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Tales of Link: Aim High! The Summit of Songstresses!

aaaand I continue to win at the "remember to post things when you're done translating" game.  as it turns out, the TOLink wiki has scripts for a lot of past events, so I might end up doing more of these; the New Year's and Halloween events were particularly memorable, so I'll probably pick those up at some point.  they're... a lot longer than I expected, though.

pretty busy right now, but next up is Hariyama-san.  should hopefully have the color pages up next week. o/

Tales of Link
Idolm@ster collaboration event
Aim High! The Summit of Songstresses!

The Town of Song and Dance: Before
--This is the town famous for its fine arts, especially song and dance, Saicolipo.
Long, long ago, a certain songstress brought peace to this town with her song… That legend persists to today--

Aim High! The Summit of Songstresses!

Sara: Wow, amazing! No matter where you go, there's music everywhere!
Lippi: I've heard that the music of their singers is especially splendid, even in this town known for their fine arts.
Sara: Really!
Sara: Huh? You think it's still too lively?
Sara: Ehehe, maybe!  But I can hear lots of beautiful things, so I like it!
Lippi: I as well!  To partake in tea while surrounded by such lovely music… surely that would bring me much joy!
Sara: Just imagining it is starting to make me hungry!
Sara: Huh? You too, Link?
Lippi: Oh! Mr. Link, Miss Sara, the tea they are selling in that shop looks quite delicious!
Sara: Do you want to try it, Lippi?
Lippi: W-Why yes, if I may!  I was considering using it as a reference for the tea I serve.
Sara: Then let's go take a look!
Sara: Oh! --Anise?
Sara: You're Anise, right?
Anise: Huh? Oh, it's Link and Sara and Lippi.  What're you all doing here?  What a coincidence~
Lippi: So you've come to Saicolipo too, Miss Anise.
Anise: Well, I'm on an errand here.  Ughhh, it was such a pain!  The boat wouldn't stop shaking and there was dust everywhere…
Anise: How dare they use such a delicate young girl and overwork her like that!  So of course I got really tired, and I came to this town to have a bit of a break.
Sara: That sure sounds rough, but I really like traveling by boat!  The sea breeze feels really good!
Anise: Maybe you're okay with it, Sara, but if I had a choice, I'd go with a cruise liner.
Anise: So what are you guys doing here?
Sara: We were tracking the energy of the Seeds of Disaster, but in the end, we decided to rest in this town for a while.
Anise: What, so the same as me. But it might've been it a good choice.
Anise: You know how the arts are flourishing in this town?  It's famous for having delicious tea and sweets tailored to picky artists.
Sara: You sure know a lot, Anise!
Anise: Hehe, well, it's my first time here too.
Anise: But it's way too lively no matter how you look at it.
Lippi: Perhaps it's related to this.
Sara: What's this, Lippi?
Lippi: It was posted in front of this store.  It seems they hold this "Festival of Song" twice a year…
Anise: Hmm, so that's it. We might've come at a bad time.
Lippi: It seems the victors of the Festival of Song will receive a legendary treasure.
Anise: Wait a second!  Lippi!  What did you say just now?
Lippi: The victors will receive a legendary treasure…
Anise: Legendary treasure!!
Anise: Hmhmhmhm… does that mean my Anise Radar was spot-on?
Sara: Oh~ it looks like anyone can enter! But it says you have to be a girl to qualify.
Anise: ...If I win this festival, I could make a killing off that treasure… Waah, I'll be an overnight celebrity!
Sara: A-Anise…?
Anise: Hey, what am I waiting around for? Lippi! Is anyone we know close to this town?
Lippi: Let's see.  I'll take a quick look with my smartphone.
Lippi: Ohh! Those near this town now… would be these people.
Anise: Hmhm… oho. If it's them, we might be able to win…!  I'll send them all a message from Anise-chan and call them to the nearby highway. ★

Aim High! The Summit of Songstresses!
Enjoy a special scenario only available now!

The Town of Song and Dance: After
Kohaku: Sara, Anise, it's been a while!  How have you been?
Colette: I was surprised to hear from Anise all of a sudden~
Leia: Me too!  Because you don't contact us that much!
Leia: I thought something good might've happened!
Kohaku: But what is it?
Anise: Ehehe, it's been a while, everyone~ ♪ Hey, take a look at this flyer.
Anise: You know, it looks like this town holds a "Festival of Song" twice a year, and anyone's allowed to enter as long as they're a girl~
Leia: Wow~ that looks fun~!  Oh!  It says group participation is especially encouraged!
Anise: Right, right~?  I haven't seen you all lately and I thought it would be tons of fun if we all entered together.
Colette: Wow, that's great~
Colette: Huh?  There's more at the bottom. "The victors will be presented with the town's legendary treasure"...?
Kohaku: Legendary treasure… T-That means… you're after the treasure…?
Anise: Ack!
Anise: W-What're you talking about?  There's no way.  We're all together for once, so why don't we give it a try?  Okay?  Okay?
Leia: It looks like fun!  I want to give it a go.  And I'm already getting really fired up!
Kohaku: Hmm…
Reala: I-I would get embarrassed and I don't have much confidence…
Colette: I'm okay with just watching.  Even just the festival atmosphere is fun.
Kohaku: That's right, I don't really know much about songs and the like…
Leia: Huuuh~?  Don't say that, let's just do it!  It'll be fun if we're all together!
Anise: T-That's right!  It's enough if we just take part.  If there aren't many people, the prize -- no, uh, anyway, let's all just enjoy it!
Sara: W-What will you all do...?
Colette: Um…
Kohaku: M-Maybe next time…
Reala: ...Right.
Anise: W-What was that scream just now!?
Kohaku: It came from over that way!

Resounding Screams: Before
Sara: !! That wagon is being attacked by monsters!  We have to help them!!
Lippi: This is terrible!  The wagon is toppling…!
Leia: Oh no!!  Are they okay!?
Mayor: T-The monsters…!  Tiza… Tiza!!  Ohh, how could this be…
Tiza: Ow ow ow… F-Father…
Kohaku: Everyone, stay back and leave this to us!
Mayor: T-Thank you!!
Anise: Ahh, geez!  We were in the middle of a conversation here!
Sara: Here they come!

Resounding Screams: After
Sara: We've taken care of the monsters.
Colette: But the people in that wagon… it looks like they were badly hurt…
Colette: We have to help them!
Leia: Anyway, let's go take a look.
Sara: Everyone, are you okay!?
Mayor: You're the ones from before…!  Thank you so much for your help… But… the wagon is damaged and everyone is hurt…
Reala: Are you all right?  Oh no…!  A lot of people have leg injuries…
Mayor: Leg injuries, you say…!?  Ohh, how could this be…
Anise: ...Huh?  That's right, you all look like singers... could you be…
Mayor: I am the mayor of this town, and these girls are one of the groups that was supposed to take part in the Festival of Song…
Kohaku: I-I see…
Anise: Umm, but the festival is really soon, right?  It might be tough with those wounds…
Mayor: T-That would be a problem!  My daughter, no, Tiza and these girls are the best singers in this town,
Mayor: and important people from other lands are looking forward to hearing them sing…
Mayor: If they find out the girls can't participate… the festival will be a disaster… Oh, what to do…
Colette: Ohh… I feel bad for them.  Um… if there's anything we can do to help, we'd be glad to do it.
Tiza: Um… then can I… ask you something?  Thanks.  You're really kind, just like an angel.
Tiza: Then can you take part in the Festival of Song in our place?
Kohaku: Huh!?
Leia: U-Us!?
Reala: But… we're not good enough for…
Tiza: That's not true!  I imagined it when I saw you.  Your figures shining beautifully on stage…!
Tiza: Everyone was so looking forward to this, so I want to make them smile.  Please… enter the Festival of Song… in our place…!
Anise: Mmm, if you're going to go that far, we can't really say no. I was in favor of entering from the beginning…
Colette: Yeah, that's right! We'll do our best for you, Tiza!
Leia: Yeah, yeah! If you ask us like that, we just have to do it!  You're okay with it, right, Kohaku, Reala?
Kohaku: Yeah… you're right!  If it's to help someone!
Reala: Right.  I don't know if we can do a good job, but we'll do our very best.
Tiza: Thank you!  Thank you so much!
Mayor: Everyone!  You have my gratitude as well!  Thank you very much!
Anise: ...So everyone just ended up taking part somehow… Well, whatever. ♪
Kohaku: In that case, why don't you enter with us, Sara?  We might as well do it together while we're all here!
Leia: That would be great!  If you enter too, Sara, there'll be exactly six of us!
Colette: Yeah! That's a really good number!
Sara: Umm… uh… I'll have to decline…
Sara: I'll cheer you on wholeheartedly!
Anise: Hmmm, why, why?  This is no time to be getting embarrassed, you know?
Sara: Ummm… o-oh, right!  I really want to get the place fired up with my cheering!
Tiza: That's true.  You're all newcomers, so it might help to have someone cheering you on.
Kohaku: Right!  I feel like I can do my best if Sara and the others are cheering for us!
Leia: We can't underestimate the power of cheering. Heartfelt cheers really fill you with energy!
Sara: Ehehe, in that case, Lippi, Link, and I will do our best cheering for you all!
Lippi: I too will give my all and cheer!
Anise: Now that that's settled, it's time for some special training so we can aim for the top!
Colette: Huh?  Wait a second… If we're going to enter the Festival of Song… don't we need costumes?
Colette: What will we do about those?
Reala: Can't we borrow them from Tiza?
Mayor: No, that won't do at all!
Kohaku: What do you mean?
Tiza: "Costumes" are one of the things you're scored on in the Festival of Song…
Tiza: Your costumes have to match the songs you're singing…
Anise: R-Really!?  Ohh, we'll have to make them ourselves somehow.  I really messed up…
Leia: To begin with, what kind of costumes should we wear?  We don't know at all…
Lippi: Leave that to me!  According to the information I've gathered on my smartphone, this is what a songstress costume should look like!
Kohaku: How cute~ I want to try wearing this!
Reala: You're right, it's so nice.  I wonder if these clothes will make us shine…?
Anise: Wow, I want to wear them too!  It'll definitely look good on you too, Colette!
Colette: Really?  But who'll do the sewing?
Lippi: Despite my appearance, I am quite skilled at sewing!  I will complete your costumes before that day comes!
Kohaku: What a surprise! ...but not really.  You're good at cooking too, Lippi.
Colette: Right! We can relax if it's in Lippi's hands!
Lippi: T-To be praised so lavishly… I'm growing embarrassed…
Reala: But now we don't have to worry about the costumes either.
Reala: Now we just have to practice, like Anise said.  We're amateurs…
Anise: Right, right!  We're aiming to win, so we have to have special training!
Colette: Then you'll teach us, Anise?  You can do anything!
Anise: No, that's impossible. Singing isn't one of my specialties.  We have to find a coach…
Mayor: Everyone!  Would you like me to introduce you to a trainer?
Kohaku: That would be great…!
Kohaku: But is it really all right?
Mayor: You'll be participating in Tiza's place.  At least let us do this much!
Leia: All right~!  Thank you, Mayor!
Mayor: She is a renowned kigurumi dancer who has traveled the world.
Reala: S-Such an amazing person will teach us…!  We have to brace ourselves!
Kohaku: But it sounds like fun!
Anise: This is perfect! Okay, let's aim for victory and do our best!

--Thus, their special training began!
Will Anise and the others be able to seize victory…!?--

The Legendary Kigurumi Dancer: Before
Anise: Okay, it's about time to begin our special training.  I'm getting nervous.
Sara: Good work, everyone!
Colette: Sara, Lippi, and Link? What is it?
Sara: Ehehe, we came to cheer you all on!  If it's not too much of a bother… here, we brought refreshments.
Reala: Oh, that tea and cookies look so delicious!
Reala: Did you make this, Sara?
Sara: No, Lippi made all of it.
Sara: She said she wanted to make something to brighten your days, since you're doing your best.
Lippi: N-Not at all!  Miss Sara was the one who initially suggested we cheer you on…
Leia: It doesn't matter either way.  It just means you're both rooting for us!
Kohaku: Thank you!  We'll eat them when we have a break.
Sara: By the way, what was the mayor saying about a legendary kigurumi dancer…?
Anise: Well, they're not here yet.  They're late.  There's not much time before the festival…
Anise: We've been waiting for three hours, since this morning.  Even if they're running late, there's such a thing as being way too late!
Leia: There, there.  Maybe they're really fired up and taking a lot of time on the preparations.
Kohaku: Oh, I know that feeling!  Like someone who ends up getting really into it.
Sara: And this came up all of a sudden, so maybe they're having a hard time fitting it into their schedule…
Reala: It must be hard being so popular…
Anise: I wonder if a celebrity like that really will come.  Ooh… I'm starting to worry.
Mayor: Everyone!  My apologies for the wait… I've brought the trainer.
Marurun: Sorry for the wait!  I, who have traveled the whole world, have come to draw out your magnificent hidden talents!
Leia: Um… w-who are you…?
Tiza: !!  Ms. Marurun!?  Everyone who follows the path of song wants to be like her… the fabled kigurumi dancer?
Marurun: Yup, that's right.  I'm the only one in the world allowed to grasp the key to the truth, the world-famous dancer Marurun.
Marurun: --Marururun!
Anise: Will she really teach us?  She's totally suspicious…
Sara: Anise!  You shouldn't say that, even if it's true…
Marurun: I, who know the truth, am targeted day in and day out by the "agencies" -- and yet, I will overturn this world from its foundation, with my dance… my soul…!
Marurun: I do this because I want everyone to know.  You have lighted my passions.
Lippi: W-Well… she's yet another unique person…
Leia: I don't really get it, but I understand your enthusiasm.
Reala: The real problem is whether Ms. Marurun can teach us how to sing…
Colette: But the mayor said so, so I'm sure it'll be all right.
Kohaku: That's right… and Tiza seemed to have heard of Ms. Marurun too.
Marurun: Hm… it's only natural for you to be worried.  It's because I'm wearing this kigurumi, isn't it?  But I'm wearing this kigurumi to contain my true power.
Marurun: If I take off this kigurumi, I may expose you all to danger…
Lippi: You've partially taken it off… is that all right?
Marurun: I strive to do my best to give song and dance training without relaxing my guard in the least.  I put all my strength into raising singers who will soar through the world!
Lippi: ...She ignored me completely…
Anise: ...Will this really be okay, I wonder…
Sara: I-I'm sure it'll work out somehow… I, uh, don't think she's a bad person.
Anise: Ughh, then I'll take your word for it, Sara.  We're short on time, too.
Marurun: All right, then let's begin the special training.  The key to charming everyone who hears your song--
Marurun: The path of the "singer" is a cruel one, harsh as the desert and the cold of midwinter, where you must continue to perform your song no matter what.  So first we'll work on your stamina.
Anise: Huh, that's surprisingly normal.  I thought you'd say something weird.
Kohaku: So… what're we going to do to build stamina?
Marurun: Of course, it'll be…!  Monster extermination!!  Marururun!
Anise: Wait, that's got nothing to do with singing!
Marurun: If it's building stamina, there's nothing better than monster extermination!  I myself have continued to do it every day since the creation of Palpleiza.
Leia: Is this special training… for real?
Sara: Ye… yeah!  If you just focus on the results, I practice swordsmanship to build stamina too… maybe it's the same…
Kohaku: Well… you're right…
Anise: Mm… it doesn't make sense to me… but it might be true that we need stamina to win the competition.
Reala: ...It seems a little weird, but let's give it a try.
Marurun: Okay!  Let's get going!
Sara: I-Is this really all right?

The Legendary Kigurumi Dancer: After
Marurun: Mm, your movements were magnificent.
Colette: Yaaay.  That's great!  Everything will be fine now.
Reala: Umm… Everyone seems to have changed somehow…?
Kohaku: Hmm… I can't really tell… But it was good exercise.
Leia: I'm all warmed up now… but is it really all right for us not to be practicing singing?
Anise: Right, right!  I feel like you're just tricking us!
Marurun: So?  Did you feel your noble spirits heat up and rise within you as you exterminated monsters?
Anise: Huh?  Uh, well… I'm not sure if I felt it or not…
Marurun: That rising within your heart is truly necessary for a singer.  It's the passion that will revolutionize the world!
Marurun: All I've done is teach you that… How to utilize those feelings… is something that your souls already know.
Colette: Oh, so our bodies are all warm because of our heated emotions!
Anise: Hey, that's not it at all!  There's something really weird about this special training!
Leia: But you'll give us special training in singing next, right?  Miss Marurun?
Marurun: Huh?  No, that's all.
Kohaku: Huuuuuuuh!?
Reala: I-It's over!?
Marurun: The pursuers from the "agencies" will soon be here…!  I must leave this place.  But do not worry about me!
Marurun: All of you have inherited my spirit!  And so… my spirit can live on in your subconsciousness!
Lippi: Miss Marurun is quite philosophical…
Colette: I guess we don't need to practice singing.
Leia: There's no way that's true.
Anise: Ugh!  Ugh!  I can't calm down even if you say it'll be okay!
Marurun: The moment you think it's impossible, you lose the ability to scale that wall.
Marurun: So if you do your best, you can do anything!  I'll be praying for your victory!  And so!  Farewell!
Marurun: Accelerated Movement!  Maru-rururun!
roll roll roll roll
Lippi: What!?  She rolled away at such a high speed!
Leia: S-She left…
Anise: Geez, why did the mayor send us someone like that!?  That idiot was no help at all!
Anise: If I knew it was gonna be like this, I would've called in Tear…
Kohaku: B-But we'll just have to do it.  Let's just try doing our best?
Reala: T-That's right… We've done what we can… Though we weren't able to practice singing…
Anise: Then I guess I'll just have to lavish my cute charm on them and win that way!

--The eyes that gazed upon that scene…
In the end, would Anise and the others be able to emerge victorious at the festival--

The Festival of Song Begins!: Before
--And so, on the day of the festival--

Sara: Wow, there are even more people than yesterday!  I wonder if they all came to see the Festival of Song?
Leia: Looks like it.  Everyone who came is talking about the festival.
Tiza: Everyone!  Thank you so much!
Kohaku: Tiza, are your legs okay?
Tiza: Yes, thank you… But I still can't move that well…
Colette: But you came to cheer us on.  Thank you.  And the mayor's here too.
Anise: In the end, we weren't able to practice as much as we liked, but since we're here anyway, we'll get fired up for you too and definitely win. ♪
???: Hohohoho!  Do you really think it will be that easy?
Leia: Um… who're you?
Tiza: Marguerite!  You're taking part in the festival too!?
Lippi: Is she an acquaintance of yours, Miss Tiza?
Tiza: W-Well… I don't know whether to call her an acquaintance… or a fan…
Marguerite: Not in the slightest!!  Listen well, newcomers!  My name is Marguerite!  The most beautiful singer in this town!
Colette: A friend of Tiza's?  We'll be entering too.  It's nice to meet you.
Marguerite: She's no friend of mine!  Tiza and I are rivals who have been striving to become true singers ever since we were born…!  We are nothing like friends!
Leia: O-Oh!  It's true, you really do seem like rivals!
Marguerite: Anyway!  There's no way newcomers like you can enter the historical Festival of Song!
Anise: Wow, and here I thought Ms. Marurun would be the last really intense person we met…
Marguerite: That means I will naturally be the victor if Tiza isn't entering… understood?  It's useless to even enter!
Colette: Thanks for cheering us on, Marguerite~ We'll do our best!
Leia: No matter how you look at it, that wasn't cheering…
Kohaku: It's more like… a warning… than cheering…?
Anise: Well, this is a pain, so let's just leave it.
Anise: More importantly, we've got to get ready!
Lippi: Everyone!  I just barely finished in time, but your costumes are ready!
Colette: Wow, they're so cute!
Kohaku: Didn't you have a hard time on such short notice, Lippi?
Kohaku: Thank you so much!
Reala: ...The sewing is so elaborate… It's really amazing…
Lippi: Everyone, thank you for your praise.
Lippi: However, there is very little time, so please change into them quickly!

Sara: Whoa, everyone looks beautiful!  Just like "legendary singers"!
Reala: Thank you, Sara.  But it's kind of embarrassing…
Kohaku: T-That's true… are the skirts really supposed to show this much leg?
Anise: In your case, Kohaku, it's not showing any more than your normal clothes.
Leia: But the sizing is perfect.  You're really good, Lippi~
Anise: She's right~ I feel like these clothes will really show off just how cute I am~ ♪
Mayor: Everyone, the festival is starting!
Sara: !!!
Sara: Then Link, Lippi, and I will be in the audience.  Do your best, everyone!
Lippi: I'll be praying for your success!
Anise: Thanks, you three!
Host: Everyone!  I think it's time to open the biannual Festival of Song!
Host: I will be drawing the themes for the first to third rounds from this box.
Host: The first topic is…
Host: "Test of singing skills!"
Host: And so!  First group, come forward and wow us~!
Reala: Oh good… it's a surprisingly normal topic.
Anise: Ooh, but we didn't get to practice, so that normal topic is the absolute worst for us…
Sara: Wow, what a beautiful song… they're really good!
Lippi: Only to be expected at the Festival of Song!
Sara: !!
Sara: Anise and the others are next…
Lippi: Wawawawa… E-Even am I am growing nervous!
Host: The next group's topic is…
Host: I-I feel like someone just passed by?  Whoa, here it is!  Uh… errrr…
Host: "F-Fight against a group of mercenaries"?  I don't remember a topic like this…
Anise: Huh?  We're really supposed to fight?  It doesn't have to do with singing?  And why only us?
Anise: This is weird!
Colette: But now we can put Miss Marurun's training to use.
Kohaku: Maybe there are just weird topics mixed in with the others?
Marguerite: No complaints!  It's a topic that came from that box!  Now!  The theme is decided!  Go forth, Anise team!
Lippi: I-It's as if she is the true host of the event…
Leia: Well, there's no use worrying about it!  We've just gotta do it!
Anise: This has gotta be her doing… But it is true that we won't lose at fighting.
Anise: Let's go, everyone!
All: Yeah!

The Festival of Song Begins!: After
Host: Wonderful!  Anise team has easily crushed the mercenaries!  They have splendidly cleared the first round!
Leia: All right!  Looks like we made it somehow!
Colette: It's thanks to Miss Marurun's training!
Anise: Yeah yeah, it's not how I imagined it, but this sort of thing is more fun and we might be able to win~ ♪
Marguerite: Hohohoho!  It looks like you aren't completely incompetent… But don't think the second round will be so easy!
Marguerite: Watch closely… I'll make you regret not withdrawing now while you had the chance!
Leia: Hmm… Marguerite's a very outspoken girl.
Anise: I feel like someone's going to meddle again.  I don't like it.
Anise: Anyway!  We won't lose in the second round either!
All: Yeah!

Marguerite's Scheme(?): Before
Host: All right, everyone!  Let's begin the second round!  Are you ready?
Audience: Yeaaaaaaah!
Sara: T-They're so fired up...!
Host: Sounds like everyone in the audience is raring to go!
Host: Then let's get started!  The first group in the second round is… Saicolipo's greatest beauties, the Marguerite team!
Marguerite: Hohohoho!  Are you all prepared?  We'll show you what true singers can do!
Audience: Yeaaaaaaah!
Anise: What do you know, Marguerite's pretty popular.  What's so great about a strange girl like her?
Colette: Marguerite's really beautiful and cheerful, so I kind of get why she's popular.  Everyone in the audience looks like they're having fun!
Tiza: Hmm… but it looked to me like they were more excited about your group than Marguerite's…
Anise: Huh?  Really?
Colette: Wow!  Marguerite's song is really good!  The crowd's going wild too!
Audience: Yeaaaaaah!
Host: Marguerite team advances to round two with flying colors!!!  Will they be the ones to take home the prize?
Sara: Marguerite's song was so pretty.  I'm kind of surprised.
Lippi: I am in agreement.  I would not have imagined it from her personality.
Anise: Hmhmhm, from the audience's reaction, Marguerite really will be our biggest competition.  That was a good performance.
Host: All right!  Next team!  Next up is Anise team, who showed us a novel performance just now!
Host: What theme is awaiting them next?
Host: And here it is!  Anise team's theme is…
Host: True singers can also dance beautifully!  No matter what situation they face, they are able to sing and dance!  That is the mark of a true singer!
Kohaku: Huh?  It's a normal topic this time.
Host: All right, these girls will sing and dance for us in a super thrilling situation to show off their skills!
Host: Come on, heartstopping situation!
Mercenaries: Ha!
Anise: Hang on!  Why are there mercenaries here again!?
Colette: Um… there's kind of a lot of them.
Host: Huh?  Oh, that's… strange.  I thought the heartstopping situation was a wind and rain stage setup…
Marguerite: Hohohoho!  My, my, my!  Does the Anise team not have the confidence to sing and dance under these circumstances?
Lippi: How strange… Miss Marguerite was on the other side just now…
Leia: It's got nothing to do with confidence!  Isn't this just weird?
Marguerite: Shaddup!  True singers can put on a performance no matter what situation they're faced with!
Marguerite: If you can't do it… then you might as well withdraw now!
Anise: Are you joking?  There's no way we'll withdraw!  We won't have any trouble against guys like these!
Reala: Anise, you mean…
Anise: Tiza's rooting for us and none of us want to withdraw now, do we!?  Come on, let's hurry and beat them up!
Reala: Understood!
Colette: Yeah, let's all do our best~
Leia: Okay, let's go, everyone!
Audience: Yeaaaaah!
Host: Then!  Let's start Anise team's trial!

Marguerite's Scheme(?): After
Host: Amazing!  They're so strong!  Anise team!  They overcame those mercenaries with splendid, beautiful steps!  These newcomers are going to the finals!
Audience: Yeaaaaaah!
Sara: Wow!  Anise and the others are amazing!
Lippi: They truly are!
Reala: I-It seems we managed somehow…
Kohaku: But it didn't feel any different from the usual monster exterminations…
Anise: Anyway, we're just one step away from victory.  Now that we've gotten this far, it doesn't matter what we do as long as we win!  Ahh, the legendary treasure is almost within reach~ ♪
Marguerite: Hohohoho!  You've managed to overcome all my trials… you're rather skilled!
Leia: I thought that was it… It really was your work.
Anise: We were able to advance to the finals thanks to you… No, wait, it's totally against the rules to switch out the topics like that!
Marguerite: Oh, not at all!  There exists no such rule!
Kohaku: It's not okay to do it just because there's no rule against it…
Reala: But it doesn't seem she's willing to listen…
Leia: Hey, event host!  You should penalize her!
Host: But, well, the audience is all fired up and it seems the number of fans of your team has only increased…
Host: Perhaps I should say it's better for the festival if we just continue…
Kohaku: Hmm… well, now that you mention it, I do feel the same way…
Anise: Ugh, I don't know what kind of festival this is, but we've come all the way to the finals!  We've just gotta do it!
Marguerite: Hmph!  I thought you would say that!  But the final match is the last!  Don't think it'll be so easy!
Host: W-Well, it's gotten interesting!!!  The finals!  Which team will the goddess of victory smile down on?

Singing, Dancing, Fighting: Before
Sara: It's the finals at last!  It'll be great if Anise and the others can win.
Lippi: That's right.  However, if I'm not mistaken, Anise team stands out the most!
Lippi: Anise team may have already won.
Spectator 1: Oh, you there, fluffball.  You've got a good eye!  This is the most lively festival in years!
Spectator 2: Yeah, that's right!  And it's that Anise team that's made it this lively!
Spectator 2: They may be newbies, but those girls are amazing!
Spectator 3: These days, it's not enough for songstresses to just be able to sing and dance.  They've gotta be strong fighters too!
Spectator 3: That's impossible for me…
Sara: Y-You're right!  Then Anise and the others have a shot at winning!
Sara: We have to do our best to cheer them on!
Host: All right, everyone!  Sorry for the wait!  We will now begin the long-awaited final round!
Audience: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Marguerite: Hohohoho!  We'll seize an overwhelming victory!  That's right!  I'll show off my true power!
Anise: Hmph!  Say what you want, we're the ones who're gonna win!
Host: Well then!  The topic for the final round is -- "a display of song and dance"!!!
Marguerite: Ha!  This topic… it's perfect!
Leia: I-It's a surprisingly normal topic…
Head judge: Wait just a moment!!!
Reala: !!
Host: Y-You're… the head judge…!  Whatever is the matter?
Head judge: We discussed it among ourselves just now.  We would like to change the topic for the final round!
Colette: !?
Marguerite: What did you say!?
Kohaku: What do you mean?
Host: T-That's right, head judge!  This is the traditional Festival of Song.  To change the topic would be…
Head judge: Silence!  Times change and fashions go out of style.  That was what we thought as we watched Anise team.  The Festival of Song must also evolve!
Head judge: And so all the judges believe the songstresses deserving of victory should be "songstresses who sing, dance, and can also fight"!  That is… the topic for the final round!
Singing and dancing mercenaries: We will aid in the final round.
Colette: Wow!  Your team name is "singing and dancing".  Are we supposed to have a singing and dancing contest against these mercenaries?
Head judge: Almost!  You'll sing and dance… and crush the mercenaries!
Leia: That's no different from before! --Wait, is this really okay as the final round!?
Marguerite: W-What did you say!?  I heard nothing about this!
Kohaku: R-Right… In the first place, we don't know if the audience will accept that topic…
Colette: Right, maybe there are people who like the old way too.
Marguerite: I-Indeed!  This high-handed behavior on the part of the judges cannot be tolerated!
Anise: ...Like you have any right to say that?
Host: A-All right!  Then we'll have the audience decide!  Those who are in favor of the judges' proposal of singing, dancing, fighting songstresses, please applaud!!!
Audience: Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Sara: Sounds like the whole crowd is in agreement…
Lippi: What incredible passion...!
Marguerite: Ugh…!  How… how can that… At this rate, my plan will…!
Anise: What's that about?  So anything goes as long as it makes them cheer?
Host: Errr… in that case!  As the audience is in agreement,
Host: The final round will be to sing and dance… and also fight with these mercenaries!!!
Host: Now, Marguerite team!  Music… start!!
Marguerite: N-No…!
Singing and dancing mercenaries: Let's go!  Fight!
Marguerite: Ahhhh!
Sara: !!
Leia: Look out…!
Marguerite: I-It's impossible… There's no way a well-bred girl such as myself can fight against mercenaries!
Marguerite: And to begin with…!  Why must we fight against mercenaries as we sing!?  Ahhhhhhh!!
Anise: Limited!
Leia: Cerberus Strike!
Marguerite: Huh…?
Anise: Ughh, I can't just stand back and watch this.  Even if I don't really get why you put in topics about fighting things in the first place.
Kohaku: But you'll get hurt at this rate.  We'll help you out.
Marguerite: Oh, you all…
Colette: Mm, stand back, Marguerite.  We'll do something about this.
Leia: Right, you should stand behind us and sing.
Reala: Leave this to us.
Singing and dancing mercenaries: If you won't come to us, we'll go to you!
Anise: Hey hey, you're in the way!  Hurry and get behind us!  If you're really pros, you'll put on a good show for the crowd!
Marguerite: A-All right!  I will leave them to you!
All: Okay!

Singing, Dancing, Fighting: After
Crowd: Yeaaaaaaaaah!
Host: Amazing!  Unbelievable!  This is Anise team and Marguerite team's joint performance!
Marguerite: Hohohoho!  This is what I'm capable of!
Colette: Yeah!  Your song was really beautiful, Marguerite~
Reala: Yes, it gave me a pleasant feeling as I fought!
Anise: Hey hey, more importantly, which of us won!?
Host: Head judge!  Which team is the victor…!?
Head judge: This Festival of Song was quite spectacular.
Head judge: In particular, they gave birth to a new genre and brought the most life to this festival…
Head judge: The Anise team!
Crowd: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Sara: Yes!  Anise team won!
Lippi: We cheered to the very limits of our strength and it paid off!  Truly a wonderful performance!
Anise: Oh my~ ★ We really won~
Reala: I wonder if this is really all right… All we did was fight…
Leia: Hmm… but I guess it's fine if you call it a new genre.
Marguerite: Hmph… we were utterly defeated by you.  Watching from behind you, I could see that your movements were truly amazing.
Kohaku: T-Thank you!  But your song really was beautiful.
Host: Now we will confer the treasure passed down in this town upon Anise team as proof of their victory!
Anise: Yes, yes, here it comes~ ♪
Reala: That's right, what is this treasure anyway?
Kohaku: Passed down in the town… is what he said, so something to do with singing or the arts?
Anise: Or something like a really valuable painting~?  Wah~ if I sell it, maybe my dreams of becoming a celebrity will finally come true…!
Colette: It'll make your dreams come true, Anise?  That's amazing~
Host: This is the proof of your victory…! "The legendary songstress clothes"!!
Leia: Legendary songstress clothes… a matching pair!?
Anise: ...Wait, don't they look like the clothes we're wearing?
Marguerite: Hmm, you were not aware?  The legend passed down in this town speaks of two songstresses -- two girls.  Their songs led the town to peace.
Marguerite: And so, those who aim to be top-class singers yearn for those clothes!  They are special clothes worn only by those who have achieved victory at the Festival of Song.
Anise: ...Oh, sure, sure.  I'll give these clothes to you and Tiza.
Tiza: Eh!?  Why!?
Colette: Anise, didn't you do your best for those clothes?  Is this all right?
Anise: Well, to put it bluntly, it doesn't look like they'll sell for much at all--
Anise: Wait, no, Marguerite did her best with us and we're not really aiming to be singers… I just thought it's better for them to take them.
Marguerite: Anise… you…
Anise: So wear those clothes and keep doing your best to be top-class singers.
Marguerite: Anise…!!  Understood!  I'll strive to be a top-class singer… for you as well!
Marguerite: In exchange, please take this!
Colette: Wow, it's so cute!  Can we really have it?
Marguerite: Why, of course!  This is a token of our friendship… no, our rivalry!
Tiza: You could just call it a token of friendship…
Leia: Hahaha.  Marguerite just can't be honest.
Reala: Hahaha, that's right.  Thank you, Marguerite.
Sara: Everyone!  Congratulations!  I was really moved!
Kohaku: Sara!  Thank you!  You guys really stood out.
Reala; We were able to work hard and come this far thanks to your cheering.
Sara: Ehehe, our cheering really paid off!
Anise: Ahhh, we managed to win, but it just turned into a friendship story with Marguerite.  I'm not really pumped up~
Leia: Then let's all get pumped up together!
Kohaku: Ah!  That's a good idea!  We have the clothes Lippi made for us, so I want to wear them a little longer!
Marguerite: Ah!  That is a good idea!  Of course, I will assist!
Sara: Ahaha!  It's kind of like an afterparty!
Anise: In that case, you should take part this time, Sara.  Since it's the afterparty, not the festival.
Colette: Then Lippi and Link can have fun too!
Lippi: I-I as well!!?  I-Is that truly all right?
Mayor: Of course!  This festival was a huge success thanks to all of you!
Mayor: It's not much, but I've prepared the meal.  Please enjoy yourselves to your hearts' content!
Anise: Yay!  You're so generous, Mayor~ ★ I'm hungry, so let's all get pumped up again together!

--And so, a new legend was born in Saicolipo, the town of song.
"New songstresses who can sing, dance, and fight"... were born--


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