Yukimura, what would you say?

Yagyuu: That's right.

Yukimura: That's true... thinking about my own line, it's rather difficult, isn't it? It's troublesome.

Niou: Well then, we'll think about it.

Yagyuu: Right.

Yukimura: Both of you, thank you. Even though I'm causing trouble for you.

Yagyuu: How's this? Because it's from you, who recovered from your illness, you can use this as your final line. Won't everyone be deeply moved? Zaaaa za za za za zaaa za za! "Only when one has experienced the coldness of winter can one appreciate the warmth of spring."

[translation for his favorite motto stolen from ann_applecore's Yukimura 40.5 translation 8D]

Niou: Long!

Yagyuu: Hm?

Niou: It's long.

Yagyuu: It's long?

Niou: Rejected.

Yagyuu: Rejected?

Yukimura: Yeah. It seems like it conveys my feelings of thanks. I've really caused you guys a lot of trouble. But it feels like it goes against the mood of the song a bit, doesn't it?

Niou: That's right. Then, seriously considering the mood, how about a softer, everyday life version?

Yagyuu: Oh.

Niou: Laser Beam~ Yo, yo, what do you think about gardening? Water them four times a day. Go "banzai!" when the flowers bloom. Hey! A-a-a-always win Rikkai. Yeah! A-a-a-always win Rikkai...

Yagyuu: Just a moment, it's that which is much too long!

Niou: Ah?

Yagyuu: Somehow, doesn't it sound like bad rap?

Yukimura: It does. But more importantly, watering them four times a day is too often! Huh? Wait a moment, Niou!

Yagyuu: Please wait, Niou-kun.

Yukimura: Could it be that you were the one who is growing mysterious plants in the rooftop garden--

Niou: Erk.

Yukimura: --pointlessly watering them too much, and causing trouble?

Yukimura: Thanks to that, the flowers that I was taking care of are in bad shape, and it was a major concern at the meeting earlier!

Niou: Ah.

Yagyuu: Niou-kun, it can't be!

Niou: Mm... (This is bad. Did he suddenly get mad?) Ah, no no no no no. You're imagining things.

Yukimura: Niou. It's naive to think you can deceive me again.

Niou: Nn... I wondered, why don't I copy your everyday life to start out with.

Yukimura: But flowers are living things! You need to remember that they're delicate, and while watching them properly, and taking a lot of trouble, treat them with love -- if you don't do that, it's unacceptable! Ahhh, to think that the criminal was in the tennis club all along. I really can't report this to the committee!

Niou: Uhh, sorry. I'm causing you trouble. But you know, it's because gardening isn't one of my hobbies.

Yukimura: Honestly. You're not at all able to revolutionize yourself.

[jibun kakumei: the title of the Niou and Yukimura duet, which I think has been translated as Self-Revolution]

Yagyuu: That's just like you!

Yukimura: Okay, I've decided! I'll also sing "Laser Beam"!

Niou/Yagyuu: Ehhh?

Yagyuu: How did you come to that conclusion!?

Niou: As expected of the Child of God. I can't follow his reasoning.

Yukimura: But if it's like that, didn't Yagyuu also know that Niou was copying my everyday life?

Yagyuu: I as well?

Yukimura: You're guilty of the same crime. Because when I saw myself on the courts, I was really surprised, you know!

Niou: Piyo.

Yukimura: I also want you to be surprised by Seiichi's Illusion. Of course, the two of you looking away is something I absolutely won't forgive, so I want you to prepare yourselves.

Yagyuu: Ohh...

Yukimura: No. Please be prepared!

Niou/Yagyuu: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Yukimura: Well. It's really just because it seems interesting. An impossible development in my normal everyday life... yeah. Today is peaceful and happy too. Nevertheless, for the personal line at the end... really, what will I do? It's troublesome.

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