Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 4. Girl Talk

In which Anna brings along a fabulous repertoire of sound effects (and also talks too quickly in general) and Lon'qu continues to hate his life.

A friend of mine helped me decipher some of the more problematic lines in this one. Thank you, friend. :D Also thanks to Lyrl for correcting a couple of the lines!

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 4: Girl Talk

[BGM: “But, Frederick, it’s nearly dark!”]

[background noises, people talking]
Nowi: Gaius disappeared.
Lissa: And we went to the trouble of inviting him to eat with us, too.
Lon’qu: That rogue feels no need to engage in displays of mutual praise.
Cordelia: Well, this time we didn’t really do anything worthy of praise.
Tharja: Even I read the mood this time. ...perhaps I should curse him.
Cordelia: But is it really all right for you to have dinner here, Lissa?  You are a princess, after all.
Lissa: Oh, stop!  Don’t worry about that now!  Even Lon’qu’s here, and he’s bad with women.  I had to come.
Lon’qu: E-enough about me.  Just leave it.
Nowi: Hasn’t Lon’qu changed?
Lissa: That’s right!  Lon’qu, you go out with us more than before.  Does that mean you don’t have a problem with women anymore?
Lon’qu: Ugh… must you always mention that?
Cordelia: Maybe Lon’qu’s opening up to everyone.
Nowi: It’s like he’s getting softer!
Tharja: That is not something a swordsman would enjoy hearing.
Lon’qu: Y-you… all you have done is chatter endlessly.  Put an end to--
Anna: Hmm?  What are you all doing?  It looks you’re having fun together.
Nowi: Oh!  Anna!
Anna: It’s been a while.
Lissa: Anna!  What’ve you been up to?  You suddenly disappeared after the war ended.
Anna: Hm?  Ahh… haha, well, you know…
Cordelia: Anna!  Chrom may choose to overlook your business as a merchant, but you’re also one of us!  You’re a member of our company!
Anna: Yes, yes.  I’m sorry.
[sound of cloth shifting, chair creaking]
Anna: A favorable wind has started blowing in this country, so I thought I’d prepare some new merchandise.  The wedding of the prince who brought an end to the war… this kind of economic boom won’t happen again!
Nowi: Eco...nomic?
Cordelia: It’s when people spend more and business improves.
Lissa: Yeah, yeah.  Everyone’s gotten happier!  I hope Ylisse keeps prospering like this.
Cordelia: That’s right.
[chair creaking]
Anna: Yes… ahem.
Anna: Allow me to say something.  Everyone gathered here, this definitely concerns you too, you know.
[sound of a glass being put down]
Lissa: Huh?
Tharja: What… do you mean?
Anna: I’m saying there’s something you all have to do if you want to help this country flourish.
Cordelia: Something we must do… ah.  Do you mean protect the public order for the sake of peace?
Lissa: Or defeat the Risen?
Nowi: Or stop the fighting?
Tharja: Or cast curses?
Anna: Incorrect!  Honestly, all of you are eligible single women, so why are you playing innocent?  There’s something more important, right?
Lissa: I-I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about!
Anna: I’m saying!  The head of this country just got married.  Doesn’t it make you want to be happy like that too?
Lissa: Ylisse is peaceful now, so I think everyone is plenty happy.
Tharja: Me too.  I am plenty happy right now.
[Anna breathes in deeply, BANG, sparkle]
[utensils clatter to the ground]

[BGM: “The Vaike never forgets! I just don’t always remember.”]

Lissa: M-m-m-m-m-married!?
Tharja: Heeheehee… you’re right, now that you mention it.  I had overlooked that.  Though it was not something I was planning to pursue...
Anna: It makes sense, right?  Get married, have children, and raise the next generation!  It’s the happiest way to contribute to the country’s bright future!
Lissa: M-marriage… I wonder what it’s like.
Nowi: I want to have a happy marriage too!
Anna: Right, right!  Isn’t there anyone you’ve fallen in love with?  This is the perfect chance to confess your feelings!  You should ride the waves of happiness enveloping this country and become happy yourselves!
Cordelia: M-my feelings are still in disarray.  It’s rather complicated.
Lissa: T-that’s impossible.  It’s too sudden.
Tharja: Is now the right time... to exchange oaths of blood?
Anna: What?  Why are you all hesitating?  Haha.  Let’s just start with someone who makes you think, “Well, that might be fun.” It’s important to first decide who to fall in love with.  Like… hm, that’s right… [gasps, claps] How about Frederick, the knight?
Lissa: F-Frederick!?
Cordelia: She’s right.  Frederick’s appearance, personality, and intelligence leave nothing to be desired.
Tharja: But he’s… too perfect at everything.
Nowi: And Frederick’s mind is always on Chrom!
Lissa: Oh… right.  That’s true.
Anna: There’s… really a lot to consider, huh.  In that case, hm… [claps] What about Gaius?
Nowi: I love Gaius!  He gives me candy!
Cordelia: He was formerly a thief, but he’s actually quite honest.  But…
Tharja: Gaius is… blunt and crude.
Anna: Hmm… this won’t do at all… [squeak squeak] Ah? [boing]
Lon’qu: ...hey. ...why are you looking at me?
[chair creaks]
Anna: What about Lon’qu?  He comes off as apathetic and unapproachable, but isn’t that attractive in its own way?
Lon’qu: What!? [cough, choke] Wh-wh- [gasp]
Lissa: Lon’qu!  He is pretty cool!
Cordelia: And he has won Khan Basilio’s favor, so he has a promising future!
Tharja: Lon’qu is serious, skilled, and dependable.
Anna: Well, aren’t you popular, Lon’qu!  Now doesn’t that make you happy?
Lon’qu: May I… excuse myself?
Lissa: But…
Cordelia: That’s right.
Tharja: Lon’qu… cannot stand women.
Nowi: That’s kind of a problem!
Lon’qu: Geh… what have I done to deserve this?
Anna: Well, you don’t have to worry about infidelity if he can’t stand women, right? [sigh] Honestly, haven’t you all set your standards too high?  Then… ah! [shing] Isn’t there someone who’s perfect?  A dashing young man!
Girls: Huh?
Tharja: You don’t mean...


  1. Hi, I'm someone who also has the tracks for the drama cd. This is regarding the translation in some parts.

    Firstly, in the line where Anna (and nowi) says:

    "A favorable wind has started blowing in this country, so I thought I’d prepare some new merchandise. The wedding of the prince who brought an end to the war… there definitely won’t be a better special event!
    Nowi: Special...event?"

    The word they used was 特需景気; and the meaning is closer to "economic boom" than special event.

    Also, the next one with Anna saying:

    "What? Why are you all hesitating? Haha. Let’s just start with someone who makes you think, “Well, that might be fun.” First you should just try talking to them."

    What she said in the last line is actually まずは誰かに恋をかけて見ることが大切 (more or less, since Anna is speaking quite fast in here); which means along the lines of "It's important to figure out who to fall in love with first"

    Sorry for intruding, just wanted to point out some of the parts I found weren't that accurate to the original script^^;

  2. I forgot to mention this previously, but the translation is otherwise great! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to translating for the drama cd, it is much appreciated. Is it okay if I promote it via linking from my blog?

    1. Thank yoooou! I suppose トクジ is just an abbreviation? I definitely tried looking it up several times and couldn't find anything... I thought it might be something along those lines, especially considering Nowi's confusion and Cordelia's explanation, but economics was definitely never one of my strong points, so. And I was hearing 声をかける I think, but koi definitely makes more sense. 8D; Edited!

      And yes, that's fine. Thanks again~

    2. No prob, and I would suppose so based on my searches, I think it sounds right for this context too so hopefully I'm right on this orz. In any case, glad I could help!

      Also, for curiosity's sake, are you a Singaporean as wellXD? (I just realized it's blogspot.sg lol)

    3. Well, we'll just go with that. Close enough.

      USA, actually. I think Blogspot appends an ending based on the viewer's location. Not entirely sure why, but... *shrug*

  3. The "dashing young man", Anna means Robin right?