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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Rokkaku scenes

Translation of all the Rokkaku-specific scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Note that the way you refer to each character may differ depending on your affection levels with them.

Character name for the first playthrough was Toyoda Miki.

8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday, Morning
8/22, Monday, Noon
8/22, Monday, Evening
8/23, Tuesday, Morning
8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/24, Wednesday, Noon
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Noon
8/27, Saturday, Noon

8/29, Monday, Morning
8/30, Tuesday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Evening
9/1, Thursday, Night
9/3, Saturday, Morning
9/4, Sunday, Noon

8/20, Saturday

Aoi: Okay! Everyone's here. Then let's get started!

Rokkaku Chuu tennis club first-year, captain
Aoi Kentarou

Saeki: That's fine, but... there's someone here not from the tennis club.

Rokkaku Chuu tennis club third-year, vice-captain
Saeki Koujirou

Aoi: I'm about to introduce her. You're too hasty, Sae-san.
Aoi: She's a member of the joint school festival steering committee.
You: I'm second-year Toyoda Miki. It's nice to meet you.
Aoi: She'll be taking charge of our tennis club and helping us out with lots of things. We'll be counting on her.
Amane: The one in charge is charged with a lot... pfft.

Rokkaku Chuu tennis club second-year
Amane Hikaru

Kurobane: David! I told you I'm tired of hearing your lame puns!
Amane: !? Wait, Bane-san, hold on!
[punch!] Amane: Ugh!!
You: ...uh, umm...
Saeki: Ah, don't mind them. They're always like this.
You: R-really?
Kentarou: Er... ignoring those two, I'll explain.
Kentarou: The combined school festival aims to bring together schools from this region. It's funded jointly by the Atobe and Sakaki groups.
Saeki: Atobe... you mean Hyoutei's Atobe?
Kentarou: That's right.
Itsuki: That's strange. It feels like that Atobe is planning something.

Rokkaku Chuu tennis club third-year
Itsuki Marehiko

Kentarou: There's nothing to worry about. He might've just wanted to use this festival to pay back what he owes from tennis.
Kurobane: Pay back what he owes? What do you mean?
Kentarou: All of the tennis club members participating in this school festival are required to set up booths.
Kentarou: And those booths are part of a contest. other words.
Kurobane: ...I see. So he'll pay them back in the contest.
Kentarou: Each tennis club can have at most three shops,
Kentarou: and the tennis club with the best results will be subsidized.
Saeki: Putting aside the prize... it's a fight between tennis clubs. That sounds like fun.
You: And there are also attractions that you volunteer to participate in.
Kurobane: Attractions?
You: Like songs or plays. Anything like that is fine.
You: It's fine if you participate in the attractions with people from other schools.
Saeki: Other schools?
Kentarou: And the prize for the attractions is amazing. They're tickets to Wimbledon with paid lodging and airfare! Itsuki: That really is amazing.
Saeki: See Wimbledon live, huh... it really gets you excited.
Kentarou: So here's the schedule for the school festival.

Kentarou: Preparations are from August 22 through September 1. The good work party is on September 2.
Kentarou: The school festival will be held on September 3 and 4.
Itsuki: The 31st is free.
Saeki: Haha... it's to do summer homework, isn't it?
Kentarou: Amazing, Sae-san. That's right.

Saeki: Kentarou, you're the kind that leaves it until the very last minute, aren't you?
Kentarou: Ahahaha... is it that obvious?
Saeki: Ha... unlike tennis, you don't put much effort into studying.
Kentarou: Ugh... don't say things like that.
Kentarou: Anyway, the details of the schedule are written on this printout, so make sure to read it closely.
Kentarou: That's all for the meeting!

You: (There were a lot of different kinds of people in the tennis club... from the day after tomorrow, I'll be preparing for the school festival with everyone...)
You: (It might be tough, but I'll do my best.)

8/22, Monday, Morning

You: (Okay, we're starting today. I have to do my best.)

Aoi: Now we'll start the meeting to decide what kind of booth we're doing. Does anyone have any ideas?
Kurobane: A grilled corn stand.
Itsuki: It's summer, so I think shaved ice would be good.
Saeki: It's pretty standard, but how about a yakisoba stall?
Kentarou: Hmm... everyone wants to do food.
You: Isn't three booths a bit too many for us?
Amane: Then how about we do them all together?
Kentarou: All together? Ah! A beach house!
Kurobane: I see. You have good ideas sometimes, David.
Kentarou: Yeah, that's good. A beach house has grilled corn and shaved ice and yakisoba.
Saeki: But... this isn't the ocean.
Kentarou: Don't sweat the details. What's important is the atmosphere.
Saeki: Well, whatever. Then everyone's agreed.
Kentarou: Great teamwork is one of Rokkaku Chuu's tennis club's strong points.
Kentarou: So then, please report it to the steering committee.
You: Yes, got it.
You: (Okay, I have to report to the committee.)

You: ...that is all.
Atobe: Yeah, good work.
You: (The report is over... I think I'll go see how everyone is doing.)

You: (Okay, where should I go?)

8/22, Monday, Noon

You: (Okay, I checked that we have enough space for a beach house. I'll show everyone where it is.)

Kentarou: Umm... this here is good, Committee Rep.
You: Yes, it's here.
Saeki: There's a lot of space. More than enough to make a beach house.
Aoi: You'll prepare the equipment we need as best you can, right?
You: Yes.
Kurobane: Then first we'll make a list of the things we need.
Itsuki: I think we'll need a gas range for grilled corn and yakisoba.
Amane: Our needs range to a gas range... pfft.
Kurobane: David!
Amane: Wah! Bane-san, hang on!
Saeki: And we'll need tables, chairs, and cutlery.
Itsuki: And a machine for shaved ice.
Kentarou: (Toyoda-san), which of these things can we borrow from the steering committee?
You: Tables, chairs, and cutlery are fine. I think we'll probably be able to lease a gas range and shaved ice machine.
Kentarou: So we're good on everything but ingredients.
Kurobane: Hang on. You're forgetting something important, the stall.
Kentarou: Oh, you're right. Maybe a tent will do?
Kurobane: Hmm... if we use a tent, it won't really feel like a beach house.
Saeki: That's true. It's really got to have a sheet-iron roof.
You:'re obsessive.
Kurobane: Call it detail-oriented.
You: Hmm, I wonder if we have any? I'll ask around.
Kentarou: Yeah, please. Then we'll start the real work the day after tomorrow. We'll meet here in the afternoon of the 24th.

8/23, Tuesday, Noon

You: (The committee meeting is over. Next is the meeting to decide on the attractions.)

Kentarou: Now we'll start the meeting to decide on the participants and programs for the attractions.
Kurobane: That's fine, but... I heard it's okay to take part in the attractions with the other schools.
Kentarou: That's right.
Kurobane: Then don't we need to have a joint meeting with all the other schools?
Kentarou: Don't worry. The goings-on at the other tennis clubs' meetings will show up on that computer in real time.
Kentarou: So we'll immediately know what programs the other schools propose and who's taking part.
Kurobane: Oh... that's pretty convenient.
Kentarou: Ah, look, a program's already been added. A rock band.
Saeki: A rock band, huh... a band is nice, but rock is a little...
Kentarou: Then what would you like?
Saeki: I want to do something lighthearted, like sing normal songs and dance.
Kurobane: A vocal unit, huh.
You: Yes, it sounds like a vocal unit.
Saeki: I see, then we'll be able to take it easy. I'll do it. Kentarou, enter it in.
Kentarou: Got it! Vocal unit... suggested by Rokkaku's Saeki.
Kentarou: Oh, there's a new program. It's a play.
Kurobane: A play? Who suggested it?
Kentarou: Saint Rudolph's Mizuki-san. They haven't decided on the play yet.
Kurobane: Mizuki? Oh, the guy who tried to scout Ryou and took Atsushi with him? I'll pass.
Kentarou: Ah, there's another new entry. This one's a street dance. Hyoutei's Mukahi-san suggested it.
Kurobane: Street dance... that sounds like fun. Okay, I'll do that.
Amane: Ah, me too.
Kentarou: Got it. Street dance participants, Kurobane and Amane.
Itsuki: ...there's nothing that really interests me.
You: In that case, you don't have to take part if you don't want to. It's completely voluntary.
Itsuki: The prize is great, but... I'm not really feeling it.
Kentarou: Me too. I guess I'll pass this time.

8/24, Wednesday, Noon

You: (The steering committee meeting turned out long. Next is constructing the beach house. I should hurry...)

Kentarou: Then let's start building the beach house.
Saeki: But there's really a lot of sheet iron for the roof.
You: It was stored in the back of the storehouse.
Kentarou: Bane-san and Icchan should set up the pillars first. Sae-san and I will bring in the tables. Everyone else, please set up each of the stalls.
You: Ah, I'll help too.
Kentarou: Thanks, please do.

Kurobane: Yeah, it's all coming together.
You: It looks good.
Amane: feels like something's missing.
Itsuki: Now that you mention it... it's true.
Kentarou: Hmm... what is it?
You: It's that, isn't it? You know, like what they use when rolling sushi...
Saeki: Ah, the bamboo blinds! You're right, it doesn't have the same atmosphere without them.
Kurobane: Is that provided?
You: Hmm... I won't know without looking. I'll go take a look.
Kentarou: Ah, you can't carry it alone, right? Take someone with you.
Kentarou: The people free right now are... Bane-san, David, and Sae-san.

Saeki Koujirou
Kurobane Harukaze
Amane Hikaru

8/25, Thursday, Noon

You: (The meeting is over. Next we'll practice cooking for the beach house.)

Kentarou: Today we'll borrow the cafeteria and practice cooking.
Kurobane: You talk about practicing, but... the beach house's menu really only has grilled corn, shaved ice, and yakisoba, right?
Kurobane: We don't need to practice that...
Kentarou: You're taking this too lightly, Bane-san! Even yakisoba is surprisingly deep!
Kurobane: Huh... if you put it that way, it sounds like you're pretty sure of yourself, Kentarou.
Kentarou: No, not at all.
Kurobane: What's that about!?
You: Well, anyway, let's try cooking. We'll discuss this later.
Itsuki: That's right. We won't get anywhere if we don't try.
Saeki: Right. Let's try making something.

Kentarou: Hmmm... it's missing something.
Saeki: What do you think of this yakisoba, (Toyoda-san)?
You: Let's see... the noodles are a bit dry...
Kurobane: It's not bad, but... what is it...
Itsuki: Try eating what I made~
[show: yakisoba!]
Amane: Where... mm! This!
Kentarou: It's great! Nothing less from Icchan!
You: You're right, it's really chewy.
Itsuki: The trick is to mix in the dashi and cover the pan when you're frying the noodles.
Saeki: I see, as expected of the best cook we have. Everyone, let's practice Icchan's recipe.

8/27, Saturday, Noon

You: (Okay, the meeting is over. Now it's the meeting to decide the beach house's menu.)

Kentarou: Okay, we'll begin the first meeting to decide on the menu of the beach house!
Kurobane: By "first", you mean there'll be more of them?
Kentarou: If we don't decide this time. We have to do our best every day. This time we'll decide on the kinds of shaved ice.
Kurobane: For shaved ice, isn't it just... strawberry, melon, lemon, condensed milk, ujikintoki... stuff like that?
You: But don't you think it's better if we have our own unique, original menu?
Amane: That's true.
Kurobane: Original, huh... but does that kind of shaved ice really exist?
Saeki: Ah, now that you mention it, I've heard there are strange shaved ice flavors in Tohoku.
Kurobane: What do you mean by strange?
Saeki: Like... putting sujouyu on it, and stuff...
Kentarou: Huh!? Sujouyu!?
[a vinegar/soy sauce mix, apparently]
You: Does that... taste good?
Saeki: Well... I've only ever seen it on TV.
Itsuki: Less talk, more action. We have the ingredients, so we should just make it and try it.

Itsuki: How is it?
Amane: ......
Kurobane: How do I put this...
Kentarou: It's not as bad as I imagined, but... it's complicated.
Saeki: Hmmm... if I had to find something good about it, it has a refreshing aftertaste...
You: It seems like something the elderly would appreciate.
Saeki: Yeah, you're right.
Kurobane: If we put it on the menu, curious people might order it.
Kentarou: But it might not sell very well.
Itsuki: I want a more normal menu.
You: Ah! What if we do that? Blue Hawaii!
Saeki: Oh, that might work. If we concentrate it and get rid of the alcohol and make it into a syrup...
Kurobane: It has a cool color and it's not that unusual. It's a good idea.
Kentarou: Okay! So the first shaved ice flavor will be Blue Hawaii!

8/29, Monday, Morning

Kentarou: is it?
You: Yeah, it's delicious!
Saeki: You've gotten even better, Icchan.
Itsuki: Thanks.
Kentarou: Now the yakisoba's okay. The menu's more or less worked out.
Kurobane: The menu, huh... hmm... it still feels like there's something missing.
You: Ah, to tell the truth, I thought the same thing...
Kurobane: Right?
Saeki: Even so, it's hard to add anything new to the menu now.
Amane: If there's something on the menu we can expand on...
You: Something we can expand on... ah, there is!
Saeki: Huh, what?
You: Sobameshi!
Amane: Sobameshi?
Kurobane: You don't know it, David?
Amane: No.
Saeki: Sobameshi is when you mix rice into yakisoba and cut the soba into small pieces.
Kurobane: Yeah. That could work.
Saeki: Right. All we need is rice, and it looks like there'll be people who haven't tried it before.
Itsuki: That's a good idea. Good job, (Toyoda-san).
You: Ah, no. It just occurred to me.
Kentarou: You can make the rice, right?
You: Yeah, it's fine.
Kurobane: Okay, we'll put sobameshi on the menu! This'll clinch it!

9/1, Thursday, Morning

You: (The opening ceremonies ended without incident. We're supposed to meet in front of the gates. I wonder if everyone is already there?)

Kurobane: Summer vacation is over. Now all we have to do is wait for the school festival to start.
Kentarou: Summer vacation... it went by in a flash.
Saeki: Kentarou, did you make sure to finish your summer homework?
Kentarou: Ahaha, somehow I finished just in time.
Kentarou: But the wind was really loud last night. I wonder what that was about.
Saeki: What, you didn't know? A typhoon swept over the Kantou region during the night.
Kentarou: Oh, so that was it.
You: Is our beach house all right?
Kurobane: It should be fine, but... we should take a look later.
Amane: This is the last day to prepare for the festival.
Kurobane: Oh yeah, didn't the steering committee tell you anything about tomorrow's good-work party?
You: Oh, that's right. You're asked to bring your swimsuits to tomorrow's good work party.
Kentarou: Swimsuits? Are they going to open the pool?
Saeki: Then you should take part too.
You: Eh? Can I?
Kentarou: Of course. You're part of the team.
Amane: That's right.
Kurobane: You don't need to hold back.
You: Thank you. Then I'll take you up on that.

Kurobane: This... is a problem.
Itsuki: I didn't think it would be this bad~
Kentarou: It's completely trashed...
You: So yesterday's typhoon...
Amane: Mm... even though the other booths aren't as damaged.
Saeki: The wind was blowing in a bad direction. That's all I can think of.
You: What do we do... if it's like this, we won't make it in time for the school festival's opening two days from now...
Kurobane: ......
Amane: ......
Saeki: No, it's still too early to give up.
You: Huh?
Amane: Yeah, there's still time...
Kurobane: ...let's do it.
Kentarou: Don't give up until the end... right?
Itsuki: Right, right. If it comes to it, we can skip tomorrow's good work party too.
You: Y-you guys... you're... you're right. We can still do this.
Kurobane: Yeah, let's.
Saeki: Time to show off Rokkaku Chuu's teamwork.
You: I'll get permission from the steering committee to extend the working hours.
You: In the meantime, please draw up a list of the things that broke that we need.
Itsuki: Got it!
Kentarou: Yessir!
Amane: We're counting on you, (Toyoda).
You: Yeah!

Atobe: Hm? What's wrong? Rokkaku representative.
You: Um, our booth suffered damage in the typhoon.
Atobe: Yeah, it seems like yours had it the worst. Can you fix it?
You: Well, I was going to ask if you can't extend the work hours.
Atobe: Yeah, you should be fine until six PM.
You: Six... that's impossible. Can't you give us more time?
Atobe: Don't ask the impossible. It'll be seven at the very most.
You: ...with things the way they are, even seven would be impossible. In the worst case, it could take until eleven...
Atobe: ...hey, no matter how you look at it, that's going too far.
You: Then please do something!
Atobe: No.
You: Please!
Atobe: How stubborn. Kabaji, show her out.
Kabaji: ...usu.
You: Wait! Until you... hey, let me go! I'm not moving from this spot until you give us permission!
Atobe: ...Kabaji, wait a moment.
Kabaji: Usu.
Atobe: Hmph... I like the look in your eyes. Like you won't give up until the very end. ...well, why not.
You: Eh, so!?
Atobe: Whoa, don't get excited. It's not like I've given you permission yet.
You: Then... what will you do?
Atobe: The defense system here is completely automated. It automatically activates at a certain time.
You: Ah, yes.
Atobe: If you don't switch it over to manual, the gate will close at a certain time no matter what you do.
Atobe: If that happens, no one can get in. You can't get out either.
You: Y-yes.
Atobe: The switch to change it over to manual is in the back of the storehouse. Go flip it.
Atobe: If you do, I'll give you permission to stay until eleven.
You: Me?
Atobe: Of course! You need to do at least that much.
You: Yes.
Atobe: You need a passcode to turn on the switch. I'll tell it to you now. Make sure you remember it.
You: Yes.
Atobe: It's 38621458.
Kabaji: No... it's 38631546.
Atobe: Nn? Was it?
You: Um... is it 38631546?
Atobe: Yeah, that's right. It's 38621546.
Kabaji: No.
Atobe: Shut up. It's fine as long as you remember it. Go.
You: Yes.
Atobe: Oh, that's right. If you put in the right passcode, you'll hear a chime.
Atobe: If it's wrong, you'll hear a buzzer and the system will lock.
Atobe: If you get it wrong, come back here. You can only release the lock from here.
You: Got it.
Atobe: All right, you may go.

You: Umm... in the back... there! There it is!
You: The passcode was...

(note that the order shuffles every time you come back to this choice)

You: 38621458... okay.
You: Huh? Wrong... I have to go back and report in.

You: 38621546... okay.
You: Huh? Wrong... I have to go back and report in.

You: 38631546... okay.
You: All right, now we're good!

Atobe: You did well.
You: Yes.
Atobe: All right. I'll allow an extension of work hours until eleven PM.
You: Thank you very much!

You: Sorry, I put in the wrong code.
Atobe: Tch, you're useless. All right, the lock has been undone. Go back again.
Atobe: Don't forget. The passcode is 38621546.
Kabaji: No... it's 38631546.
Atobe: S-shut up. Hurry up and go!
(return to the passcode choice)

9/1, Thursday, Noon

You: Wow, amazing! You've already fixed so much in such a short time!
Kentarou: Oh, welcome back! How'd it go?
You: We got permission. We're fine until 11 PM.
Amane: Oh... you managed to get us a lot of time.
You: I was kind of pushy about it, though.
Saeki: It's great that we have more time. Thanks, Miki-chan.
You: No, I just did what I could.
Itsuki: Anyway, we have more time now. The question is how much we can do within the time limit.
Kentarou: Okaaaay, if we don't manage to fix it today, I'll never hold a girl's hand in my whole life!
You: ...what are you talking about?
Kurobane: Kentarou does that to put pressure on himself.
Kurobane: Kentarou's amazing under pressure.
You: Huh... ah, did you finish drawing up the list of the materials we need?
Kurobane: Yeah, here.
You: Hmm... oh, we can reuse a surprising number of things. Oh... but this...
Kurobane: The gas range?
You: Yeah. We can't use either of them?
Kurobane: According to Icchan, if we use the parts, we should be able to make a working one.
You: So then we'll need one more... got it. I'll look into it.
Kurobane: Thanks.

9/1, Thursday, Evening

You: ......
Kurobane: Hey. How was it?
You: I'm sorry... it looks like... we just can't get another.
Kurobane: Really... no, you don't need to apologize. You did well.
Saeki: What do we do? Now we have to choose whether to have yakisoba or grilled corn on the menu.
Amane: But there's also the problem of ingredients.
Itsuki: It might be hard to cancel the order now.
Kurobane: Man... this is tough.
Kentarou: Can't we borrow one from another booth?
You: The other booths also took damage from the typhoon and can't use their gas ranges.
Amane: Oh, really...
You: ...ah!
Saeki: ? What is it?
You: If I remember correctly... don't we have that!?
Amane: Huh?
You: In the tennis clubroom...
Amane: Oh!
Saeki: The charcoal grill!
You: Right, that!
Amane: I see... you're right, a grill is best for grilled corn.
Saeki: Yeah, there are three of them in the clubroom.
Amane: But you've got a good memory. You remembered that we have them.
You: Sometimes there's a nice smell from over at the tennis club in the afternoon...
You: One time I was curious and I went to take a look. Sorry!
Kurobane: No, don't apologize. It looks like we can do this.
Itsuki: Then let's go to school and bring them here.
Amane: I'm coming too.
Kurobane: David, don't forget the charcoal for the fuel.
Amane: I'll be fueled with regrets if I forget the fuel... pfft.
Kurobane: !!
Amane: Ack! Bane-san, that was really close!
Kurobane: Shut up and go!

9/1, Thursday, Night

You: We did it...
Saeki: Yeah. Now it's just about back to the way it was.
You: Good...
Amane: Now we just need Icchan to...
Itsuki: Heey! We brought them!
Kentarou: Hey, welcome back!
Saeki: Yeah, now we just need to do the final check.
Kurobane: It's... 10:30. We made it on time.

Kentarou: Ah...
Itsuki: We're done~
Kurobane: Okay, it's perfect.
You: Everyone... good work today, really.
Saeki: You too, you know.
Amane: Yeah, good job.
Kurobane: I don't know where we'd be without you...
You: Oh, no...
Itsuki: Whoa, it's almost time. We'll be in trouble if we don't get going.
Kurobane: You're right. Let's all go back to the station.
Saeki: Yeah, all of us together.
You: Yeah!

You: (Today was tough... I'm tired, I should go to sleep soon...)

9/3, Saturday, Morning

Main building, cafe:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Saeki Koujirou
Kurobane Harukaze
Amane Hikaru

Sae-senpai, do you have a moment?
Sae-senpai, should I help out?

You: Sae-senpai, do you have a moment?
Saeki: Sorry, Mikichan. It looks like we'll be done in a bit.
Saeki: Can it wait until then?
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Sae-senpai, should I help out?
Saeki: You're pretty observant. That would be a big help.

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)

9/4, Sunday, Noon

Saeki: Two yakisoba!
Itsuki: Got it!
Kentarou: A shaved ice over here! Strawberry!
Amane: A berry little bit of strawberry... pfft.
Kurobane: Shut up, David! We've got no time for your puns!
Amane: ...disappointing.
You: Business is going well. Should I help out?
Kurobane: Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.
You: Okay!

You: Whew... it's finally calmed down a bit.
Kurobane: Yeah, but...
You: But?
Kentarou: Our profits aren't bad, but...
Kurobane: It looks like we won't have enough to win.
Kentarou: Everyone else is doing their best too.
Itsuki: I think we need some kind of strategy.
You: A strategy... oh, right!
Kentarou: Huh? Do you have an idea?
You: We're running a beach house, so we need to make it more beach-like.
Kurobane: Beach-like...?
You: Right. Like with the smell of the ocean.
Saeki: Oh! If we have that, the atmosphere will be perfect.
Itsuki: But how do we get that smell?
Kentarou: Oh! Right! The seawater I brought back the last time I went clamming!
Kurobane: Kentarou... you went clamming at a time like this?
Kentarou: There's nothing wrong with that, right?
You: Aoi-kun, hurry and bring it. I'll go borrow another fan.
Itsuki: Oh, so you'll use the fan to spread the smell.
Saeki: It's a good idea. We'll get ready too.

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