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Tales of Link, main story: 2.1.02 - With the Sea Breeze, End

so uh turned out my recording of this scene glitched and lost sound halfway through. I'm working on finding another source sorted out, but there are a couple on YouTube if you know where to look!

Tales of Link
Starlight Sinking Into the Blue
Chapter 1: The Nostalgic Breeze of Maira
Scene 2: With the Sea Breeze, End
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Half a day away from the rock formation on the highway--
The sun has just about climbed to its highest point.
Before our eyes are the expansive ocean and the scenery of a fishing village with few people but a lively atmosphere.
Link: So this is…
Sara: Yeah! This is my hometown, Maira!
Lippy: Oooh… I thought it was a small town, but it's quite lively!
Sara: Yeah! Not many people live here, but the fishing and trade mean there's always a lot of people coming and going!
Kana: --It's the ocean! Wooow! Hey, Sara? Can I go play in the waves?
Sara: Yeah, go ahead.
Just when Kana starts to run--
Kana: --augh!?
Zephyr stops her in her tracks.
Kana: Hey, why're you pulling my hood, Zephyr!? I'm just going wading!
Zephyr: Looks like I've suddenly gained the ability to see the future.
Zephyr: You'll run into the ocean with all your clothes still on. Then you'll trip and fall in the waves and your clothes will get soaked and too heavy for you to move.
Zephyr: Then you'll get swept away by the waves and it'll be up to me to rescue you. That's what I see.
Link: ...Isn't that just your imagination?
Zephyr: Nope, the image is very clear in my head. It's gotta be the birth of a new power.
Kana: ...ugh! For some reason, when you sound so sure of yourself… I feel like it's gonna happen too.
Zephyr: Oh, you've got a new power too. Good job. --So now you can use it all the time to stay out of trouble.
Lippy: Now now, Master Zephyr. Isn't a little bit of wading all right?
Zephyr: We're going to Sara's house after this, right? Won't it be pretty embarrassing if you're soaking wet the first time you meet them, Kana?
Kana: Ah! You're right. We're going to say hi to Sara's parents, right. I have to look my best.
Kana: Okay! I'll leave the getting swept away and rescued by Zephyr for later!
Zephyr: You don't have to go out of your way to do it…
Sara: ...haha. Then how about we go to my house first? We'll go to the beach later.
Sara: That's right… if you swim a little ways out from the beach, there's an island I used to play on as a kid. How about we go there together?
Kana: Waaah! That sounds like fun!
Link: I see. Okay. I'd love to go once everything's settled.
Zephyr: Hey, Allen. I won't stop you if you want to go. ...but you know, it's probably that island.
When I look to where Zephyr is pointing, there's a small lone island pretty far out from the beach.
At a glance… it wouldn't be strange to send a boat out there.
Zephyr: It's just like Sara to have been swimming  'a little ways' to there since she was a kid.
Link: So Sara was really energetic as a kid, too.
Zephyr: ...and it's just like you to say something like that.
Lippy: Then we will go to the beach afterwards. Which is your house, Lady Sara?
Sara: It's right down this street. ...I gave a letter to the couriers letting them know I was coming home…
Sara: So I think they're probably at my house--
Just then--
Suddenly, we hear a vibration that cuts through the air--
There's no chance to react. Someone comes rushing at Sara with terrifying energy.
Sara: Waah! -H-hey!
The person is a large man.
He embraces Sara and picks her up, spinning her around like they're dancing.
Lippy: Oh!? Who's this!?
???: You've finally come home! I was so worried, my cute daughter!
Sara: H-hey! Stop! Stop it, Dad!
Link: …! Sara's dad!?
Sara: You're embarrassing me! Everyone's watching! I said stop it!
He continues to hold Sara and swings her around and around, not caring that she yells in embarrassment.
Lippy: ...It appears that… this powerful man is Sara's father…
That's when someone approaches us briskly.
It's a woman with long hair tied high.
That woman clenches her fist firmly.
???: Calm down, dear!
Sara's father: Agghhhhhhhh!?
She lets loose a powerful fist and punches Sara's father atop the head.
The force makes him let go and clutch his head, and Sara takes that moment to escape from her father's grasp.
The pain also seems to make her father calm down a bit.
Sara's father: Owww… that did the trick… Your fist is really something else, Magine…
Sara: Ugh… Dad, you idiot…
Magine: Honestly… don't embarrass Sara in front of all her friends.
Sara's father: But Magine… I'm so happy…
Sara's father: Lately it's just been one thing after another… and then our beloved daughter comes home from her dangerous adventuring job…!
Sara's father: And it's been a while since I've tasted your fist too… so… so…
--Every time he speaks, his emotions well up again.
Sara's father: Nothing could make me happier!
He fires up again.
Sara: Waahhh! Geez! I get it, I get it, so let me go!
Sara begins to swing around and around again.
Kana: I thought so! Sara's family really gets along well!
Zephyr: ...Is it really okay to dismiss it like that?

Sara: Ugh… how embarrassing…
Sara's dad: Ah, sorry, sorry. I completely forgot your letter said you'd be bringing visitors.
Kiriya: I'm Sara's dad Kiriya. I run a fishing business.
Magine: I'm Sara's mother Magine. Thank you for coming from so far away to visit us today.
Lippy: Not at all! We too would like to--
Kiriya: Well then! Let's put aside the formalities. We'll talk over dinner! We've got a lot of delicious things lined up for you!
Sara: Ahaha. Sorry, everyone. That'is just how my dad is.
Link: It's fine. I like it. It's because everyone loves you.
Kiriya: Yeah, that's right! She's the apple of our eyes!
Kana: Haha. Sara's house is so cheerful it makes me happy too!
Sara: Then I guess it's fine.
Kiriya: Okay! Sara's precious friends! Relax for today and tell us all about your travels!
Kana: Oh! Then in return, tell us all about when Sara was a kid!
Sara: Hey, Kana! Don't--
Kana: --But I want to know what you were like before we met. Can't I?
Sara: Umm… it's not that you can't… Geez, if you put it that way, I can't say no…
Kana: Yay!
Zephyr's eyes narrow at their exchange.
Zephyr: It looks your daughter made a little sister while was off traveling.
Magine: Haha. Well, that's fine. We're happy to have more cute daughters.
Kiriya: Hahaha! Okay! --Today is a good day! Let's eat, drink, and be merry!


  1. Ahhh! Thanks for posting these, I've been looking everywhere for a translation of the 2nd main scenario! I haven't had the time to catch up on ToL story due to school and I'm glad to come back to something to read :D

    1. P.S. It was actually quite hard to find your blog via google b/c nothing showed up when I googled Tales of link main scenario 2 translation!