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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 2. Dark Clouds

ugh Frederick please improve your enunciation. or at least talk slower.

again, unclear lines are those in (parentheses)!  if anyone is willing to give it a listen and can clarify/correct anything, please let me know~

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 2: Dark Clouds

[sound of chair creaking, people murmuring]
Man 1: Now then, for the remainder of this meeting, we will focus on the investigative commission concerning reparations owed by Plegia.
[sound of book closing]
Man 2: You speak of the (investigation into supply procurement) that was previously deferred?
Robin, narration: Several days after Chrom’s wedding, I visited the royal palace as tactician in order to attend the peace talks. 
[sound of chair creaking]
Chrom: No, wait.  We’ll postpone the matter of the reparations owed by Plegia.  It’s still too early to open negotiations.  They have not yet recovered from the cost of the last war.  Let’s watch and wait a while longer.
Man 1: In that case, shall we send a notification of postponement?
Chrom: Yeah.  I’ll write a few lines.  I’ll prepare the letter later.
Man 1: Yes.  Understood.
Chrom: And we cannot afford to delay the matter of supply procurement until next time. I would like each of you to prepare a summary of your opinion by tomorrow.
Man 2: As you wish, Lord Chrom.

[BGM: Shh… Easy now, girl.  I won’t hurt you.]

Robin: Chrom’s become pretty reliable.
[sound of armor shifting]
Frederick: Haha.  So you feel the same way.
Robin: [small gasp] Hey, Frederick.  That’s right.  Chrom is calmer and more dignified than ever before.
Frederick: Yes.  Ever since the wedding ceremony, I’ve felt that Milord has become all the more resolute.
Robin: Protect the country and protect his family.  Perhaps that sense of responsibility is making him stronger.
Frederick: Yes.  (Lady Emmeryn’s words at the moment of her sacrifice have served to strengthen those feelings.)
Robin, narration: The eldest daughter and former Exalt of the Halidom of Ylisse, Lady Emmeryn, passed away in the war.  After that, the prince, Chrom, acted in her stead and took her place as representative of the Halidom.
Robin: The war has ended, Chrom has wedded, and the state of this country will continue to improve steadily.  Ha… that’s how it feels.
Frederick: Aye.  And so we must support Lord Chrom as his staunchest allies, now more than ever.
Robin: Hm?  Is there something bothering you?
Frederick: Ah, no. (You could say that the people are of one mind, having learned from this country’s past mistakes.) Most likely, Lord Chrom will strive harder than ever to realize the world Lady Emmeryn dreamed of.

[BGM: Negotiations are not my strong suit...]

Frederick: On the other hand, however, rebellions and resistance will surely arise as a result of those feelings.
Robin: You mean there are those who do not approve of Chrom’s way of thinking… [sigh]
Frederick: No such person exists… that is what I would like to believe.  However, the stronger the man, the more people who would stand in his way.  That is the way of the world.
Robin: Like with Plegia’s… King Gangrel.
Frederick: Aye.  And there is still the matter of the Risen.
Robin: That mysterious group… the Risen.  They are grotesque creatures, incapable of speech, that relentlessly attack humans.
Frederick: We’ve recently received reports of sightings near Ylisse.
Robin: Yeah.  Lon’qu and several others went to investigate the situation.  They are all skilled warriors.  I believe they will be fine, but…
Frederick: Yes.  You’re right.

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