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Tales of Link x IDOLiSH7 collab: Search for Idol Candidates!

okay look, two of my games are doing a collab. I had to do it.

general notes: since Tales doesn't use honorifics, I dropped them for this translation. I don't play Global, though, so unfortunately I don't know what Lippy does there instead of appending -sama to everyone's names. it would look a bit silly using full names for speech labels all the time, so I just used given names. there are a couple links thrown in for your edification if you aren't familiar with i7 or Tales of Xillia. uhh I think that's it??

The opening of the special stage

Sara: Thanks for playing Tales of Link!
Lippy: And now we begin the long-awaited "IDOLiSH7" collab!
Sara: Wow! For this event, we're bringing you a special stage that brings together "Tales of Link" and "IDOLiSH7!"
Lippy: Everyone, please introduce yourselves!
Iori: Nice to meet you. I'm Iori Izumi from IDOLiSH7. Please take care of me.
Yamato: I'm Yamato Nikaidou, also from IDOLiSH7. I'm the oldest among us, so I'm the leader.
Mitsuki: Whoa, this is really exciting! I'm Mitsuki Izumi from IDOLiSH7! We don't look alike, but Iori and I are brothers.
Tamaki: Tamaki Yotsuba. Let's get along. We've ended up somewhere really weird. But it looks interesting.
Sougo: I'm Sougo Ohsaka. It's an honor to be invited here. I'll do my best not to cause any trouble, so let's get along.
Nagi: HELLO. I'm Nagi Rokuya. I've come here just to meet you. Don't look away from me, even for a moment.
Riku: I'm Riku Nanase! I want to make this stage fun even for people who don't know much about idols!
Gaku: I'm Gaku Yaotome from TRIGGER. Nice to meet you.
Ten: I'm Ten Kujou from TRIGGER. It's an honor to be here today. Make sure you remember us.
Ryuu: I'm Ryuunosuke Tsunashi. I'm glad I could come here with everyone. Let's have fun together!
Momo: I'm Momo from Re:vale! I'm really glad I could meet all of you from Link today!
Yuki: I'm Yuki from Re:vale. I wonder if you've heard of Momo and me. I'd like you to remember us.
Lippy: Nothing less from idols! Their shining spirits reach even to the heavens!
Sara: Lippy and I will be helping with the concert stage, so feel free to ask us anything!
Lippy: And Kinako will travel for the missions in my place!
Kinako: Mew mew~
Sara: It's so fluffy… how cute… ♡
Gaku: All right… how about we hurry and get started with the special training?
Sara: Special training…? What do you mean? Oh yeah, they said there would be other new members…
Nagi: YES! That beautiful goddess told us! It seems the power of idols works against the seeds of ruin.
Tamaki: And… she told us to train some of.. Liafyse?...'s people as idols. She said she'd give us King's Pudding…
Lippy: Goddess…? Perhaps you mean Lady Leonne…
Mitsuki: I still haven't met a good idol candidate…
Mitsuki: I'll find talents just as good as you guys and train them up! See you later!
Sara: Ah! Mitsuki left…
Iori: Sorry. He's too energetic. We'll try to keep him from causing trouble.
Ten: We won't lose, Riku.
Riku: Oh, yeah! Same for us! We'll definitely train some great idols!
Ryuu: We don't have a lot of experience in this kind of thing. We'll be counting on you to help out, Sara, Lippy.
Lippy: Yes, leave it to us!
Sara: This is going to be an even more amazing concert than I thought!
Momo: And now, the "IDOLiSH7" x "Tales of Link" collab event!
Yuki: We're starting the IDOLiSH7 event.

The search for idol candidates: before

Elize: Jude is studying to be a doctor.
Mitsuki: Oh, so that's why he's gathering herbs…
Mitsuki: He's smart and cool. And he's kind and caring! He's all-around perfect!
Teepo: What about you, Mitsuki?
Mitsuki: The stuffed toy talks!?
Teepo: I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Teepo!
Mitsuki: Wow! That's a pretty talkative stuffed toy! It reminds me of Yamato!
Jude: Huh? I heard voices, so I came to take a look… and it's Elize and Teepo! And…
Elize: Jude! Hello. Mitsuki wanted to meet you, so we brought him here.
Mitsuki: I'm Mitsuki Izumi. Nice to meet you!
Jude: Mitsuki… nice to meet you. Why'd you want to meet me?
Teepo: He said he was looking for a cool guy who could make everyone happy.
Elize: And then I thought of you and told him about you.
Mitsuki: Yeah, yeah. Just as handsome as I heard! You're the type that makes people feel all motherly, maybe? Like our Tamaki!
Jude: Huuuuh? Motherly… so then you mean you… I think, but…
Mitsuki: I'm older than you, even if I don't look it!
Elize: Huh… really…?
Mitsuki: That's right!
Masked man: you're an "idol"?
Mitsuki: Huh? Yeah, I am… so we have fans already? the middle of the forest?
Jude: …! Wait, he's…
Masked man: Whooooooooa!
Mitsuki: Wah!
Jude: Haa!
Mitsuki: W-What!? He's attacking!
???: Behind you! Look out!
Mitsuki: Huh!? Kujou…!?
Jude: …! Stay behind me, Mitsuki! Let's go, Elize, Teepo.
Teepo: Leave it to us!

The search for idol candidates: after

Jude: Whew… Are you okay, Mitsuki?
Mitsuki: I-I'm fine… What was with those guys…? And Kujou, why are you…
Ten: Don't run out alone. There's something strange about this forest.
Ten: ...Is he the idol you'll be training?
Mitsuki: Yeah, that's right! The gap between that cute face and the way he fights bravely! It'll be a great weapon!
Jude: Gap…? What weapon?
Ten: I'll explain it to you properly. Anyway. You don't look it, but you're surprisingly strong.
Ten: I think it'll go well. You look fine, and the way you carry yourself… You'll do well once we teach you how to dance.
Mitsuki: Right! Kujou doesn't praise just anyone!
Elize: He's a very good-looking man… he shines… is he one of the idols you were talking about, Mitsuki?
Ten: Yes. We'll have a concert later. Will you come?
Elize: Thank you! I want to watch!
Teepo: So this is an "idol". He's a bit different from Mitsuki.
Mitsuki: Ugh! It's important for all idols be unique, you know!
Jude: I don't get it…
Ten: Anyway, come with us. If you stick with me, I'll make sure you won't turn out a disgrace of an idol.
Mitsuki: Hey, Kujou's taking over!
Jude: (Who was that masked man…? He was definitely targeting "idols"... these guys…?)
Mitsuki: Oh, right. Jude, Elize… and Teepo. Thanks for saving me! I'll pay you back somehow.
Ten: Let's go back. They need to take his measurements and prepare his costume.
Teepo: Jude's gonna be an idol?
Elize: I want to see Jude being an idol!
Jude: Huh? ...Ah, yeah.
Mitsuki: Then we'll get a special seat ready for you on the day of the concert! I'll be performing too, so look forward to it!
Teepo: Will you shine too, Mitsuki?
Mitsuki: We all will! Let's go!
Jude: …
Jude: (I don't really get it… but that masked man was targeting Mitsuki. I have to stay with him!)

Taking lessons: before

Asbel: Haa, haa…
Sougo: ...Let's take a break, Asbel.
Asbel: No, I can still go on!
Sougo: Really? But…
Luke: Hey, this isn't like you, Asbel. You wouldn't usually be tired after something like this. What's wrong?
Asbel: It's probably because I'm not used to moving like this.
Riku: You've already memorized all the movements, so now you just need to get the feeling right!
Asbel: Feeling...?
Sougo: Right. How should I put this… pay more heed to the music, maybe…
Yamato: I think you just need to relax when you dance. You're trying too hard to be perfect.
Luke: Yeah, looks to me like you're too stiff.
Asbel: T-that bad?
Luke: Yeah. I get nervous just watching you. Why don't you smile more?
Sougo: That's a good idea, Luke. Smiles are the foundation of a good idol.
Yamato: But Luke, your forehead is creased when you dance.
Riku: Haha, now that you mention it!
Luke: N-no way! When did I--
Asbel: …! Look out!
Yamato: What…!?
Masked man: Stop the concert.
Riku: Stop the concert… why!?
Masked man: If you won't stop, I'll break your legs.
Sougo: …! Why would you…
Yamato: Riku, Sou, get back! There's no talking to these guys.
Luke: You too, Yamato! I dunno who you are, but…
Asbel: We'll stop you here! Haaaa!

Taking lessons: after

Luke: We tried to catch them and make them talk but they got away...
Asbel: Is everyone all right?
Yamato: Yeah, we're fine. More importantly…
Sougo/Riku: …
Luke: ...What?
Riku: were really cool!
Asbel: Huh!?
Yamato: Yeah, yeah… it's something like that.
Luke/Asbel: …?
Yamato: Your expressions were perfect. Serious and shining. I think it's because you were totally focused and giving it your all when you were protecting us.
Luke: W-well… that's because we couldn't let you get hurt…
Asbel: What do you mean by "like that"?
Sougo: Yamato's saying that it's the same with idols.
Yamato: Yeah, well. You're probably moving stiffly because you're thinking too much about everyone watching you.
Luke: Ugh…
Riku: When I mess up, I start worrying about what to do too. Then my body stiffens up and I can't move like I always do.
Riku: But it gets a lot easier when I remember it's not just about me. I want everyone to know how great IDOLiSH7 is.
Riku: And more than anything, our fans came to see us, and I want to make them smile.
Riku: And to do that, first I have to have fun and smile.
Luke: Smile, huh. I didn't think of that.
Sougo: If you only think about yourself, you don't mesh well with the others around you. Look around you more, like you did when you were fighting just now.
Yamato: That's it. Just focus.
Yamato: You weren't fighting those bad guys for yourself, but for us. You were really cool and energetic, you know?
Asbel: Oh, so I couldn't focus. All I could think about was trying not to mess up…
Luke: We've been saying the lord of Lhant will be performing, so Asbel's trying to live up to everyone's expectations. Maybe that's why you were so stiff.
Asbel: Yeah… when I think of everyone looking forward to this, I have to force a smile… it's hard.
Riku: Oh… well, okay, then try thinking of someone who you want to make happy!
Riku: Like your family or friends cheering you on… if you think about wanting to make them smile, then you'll end up having fun too.
Sougo: There are people who'll be cheering for you, right?
Asbel: Yeah… Sophie, Cheria, and Pascal said they'd come watch. Hubert… I wonder if he'll come?
Asbel: But… it's true that everyone will worry if I don't look happy.
Luke: …
Yamato: Luke, have you got someone in mind? You know, like that long-haired cool beauty who brought you a change of clothes before you left…
Luke: I don't need anything like that… is what I want to say. I have to show her I'm okay.
Sougo: Riku, who are you thinking about?
Riku: Huh!? Um, umm…
Riku: Well, you know! My family and everyone in IDOLiSH7!
Yamato: You don't have to make excuses. Come on, go on and tell me straight-out. You're more than old enough for a little romance.
Luke: Okay, everyone! Let's leave it at that and get back to practice!
Riku: T-that's right, Luke! Let's give it another go!
Asbel: Hey, Luke, Riku!? We need to report those men first…
Yamato: Ah, youth. So sweet and sour, like eating lemons and sugar at the same time.
Sougo: Haha… you look like you're enjoying yourself, Yamato. But don't tease them too much.

The masked men: before

Eizen: ...whew, how was that?
Gaku: It was fine. It had something of an adult appeal.
Eizen: Hmph. Of course. ...but will this really make the audience happy?
Momo: Yeah, yeah~! You're overflowing with charm, Eizen! Gaku Yaotome, the Number One Man Fans Want to Be Hugged By, can't let his guard down either!
Keele: Haa… haa… even just one song is really tough…
Momo: You too, Keele! You're so cool~~! You memorized the lyrics and the arrangements right away! Nothing less from a prodigy who learns whole encyclopedias by heart!
Keele: I can't hold out till the second ha… huh? How do you know about that?
Momo: Momo's information network has already spread throughout Liafyse. ♪ I've got contacts among your friends too!
Momo: Like… mmph mmph.
Keele: D-don't say anything!
Yuki: I'm glad someone like Eizen is joining too. But why did you decide to do it?
Eizen: I thought it would be a good chance to learn about another culture. Learning by doing.
Eizen: ...But I'm a man with a heavy past. The concert we'll be having… something might end up happening.
Gaku: ...ha.
Keele: Is something funny?
Gaku: Accidents happen on stage a lot. Is something like that supposed to scare me?
Momo: That's right! We've got more experience, so just follow our lead!
Keele: ...But what if a bird craps on you or there's suddenly a hole in the ground? Do you still manage somehow?
Eizen: That's just how it is when you're with the Reaper.
Momo: ...sounds like something's already happened…
Yuki: Well, if that's all, we'll figure it out somehow. Probably.
Gaku: By the way, that girl Sara said the concert will be broadcast around the world.
Momo: That's amazing! So your debut will already be in front of the whole country?
Eizen: ...So my sister will see it too…
Gaku: Huh. You have a sister?
Eizen: Yeah. The cutest sister in the whole world.
Gaku: Then you need to work hard for the concert to make your sister happy too.
Momo: The window…!
Masked man: You guys are idols, huh.
Keele: Who're you!?
Masked man: What, I just want to make sure you can't come outside for a while.
Gaku: this guy part of the bad luck you were talking about?
Eizen: Something like this doesn't even count.
Keele: He's not alone! There are others using magic! You guys stay back!
Yuki: ...we'll be counting on you.

The masked men: after

Masked man: ..damn. Those guys can fight! We thought this would be easy!
Keele: Wait, you…!
Eizen: They're pretty good at running away.
Momo: Did they come to stop the concert? But why…
Gaku: Do you guys have any idea?
Keele: No… to begin with, it's the first time we've held an event like this. I wonder what they're thinking…
Eizen: We'll just beat them down if they show up again. Anyway, what about practice? I remember the other songs too.
Gaku: Oh, you're fired up. Let's do it.

Keele:, Momo. There's something I want to talk to you about…
Momo: What is it?
Keele: Maybe I shouldn't be an idol…
Momo: Huuuuuh!?
Keele: Ah, well, at the very least we should decrease the number of songs I'm in, or maybe just put me at the back…
Yuki: Why? You've done a good job coming this far.
Keele: No matter how hard I try, I just get in everyone's way. I think it's better this way if we want the concert to succeed.
Momo: Keele… we can't. You can definitely do it. Just practice a little more to get used to it and you'll be fine.
Yuki: We're more experienced than you, so it's only natural we can do more. Just do the best you can.
Keele: But… I don't want to look bad in front of so many people…
Momo: You won't look bad!
Keele: …!
Momo: What would look bad is turning your back on the people who've come to see you and cheer you on.
Momo: Sara and Lippy too… Everyone's working to the bone to make sure the concert goes well. Are you going to quit because you think you're uncool?
Keele: ...Momo.
Momo: There were some girls who came by earlier with bentos for you! Would you refuse to eat their bentos if they didn't look nice?
Keele: ...No.
Momo: See! Because they spent so much time and effort making them.
Momo: Do you think those girls would laugh if they saw you making a mistake after how much you practiced?
Keele: They wouldn't… I think.
Momo: So, Keele…
Momo: …!! Keele, where are you going?
Keele: ...I'm taking a break. When I get back, can you teach me the choreography?
Yuki: Yeah. You might as well eat the bentos too.
Keele: person can't eat that much. Do you guys want some too?
Momo: Really!? Yesss! I'm so hungry! I'll take you up on that!
Yuki: We'll restart practice after we've eaten and gotten our strength back.

Tales of Concert start!: before

Riku: Hello, Liafyse! Nice to meet you! We're IDOLiSH7!
Cheers: Yeaaaaah!
Ten: Today we're holding a joint concert between IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale! Please enjoy it till the end!

Meredy: Huh? Farah, Keele's not there.
Farah: You're right. Maybe he'll make a really flashy appearance from the back?
Reid: Keele? Really? It'd be pretty bold of him to make a showy entrance.
Mieu: Tear, I can't see Master!
Tear: You're right. I wonder why…

Luke: Ahh… it's this song… and we practiced so hard…
Asbel: There's nothing we can do, Luke. Someone's trying to get in the way of the concert. We can fight, so we have to do guard duty...
Jude: The idols know that, but not a single of them said they want to quit.
Luke: They're pretty brave when it comes to concerts.
Keele: So you guys saw the masked men too…
Eizen: And today the lights fell and the costumes were ripped… they really don't like this concert.
Jude: Now that it's come to this, we've got no choice but to act as guards…
Keele: It's too bad, but to be honest, I'm sort of relieved that I don't have to stand on stage…
Asbel: But… if we round them all up, we might be able to come on at the end. Let's do our best to find the criminals.
Sara: Everyone! Come back behind the seats! Someone said there are strange noises back there!
Eizen: …! Are they here…?

Lippy: My, my! What are you all doing here?
Keele: Oh, geez… we heard there was a strange noise back here…
Lippy: Yes…? I've been here the whole time operating the lights and I've seen nothing unusual.
Jude: …! Wait…!
Eizen: Look! The masked men are on stage!
Luke: What!?

Masked man: Ahahaha… stop right there!
Nagi: OH! Is this part of the performance? A surprise?
Ryuu: Lippy's pretty amazing. Having an evil organization trespass on stage…
Ryuu: So, who's going to defeat them?
Ten: Ryuu! No, they're the bad guys from before!
Yamato: Calm down, you guys! Don't do anything unnecessary.

Jude: They lured us back here to get us away from the stage!
Luke: Bastards…! Let's go back!
Asbel: They're managing somehow… if we run through the seats now, maybe Riku and the others can hold out!
Jude: If we go into the seats dressed like this, won't the audience notice and stop us?
Eizen: But that's the shortest route. Let's go.
Keele: Idol costumes… right, we can do that! Lippy! Sara! Help! We're using that!
Sara: Huh!? U-using what!?

Momo: Yuki! These guys look serious!
Yuki: Yeah… but just be patient. Eizen and Keele will definitely come. Let's buy them time.
Masked man 1: Damn, they keep dodging…!
Gaku: You bastards! Don't interrupt our concert!
Masked man 2: Ugh…!

Elize: Is this… a skit or something…?
Leia: There's something weird about this… like they're really being attacked…?
Teepo: Huh? Huuuh? Ahhh! Look behind us! There's something there!
Leia: Whoa! Is that a gondola!?
Elize: There's people on it! Jude!? And Asbel and the others!

Luke: Whooooooooa! This is great! Whoooo!
Asbel: ...what a great view. We're passing right over the audience.
Jude: ...maybe we should wave at them?
Keele: Don't mess around, jump down when we get there and beat them up!
Eizen: ...Keele. You can't jump down if you're clinging on like that…

Lippy: Sara! They're going too fast! At this rate they'll collide with the people on stage!
Sara: Huh!? Umm, which button was it again…!?

Tamaki: Sou-chan, there's something coming toward us.
Sougo: A gondola? We weren't planning to use that…
Mitsuki: Isn't it moving too fast?
Mitsuki: Ah! It's Jude and the others!
Luke: Sara! Stop it! I said stop itttt!!!
Riku: Ahhhhhhhh!

Riku: …!?
Luke: S-sorry for the wait!
Asbel: We're your opponents!
Riku: Everyone…!

Sophie: Hey, Cheria, Hubert. That's Asbel, right?
Cheria: You're right! I didn't think they'd make their entrance like that…
Hubert: That entrance…! That was rather well done, Asbel…

Tales of Concert: after

Jude: Haa… haa… it's over.
Eizen: Looks like they were all influenced by the seeds of ruin. They did say idols would suppress the effects of the seeds.
Luke: This time you won't get away!
Sara: Leave these people to us! You stay on stage!
Asbel: ...The audience… is making a lot of noise.
Keele: What do we do…?
Mitsuki: ...and so! Liafyse's five heroes of justice make their astounding appearance!
Jude: Mitsuki…?
Mitsuki: What a flashy entrance! Nothing less from our highly anticipated newcomers! Introduce yourselves one by one, starting with the redheaded boy! What's your name?
Luke: M-me!? Uh…
Sara: Wow! Mitsuki's made a really natural opening for them to introduce themselves! It got the audience's attention right away!
Lippy: Everyone else is working together smoothly to clean up the stage! So this is the power of first-class idols.
Iori: ...To welcome this amazing group of five, we'll first perform this song with IDOLiSH7 and their members!
Riku: And this song's name is… three, two, one!
Everyone: "RESTART POiNTER"!!

Audience: Yeaaaaaaaaah!
Sara: Haha. Everyone's smiling!
Lippy: Perhaps they're relieving their stress after the fight. Keele's gondola entrance strategy was a huge success!

Mieu: Mieu mieu mieu! You're doing great, Master!
Tear: Amazing! They're performing such stressful dancing while singing… you really practiced hard, Luke…
Meredy: Keele! Keele! Hweele!
Farah: Ahhh! Keele! Look over here!
Reid: Huh, Keele… I didn't think he'd put in so much work.
Leia: Looking good, Jude!
Elize: Yes! He's even cooler than during practice! Mitsuki and Ten are shining too!
Teepo: Hey Jude, bazongas!
Sophie: Ah, Asbel looked at us just now…
Cheria: Haha, I wonder if everyone in Lhant is watching!
Hubert; So this is a concert… how fascinating. It has an entirely different appeal from Rangers…
Magilou: Hoho. Eizen's really feeling it. Idols, hm… it's got a certain something...
Rokurou: Oh! Yeah, it does! There's no wasted movement! It could be good practice.
Asbel: Everyone here… and everyone watching the broadcast!
Everyone: Thanks for coming today!

Masked man 1: Encore! Encore!
Masked man 2: I wanna hear more!
Sara: Huh!? The masked men are waving penlights! When did they…
Lippy: Their hearts were washed clean by the idols' auras and they've been completely converted to fans!
Sara: Yeah! Before you know it, you end up smiling… and you cheer up! That's the power of idols!


  1. Thank you for translating this!!! I played through this event but I never got the skits? Do you know by chance know where I can see them? >.<

    1. They should've showed up when you played through the main scenario quests (the event button on the bottom-right of the main screen, and then the top quest on the first tab). If you've already cleared them, the top quest should now be 「アイドル候補」を探せ!, with six different stages listed. The little book icon in the bottom right is scenario and has all the story scenes in order from newest to oldest. o/

  2. Thank you very much for the