Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 3. Friends' Return

In which Lon'qu hates his life and also Gaius.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 3: Friends' Return

[sound of footsteps, horses whinnying]
Lon’qu: Gods.  Why did it have to be this group?
Lissa: Lon’qu?  What’re you muttering to yourself about?
Nowi: Lon’qu’s having fun ‘cause he’s with all of us!
Lon’qu: No!
[“incorrect” noise]
Nowi: Waah… Lon’qu got mad…
Cordelia: Don’t cause a commotion while we’re marching, you two.  Lon’qu’s just a bit embarrassed because he’s the only man here.
Lon’qu: Ugh… I wasn’t the only man in the beginning!
[loud footsteps]
Lon’qu: That guy… where did he disappear to?
[swish, thump]
Gaius: Hup.  Hey, Lon’qu.

[BGM: “We should turn in for the night.”]

Gaius: You’re completely surrounded by women.  I’m jealous.
Lon’qu: GAIUS!
Nowi: [running] Oh!  Gaius!  Gaius, give me candy!
Gaius: W-wait, Nowi.  If we’re gonna eat sweets, we should do it somewhere we can kick back and relax.  A gloomy forest like this’ll ruin the taste.
Nowi: Boo.
Gaius: Anyway, Lon’qu.
Lon’qu: W-what?
Gaius: Hehe. The great Lon’qu, favorite of Basilio, Khan of all Ferox.  Just one glance has his enemies trembling in their boots, and he loses his cool just ‘cause he’s surrounded by women.  It’s pretty funny.
Lon’qu: I-I have not lost my “cool”!
Gaius: Then try to stay in formation for a bit longer, okay?  You’re breaking rank.
Lon’qu: You have no right to say such a thing after suddenly disappearing in the middle of the mission.  Where were you until now?
Gaius: I… had a little something to take care of.
Cordelia: [claps] Settle down.  Let’s just leave it at that.  In any case, we came to investigate the reports of Risen sightings, but in the end we didn’t find the enemy.
Nowi: They were nowhere to be found.
Lissa: You didn’t see them from the sky either.
Tharja: Yes.  I searched our surroundings with sorcery but found no suspicious presence.
Lon’qu: You’re the most suspicious one here.
Tharja: Did you… say something?
Tharja, echo: I’ll curse you.
Lon’qu: N-no... nothing.
Tharja: In any case, Cordelia.  Are you all right with this?  Chrom has already gone… somewhere beyond your reach.
Lissa: Huh?  What, what?  Did my brother do something?
Nowi: Did Chrom do something?
Cordelia: I-I wonder!  Oh, Tharja!  Don’t speak nonsense!
Lissa: Hmmmm?  How suspicious!
Nowi: Suspicious, suspicious!
Tharja: Ehehehehe…
Gaius: Hey, I can see Ylisstol now.
Cordelia: A-all right, everyone!  We’ll soon arrive at the capital!  It’s just a little further!  Let’s do our best!

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