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Tales of Link, main story: 2.1.01 - With the Sea Breeze, Start short attention span wins again // I was trying to get Hariyama-san done first, but Link is a lot faster and easier, so, uh, here we are.

General project notes:

  • The main character's name is set as Link. There are several characters who note during the story that his default name isn't Allen, so. /shrug
  • For the story segments, I'll only be doing the chapters unreleased in English, the "Starlight Sinking Into the Blue" arc. There are eight chapters in total, and recordings of (almost) all the scenes can be found here. The longer scenes are hosted elsewhere and I'll put together a directory someday.
  • If I ever have the time, I might try to get these on YouTube with closed caption translations, but that'll be a new thing for me and so may take a while.
  • Romanization is a guessing game, as always. The main one is Clariye, the country where this arc is set. The Japanese is [kurarie], so the final e sound is pronounced. Any alternate spellings that preserve the pronunciation are welcome. I also considered Clarié but generally people don't know how to read accents, so...
  • I didn't play Global Link, so if there are any particular terms they used in translation that I miss, please let me know.

Anyway. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. otherwise, onward~

Tales of Link
Starlight Sinking Into the Blue
Chapter 1: The Nostalgic Breeze of Maira
Scene 1: With the Sea Breeze, Start
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The highway smells of salt.
The wagons of passing merchants are stuffed full of marine products. It's another sign that the ocean is close by.
Kana: We're getting close to the ocean.
Kana whispers as the strong wind sends her hair fluttering.
Her expression is light and cheerful.
Lippy: Yes. We'll soon arrive in Maira. My, I'm so looking forward to it! ...I've finished preparing my gifts!
There's a joyful atmosphere about us.
Sara: Haha. Lippy, your feet. You're skipping.
Lippy: Oh! Oh… dear me…
Sara: ...But I'm really happy. To think I'd be walking down this road with everyone.
Sara looks nostalgic as she lets her gaze wander. She notices a small rock formation by the side of the road.
Sara: Oh! That takes me back… I took a break for lunch on top of that rock. I wondered if I could see Maira.
Kana: ...Did you?
Sara: It was really small, but I could see the plaza where I used to play all the time.
Kana: Wow! ...I wanna see.
Sara: Haha. Then let's climb up. ...Can we go for a bit?
The two of them look back, and we nod.
We watch as the two of them race towards the rock formation with smiles on their faces. Zephyr chuckles, smiling meanly.
Zephyr: Haha… that Kana. If it looked really small to Sara, there's no way we could see anything.
Lippy: That may be so, but it does look to have an excellent view.
Lippy: Lady Sara and Lady Kana will surely be smiling when they return.
The two of them stand next to each other on the rocks, pointing here and there.
Zephyr: Sara's more excited than usual. I feel like this adventure's gonna get even noisier.
Lippy: That seems to be the case. ...Because it's the first time in a while that Lady Sara is returning home.
That's right. The town we're going to now, Maira, is Sara's hometown.

As we continued our adventure around the world, journeying to purify the remaining Seeds of Ruin--
We picked up several signals from the island country of Clariye in the west.
Sara: That location… that's Clariye, right?
Lippy: Yes. Do you know of it?
Sara: Oh. Yeah. It's an island country in the west -- a big country on an island surrounded by the ocean on all sides.
Sara: There's a big city with a lot of people that's a major port for ocean trade in the west.
Link: You know a lot about it. Have you been there?
Sara: Um… Clariye's pretty close to my hometown.
Kana: Your hometown?
Sara: I'm from a small fishing village called Maira. We sold our fish and shellfish and things to Clariye.
Lippy: Maira… I'm looking it up now. Hm, hm. Oh, it's this village to the southeast.
Lippy: I see now. It is across the ocean, but if you consider the direct distance, it's quite close by.
Zephyr: So it sounds like… we could take a boat from Maira to Clariye.
Lippy: That's right. Fishing boats come and go, and if we walk a little further, there's regular transport from a town nearby.
Kana: So that means…
Sara met Kana's expectant gaze head-on and looked slightly embarrassed as she answered.
Sara: Haha! Um.. right!
Sara: How about… we all visit my hometown?
Link/Lippy: Yeah!/Yes!
Zephyr/Kana: Yeah!/Yeah!

And now we're walking down the highway that leads to Maira.
It's the road Sara first set off on.
In the beginning, this road instilled in her the urge to travel and she set off alone. But now we're all walking together.
It's a journey that we never managed during that endless loop of time--
For Sara, and for all of us, it's full of special memories.
Zephyr murmurs.
Zephyr: Well, your hometown is a special place. Maybe we should visit sometimes too.
He smiles as he says it.
He's definitely suppressing the pain inside his heart.
Zephyr is acting the way he always did "before."
He's holding back the feelings of regret that still swirl within him. I know he's doing it for us.
They'll be there for a long, long time.
Still, he chose to live together with us, and so he worries and tries not to show it.
We all know he's worried, and he knows we know.
But none of us bring it up.
We don't know if it's the right thing to do.
But we chose to walk this path -- and this is our adventure.
--Then Sara and Kana come back down.
Zephyr: Oh, you're back. ...Didn't see anything, huh?
Sara: Ahaha… sorry, Kana.
Kana: It's fine. I didn't see your hometown, but I could see a really big ocean far away.
Zephyr: ...Huh. Then we're pretty close.
It's just a little farther to Sara's hometown.
The ocean is close--
And on the other side of that big ocean, Clariye's Seeds of Ruin await.
Just a little farther.

There is,
A small seed here.
The feelings sunk deep into my heart.
The water is pure. It's not dirty at all.
But it's not so clear that I can see through it to everywhere and everything.
I look through the light.
My feelings have settled beneath the water's surface, deep in the sand and the mud -- and that's where they've always been.

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