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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 6. Top-Secret Mission

Sorry for how long it took to finish this.  Frederick and Gaius are kind of prone to talking quickly and without clear enunciation.  On the other hand, I've just about finished the next two tracks in the meantime. 8D;;

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 6: Top-Secret Mission

[door opens. footsteps.]
Frederick: [sighs and sits down] Well then.
Gaius: [knocks on the wall] Whoa there.  A multi-layer stone wall.  You’re as wary as ever.
Frederick: One cannot be too careful.  So, shall we discuss the rest?
Gaius: It’s just like I said before.  There was absolutely no trace of Risen. [drawls flippantly] When we went to the scene, we didn’t find anything, and we came back at once.  That’s all.
Frederick: [sighs, leans forward] But there is more, correct?
Gaius: Heh.  Nothing gets past you.  But I’m not getting paid enough to say that much.
Frederick: How dare you… [shifts, chair creaks] Very well.  How much do you want?
Gaius: Haha!  I’m joking.  I’d never hear the end of it from Robin if word of this reached his ears.
Frederick: And so we speak within this room, so that word of this conversation will reach no one else.  Only the two of us shall know.
Gaius: You think we’ve got a rat?
Frederick: No.  I will give Lord Chrom and Robin the full details of the investigation, but I will not inform them of your own movements.  That is all.
Gaius: My own… movements?
Frederick: In truth, incidents like this have occurred several times.
Gaius: Meaning what?

[BGM: “Someone has to save you from your good intentions.”]

Frederick: Lately, we have sent out soldiers in response to reports of Risen sightings, but each time, they have found nothing.  This mysterious phenomenon has occurred many times.
Gaius: Have you told Chrom and Robin?
Frederick: Of course.  We have also deployed a number of spies to investigate.
Gaius: So you want to deploy me too?  Without telling Chrom?  You, the ever-loyal retainer?
Frederick: [shifts in his chair] Gaius.  In my opinion, there is something sinister about this.
Gaius: Sinister?
Frederick: It may be of little consequence compared to the war with Plegia.  It is unlikely to result in such widespread suffering.
Gaius: Well, that’s true.
Frederick: But only a handful of people within Ylisse know of the Risen.  What would anyone have to gain from claiming they had appeared?
Gaius: So in other words... it was a trap?
Frederick: Mm.  I do not yet have proof.  However, right now, Lord Chrom is newly wedded and the halidom is in a state of celebration.  I believe I at least must remain focused.
Gaius: Such dedication. [shifting of cloth] Well, fine.  I got it.  You want me to look into who laid that trap, what they wanted to catch, and what they’re scheming, right?  Without anyone else knowing.
Frederick: [chuckles] You’re quick on the uptake.
Gaius: Since you’re so worried, I’ll tell you the rest of the story from before.
Frederick: Yes.  Please do.
Gaius: [shifts] The place was a long ways from the nearest village.  You’d have to climb the mountain for a few hours to finally get there.  If travelers and peddlers got caught up there, there’s no way they could escape.  In other words, they wouldn’t be able to report any sightings.  The way I see it... [chair creaks] There’s absolutely nowhere the rumors could’ve come from.
Frederick: How admirable, Gaius.  You’ve already thought this through.
Gaius: This is the important part.  There were no traces of the Risen, but when I looked around, this was caught in the bushes.
[Gaius pulls something out and puts it down on the table]
Gaius: Take a look.
[Frederick stands and walks forward, picking up the cloth]
Frederick: Light purple… the robe of a dark mage. [unfolds the robe] And moreover, this design is quite distinctive.
[dark realization]
Frederick: Urk… this is…
Gaius: Yeah.  Looks like you were right to worry.

[BGM: “It appears the capital was spared the chaos.”]

Frederick: [sighs] Well done, Gaius.  With this, I have a better grasp of the situation.
Gaius: Nimbleness and caution, those're my specialties.
Frederick: Yes.  I know that well, and that’s why I’m counting on you to assist with the investigation. [steps back] You’ll accept, won’t you?
Gaius: Yeah. [stands] I’m already along for the ride.  Give me some high-class tarts in exchange and we’ll call it even.

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