Thursday, April 3, 2014

FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 5. Frederick's Omen, Anna's Conception

In which everyone is plotting something and Robin is completely clueless.

I haven't listened closely to the next track yet, but it involves a lot of fast mumbling about complicated subjects and so may take a little longer.  Or it may not.  We'll see.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 5: Frederick's Omen, Anna's Conception

[BGM: “We’d best prepare for combat, just to be safe”]

Robin: Oh!  Gaius!  Welcome back.
Gaius: Hey.  I just got back.
Chrom: Sorry for making you do all the work.  How was it?
Gaius: Completely clear.  There were no traces of Risen anywhere.
Robin: Huh?  Really?
Frederick: What could it mean?  Did someone else already defeat them?
Chrom: They are strong enemies.  I find it difficult to believe there is anyone other than ourselves who can dispatch of them so cleanly.
Robin: Could the rumor itself have been untrue?
Frederick: But who would benefit from spreading such false rumors?
Gaius: There weren’t even traces of Risen footprints or that dark, rotten aura. Instead of thinking they were destroyed, it might be more accurate to say they weren’t there in the first place.
Frederick: I see.  Whichever the case, it seems it is necessary to determine the origin of the rumors.  Understood.  I will investigate.
Robin: Frederick… do you have a plan?
Frederick: Aye.  Or the beginning of one.
[sound of armor shifting, Frederick turning]
Frederick: Lord Chrom, Robin.  Will you leave this matter to me for the time being?
Chrom: Yeah.  Got it.  It’s in your hands.  But don’t push yourself too hard.
Frederick: Thank you, Milord.
[sound of Frederick shifting]
Frederick: Gaius.  My apologies; I know you’ve just returned, but if I may…
Gaius: Yeah, sure.
[footsteps, Gaius passing by]
Gaius: I thought it would turn out like this.
[Frederick and Gaius walk away]
Robin: [sigh] Is it really all right to leave it to them?
Chrom: It’s no problem.  In exchange, they will request our aid if they require it.
Robin: I think so too, but--
Anna: Ah!  There you are!  Robin!
[Anna runs up]
Robin: Oh… if it isn’t Anna.
Chrom: We haven’t seen you around lately.  What’ve you been up to?  Stocking up on goods for your business again?
Anna: Well, of course!
Robin: [laughingly] Anna.  But we do know you are a peddler at heart.
Anna: Ugh!  Cordelia was telling me off earlier too!  Honestly, I’m fed up with being scolded!
Robin: Oh, is that right?  You met everyone else?
Anna: Right, right!  Cordelia and the others are in a really bad situation!
Robin: Huh?
Anna: They need you to come help them right away!  Come with me!
[Chrom steps forward]
Chrom: What?  What’s the situation?

[BGM: "Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!"]

Anna: Uh, well… it’s a problem the representative of the halidom can’t really resolve…
Chrom: Hmm?  What could it be?
Anna: Ugh. [whispering] Chrom, come here a moment!
Chrom: W-what is it? [footsteps heading away] For my ears alone?
Robin: Hm?
Chrom: Mm…
Chrom: Hm.  Really?  I see.  Then there’s no choice.
Robin: Huh?  What are you whispering about?  Please, tell me!
Anna: So you see, I’ll be borrowing Robin for a while, Chrom.
Chrom: Yes.  Do as you will.  Take him.
Anna: As expected of the halidom’s representative! [shing] I appreciate the quick decision!
[step, cloth shifting, Anna pulling]
Anna: Okay, let’s go, Robin!
[cloth shifting, slow footsteps]
Robin: Wa- Don’t pull, Anna!  Ahh!
[Robin trips, steps speed up]
Robin: What’s this about?  Chrom, what in the world did she tell you?
Chrom: May you be victorious, Robin!
Robin: Huh?  W-what’s going on?  Ahh!
[door slamming shut]
Chrom: This may be just the chance he needs.

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