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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 1. The Prince's Wedding

ahahaha. ...hi. because getting distracted and starting new projects is the story of my life.  I plan to do at least the first two Fire Emblem Awakening drama CDs, maybe the fourth if I'm finished with the first two by then and no one else picks them up because Morgans. er. yes.

in other news, the translation of the next chapter of Hariyama-san should be done this week, but it might take a little longer to check over and fix everything.

Anything in (parentheses) is stuff I couldn't make out clearly and had to kind of guess on.  Also of note is that Robin is male in this CD.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 1: The Prince's Wedding

[BGM: Prelude]

Robin, narration: My name is Robin.  I’ve lost my memories and can remember nothing but my name.  Chrom, the prince of the Halidom of Ylisse, saved me when he found me collapsed and alone, and I joined the Shepherds under his command.  Somehow, it seems I have a knack for strategy.  We directed the Shepherds, and it was our duty to fight against those who threatened the peaceful lives of the people.

[BGM: Divine Decree (Ablaze)]

[screams, cries, battle grunts, swords clashing, etc.]
Plegian: You all!  Charge!  Graaaaaah!
[swords clashing, horses neighing]
Chrom: Don't falter! Let’s go, Robin!
Robin: Right, Chrom!
Both: Rrrrrrrrrgh!

Robin, narration: We overcame countless battles and brought an end to the war with Ylisse’s aggressive neighbor, the Theocracy of Plegia.  And one day, when we believed peace had finally returned...

[BGM: Main Theme: Summer (No Voice)]

Woman 1: Such an auspicious event!
Woman 2: To think this day would come!
Woman 1: Ahaha. It’s true! I’m so glad.
Lissa: Robin!  What do you think of my clothes?  I dressed up a bit!
Frederick: Robin.  Why are you spacing out in such a place?  Chrom’s wedding ceremony is about to begin.  Come this way.
Robin, narration: The tall man clad in full armor is Frederick.  He is an imperial knight who serves directly under Chrom.  The small girl bouncing on her heels next to him is Lissa.  She is Chrom’s younger sister and the second royal of Ylisse.
Robin: Ah, no, well… I was distracted watching the people in town.  I’ve never seen it so lively.
Lissa: Ylisseans are usually really cheerful and everyone loves festivals!  Robin, you’ve only ever seen us in wartime, so of course you’d be surprised.
Nowi: I love festivals too! Hehe.
Robin, narration: The young girl hopping around next to Lissa is Nowi.  She is a manakete, a descendant of dragons.
Frederick: But today truly is an auspicious day.  The sky is perfectly clear and a refreshing wind blows.  It is a beautiful day, and we are to hold a wedding ceremony.  Lady Emmeryn… Lady Phila… would surely have been overjoyed.
[sound of birds taking wing]
Robin, narration: So Frederick said as he gazed at the sky.  Chrom’s wedding is today.  The war with Plegia has been brought to a close, and right after that, the prince is getting married.  Good things are happening in Ylisse one after another, and everyone is high spirits.

[BGM: Main Theme (Title)]

Lissa: Chroooom!
Nowi: Chrooooom!
Frederick: Milord!
Robin: Hey... Chrom.  My most heartfelt congratulations.
Chrom: You’re finally here.  You’re really something, making the guest of honor wait.

Chrom: Fire Emblem Awakening
Robin: Drama CD series: A Volatile Ylissean Romance

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