Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tales of Link comic: Link Hot Springs Trip

what order am I doing these in? the order with my favorite characters, ofc--

first up is the onsen comic! scanlation by DimensionSlip can be found here~

Link Hot Springs Trip
~A Shock in the Hot Steam~

This is a hot spring lodge, the Liafys branch of the Rolando Inn.
Zephyr: Mm~ the water's great~
Chester: Haha… you sound like an old man.
Chester: But I know what you mean. It is pretty nice.
Mikleo: But it would've been nice if Cress and Claus could've made it.
Chester: Hey, can water seraphs figure out the properties of a hot spring?
Mikleo: Why would you think that?
Mikleo: Huh?
Meredy: Hweel! It's so big!
Velvet: The floor's wet. You'll trip if you run.
Meredy: Okay!
[W-w-w-w-what's going on!?]
[Those voices… is that Meredy and Velvet?]
[Isn't this supposed to be the men's hot spring!?]
Meredy: I'm going in!
Velvet: Stop, Meredy. You have to wash your body first.
Meredy: Okay! I'll wash you, Velvet!
Velvet: You will? Then I'll take you up on that.
Meredy: Scrub, scrub~
Velvet: Haha… thank you.
Meredy: Velvet's skin's so smooth!
Velvet: Hey, Meredy…! That tickles…
[Can't… take it anymore…]
Meredy: Baiba!
Velvet: You guys… were you peeping!?
Leia: Someone's peeping!?
Leia: Enemies of all women!
Leia: Rude peeping toms…
Leia: Get punished by Steam Teepo!
Zephyr: It's a misunderstanding!
Chester: Waah!
Got dragged in
Earned title "Peeping Tom"
Mikleo: (...What do I do…?)
Mikleo: (I could keep hiding…)
Mikleo: (But I'm at my limit!)
Lippy: Master Mikleo is a water seraph and can hold his breath underwater for a much longer time!
Meredy: What's that!?
Velvet: What are you doing?
Mikleo: I'm sorry…!
Mikleo: When we came in, the sign for the men's bath was up…
Leia: Oh… now that you mention it…
Leia: Maybe I forgot to announce when the time switched over from the men's to the women's bath…!
Leia: Sorry!
Leia: I'll have to apologize to them later…
Mikleo: We didn't stay because we wanted to peep. Will you believe Leia and me?
Velvet: …
Velvet: Well. You don't seem like the kind of guy to lie about something like this.
Meredy: Meredy believes you! We'll wash your hair, Mikleo!
Mikleo: Wha- hey-
Mikleo: Stop!
Meredy: So no bath, Velvet?
Velvet: Of course not.
Mikleo: Haah… that was horrible…
Meredy: Oh~! There's ping-pong!
Meredy: Let's play, Mikleo!
Velvet: That's a good idea.
Velvet: You've been volunteered.  Why not give it a try?
Mikleo: Sure…
Mikleo: Have you played ping-pong before, Meredy?
Meredy: It's Meredy's first time.
Mikleo: Then I'll go easy on her…
Mikleo: Wha!?
Meredy: Amazing, Quickie!
Mikleo: Isn't two versus one against the rules!?
Meredy: But Quickie said he wants to play…
Quickie: Quickie!
Quickie: Quick quickie!
Velvet: Quickie always accompanies Meredy in battle.
Velvet: Just let it go.
Mikleo: (This isn't a battle!)
Mikleo: Rules are made to be followed!
Velvet: Honestly…
Velvet: Then I'll play you in Meredy's place.
Velvet: If I win,
Velvet: then you'll have to allow the two versus one.
Leia: So this is where you guys were!
Leia: Dinner's ready!
Meredy: I'm hungry!
Mikleo: We'll continue this after we eat.
Velvet: I won't lose.
Leia: Here's the Rolando Inn's specialty!
Leia: Our famous soda rice.
Leia: And it comes with fruit milk, the best thing after a dip in the hot springs!
Lippy: Although it was a chaotic day, the three of them somehow fully enjoyed their time at the inn
Leia: Sorry about before!
Leia: I made you giganto servings of soda rice as an apology!.

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