Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fire Emblem Awakening: Overture of Bonds

hi yes I'm alive. this short story (in script format) was included with the Fire Emblem Awakening OST. as far as I could tell, no one else had translated it, so here it is.

after this I'll pretty much just be working on Hariyama-san, though it might take me a little longer to get back into the swing of things. the color pages at least are pretty short.

Fire Emblem Awakening
Short story: Overture of Bonds

Brady: ...And there. I'm done with this piece.
Lucina: A new composition, Brady?
Brady: Yeah, something like that.
Lucina: You've really written a lot of songs ever since the war ended. Is this another operatic piece to be performed with Owain and Inigo?
Brady: Nah. I made this one thinking back on all our battles up till now. I thought… I wanted to leave behind some kinda record of Ma and Pa's, and then our, battles… for future generations.
Owain: I see… You are, after all, a true minstrel.
Inigo: That's great, Brady! Let's see, this one is "Conquest", this one is "Destiny"...
Brady H-hey! Don't go lookin' at my sheet music like that! And why're you here anyway!?
Owain: I was led by a revelation that you had given birth to a new melody…
Lucina: In other words, you were eavesdropping?
Inigo: W-well, you could say that… I guess? Anyway, I want to hear what those songs sound like.
Brady: Yeah. Okay, this one… ...goes something like this.
Lucina: ...It's lovely. As if the scenery from our journey is coming to life before me.
Brady: Glad to hear it. But ya know, this piece is supposed to have a lot more instruments. Would be great if we could get a big concert going…
Cynthia: Just leave that to Severa and me!
Severa: Wait, what? Don't drag me into this!
Lucina: Cynthia, Severa!
Cynthia: Ehehe, I came over when I heard the beautiful music! Then I saw Severa listening in right in front of the tent, soooo…
Severa: It's not like I liked it or anything! I just heard it as I was passing by!
Lucina: This is great, Brady. Now we can all put on a concert together!
Brady: Yeah… but if we've only got this many people…
Lucina: Hm? Is this still not enough?
Brady: Yeah. We want all the usual group if we can.
Cynthia: Oh, okay… but everyone else had things to do and left…
Severa: Gerome and Kjelle are on bodyguard duty and won't be back for days.
Lucina: I see… It's good that they've found something to occupy themselves now that we are at peace, but it will be hard to gather everyone…
Morgan: Then I have a great idea!
Lucina: Morgan!
Morgan: What great timing! I just got back from a walk. All according to plan!
Brady: What's this idea you got?
Morgan: Well, if we can't gather lots of people, we should pick a day once every few months when we can all get together. Until then, we'll all practice individually, and then we'll have a concert when we meet up! So even if we don't see each other very much, we can play!
Brady: Got it. Yeah, that's good.
Morgan: It's my pleasure!
Cynthia: Woooow, now I'm really looking forward to it!
Lucina: If it goes well, I'd like for many people to listen too.
Brady: Right. Well, we can do a public show, but I kinda wanna make a lasting record of our concert.
Inigo: Oh, if we can do that, people far in the future can listen to Brady's songs and our concert!
Owain: Melodies that weave the reminiscence of heroes long gone… the fated bonds that transcend the paths of eternity and innumerably stir memories to life? My sword hand twitches!
Severa: Maybe the merchant Anna has something that can do it? But I'll pass if it's something ugly.
Lucina: True, if we're going to such lengths, I'd like to put some thought into its appearance as well. For instance, we could design it in the image of Father's face…
Inigo: T-That's a bit… Perhaps it should be shaped like a jewel or a pedestal.
Owain: Oh, that's a good idea. The media within which dwells our new melody shall be as the Fire Emblem of the next age.
Cynthia: Ohhhh! So cool! Let's tell everyone the next time we see them!
Morgan: ……
Lucina: Hm? What is it, Morgan? You're wearing an odd expression.
Morgan: Oh, I was just thinking how happy I am! We'll all be able to meet like this again and again. It really cheers me up knowing there will be a "next time"!
Cynthia: Yeah. Knowing we can meet up again and that we've got a place to come back to really puts me at ease. I feel like I can do anything. ...Well, it's about time for me to get going!
Brady: Got it. Don't forget to take the sheet music, yeah?
Cynthia: Okaaaaaay!
Severa: ...All right. We should be going too.
Inigo: Huh?
Owain: By "we", you mean… us?
Severa: Are you stupid? Who else could I mean!? A job came in for the three of us, remember!? Someone called out to us from the shadow of the ramparts!
Owain: Oh…
Inigo: Now that you mention it…
Brady: Huh, you lot are pretty busy too!
Inigo: Sorry, sorry. But we'll definitely be back before our next meeting!
Brady: Tch, oh well. At least try to get back in one piece!
Owain: Of course! I anticipate the moment of our reunion!
Lucina: ...They're gone.
Brady: Yeah. But… we'll definitely meet again soon. Again and again from now on.
Morgan: Yes. If we really can leave a record of our concert, we'll be together forever even after we're gone!
Brady: Haha, it's pretty amazing. Looks like all the effort I put into that music won't be for nothing. ...Okay. Guess I'll brew some tea and come up with a new piece. Something that brings even our voices to life just by listening… that brings to mind all the times we fought together long, long ago… a piece about bonds so strong they can even change fate.

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