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Tales of Asteria: Playing Family

how to translate something and then forget to ever post it: a guide by me. This subquest features Milla and Sophie, with cameos by the rest of the heroes of light and, er, a certain father-figure character.

Next up is the translation of the Idolmaster event from Tales of Link, which is longer than this and will probably take more time. After that I'll start the edit of Persona x Detective and translation of the next volume of Hariyama-san.

Tales of Asteria
Anniversary 5star Milla (light), level 12 subquest
(One-Year Commemoration) Playing Family

Scene one:
Milla: Oh… just what you'd expect of the one-year commemoration party. It's quite lively.
Milla: Well, it's about time to meet with Lloyd and -- hm?

Sophie: Yuri is the eldest brother… Cress is the second brother… And Lloyd is…
Milla: Sophie? What are you doing?
Sophie: Milla… I was thinking about what it would be like if we were all family. We'd be together all the time and have lots of fun.
Sophie: So if we were a family, I think I'd want Yuri, Cress, Lloyd, and Luke to be my older brothers.
Milla: Hm… and what about me?
Sophie: Well, I think… you'd be our mother!  A mother is kind… and always in control…
Milla: Oh… so I would be the mother?
Sophie: That's right, Milla. Do you want to try being family with me? Something like… playing family.
Milla: Playing family?
Sophie: You'll be the mother and I'll try being your child.
Milla: A human family… Hm, how fascinating.
Milla: Fortunately, I read a book about human mothers. Let's give it a try.
Milla: "Welcome home. I've made your snack."
Milla: ...Something like that?
Sophie: Yeah. Probably… um…
Sophie: "What's today's snack?"
Milla: "The cookies your father bought yesterday."
Sophie: ...Milla, now that you mention it, we don't have a father.
Milla: That is true… Cress and the others were all "brothers".
Sophie: It would be nice to have a father.
Milla: Hm… understood. I know someone who would make the perfect father.
Milla: I'll bring him here.
Sophie: Really?
Milla: Yes, of course. Wait just a moment.
Sophie: All right!

Scene two:
Milla: ...That's how it is. Will you join us?
Rowen: Yes, if you're all right with an old man like me.
Rowen: Taking the role of Milla's husband… I'm a bit nervous.
Milla: Haha, I'll be counting on you.
Milla: All right, let's hurry back to Sophie. We've kept her waiting quite a while.

Sophie: ...Milla's late…
Sophie: Huh… that smell…
Sophie: Crablettes!!

Milla: Huh? Sophie isn't here…
Rowen: She may have gone searching for you, Milla.
Milla: Hm… if I leave now, we may miss each other…
Milla: In that case, we'll begin practice without her.
Rowen: Understood. Then let's begin--
Rowen: "Good morning. Did you sleep well?"
Milla: "Good morning. The weather's nice today."
Milla: Haha, as expected. You change your tone to match your role.
Rowen: Hohoho. Why, of course.
Milla: Then let's continue.

Milla: "Thank you for the cookies yesterday, dear."
Lloyd: Huh?
Luke: What? What's wrong?
Lloyd: I heard Milla's voice so I thought she might be nearby.
Yuri: Oh, she's over there.
Cress: Oh, you're right!  Heeeey!  Milla…

Milla: "The children were quite happy too."
Rowen: "It was only natural. I love seeing you and our children smile, darling."
Milla: "When the children return home, let's all have teatime together."

Cress: Huh?
Luke: T-they were talking about kids just now.  Did Milla really do it with that geezer…?
Yuri: Maybe not. Think about the age difference.
Lloyd: It's got nothing to do with age, right?  Raine says love takes a different form for everyone.
Cress: That's true, but… Oh yeah, Milla came from the Spirit Realm, right?
Luke: Huh? Then you mean… that old guy's a spirit?
Cress: ...There's a lot about this that bothers me, but we shouldn't poke our noses into it…
Yuri: Well, whatever the case, the person in question's coming this way.

Milla: So this is where you were.
Cress: H-Hey, Milla.
Lloyd: U-Um, Milla… have you and that man been partners for long?
Milla: That man… you're referring to Rowen? But what do you mean by "long"?
Luke: W-Well, he's asking if, uh, you and that geezer have been together a long time…
Milla: Together… right, you could say it's been a long time.
Luke: S-Seriously?
Yuri: Just leave it at that, guys. The stage event is starting soon, right?
Cress: T-That's right!
Yuri: Sorry for getting in your way, Milla. See you later.
Milla: H-Hey-- they left…
Milla: But why were Lloyd and the others so flustered?

Sophie: Oh, Milla. You're back. What happened?
Milla: Cress and the others were here just a little while ago… But they left all of a sudden. It was like they were running away.
Sophie: I would've liked it if they could've been my brothers… I wonder what happened?
Milla: I don't quite understand either.
Milla: Humans are curious creatures…
Milla: There's no helping it. Let's continue playing family with you, me, and Rowen, just the three of us.

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