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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 7. The Star Player's Sweetheart!?

the last actual comedic track on this CD.  again, sorry for the wait, but I can now say that the rest of this CD is practically done.  need to go through everything a couple more times to check for accuracy and wording, but the actual translation part is finished.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 7: The Star Player's Sweetheart!?

[BGM: “Open for business!”]
Lissa: Anna… you really brought him… You’re so driven.
Nowi: Yay!  Robin!
Cordelia: W-what do you intend to do?
Tharja: Heh… hehehehe… I am beginning to feel a bit nervous…
Robin: W-wait, everyone.  You’re all women… what is it that you need from me?
Anna: Haha.  It’s a powerful technique performed by three women, passed down on this continent since ancient times. [shing] Triangle Attack!
Robin: Three women… but there are five of you!
Anna: Don’t worry about the details!
Robin:, er, I would appreciate it if you would... explain the situation to me…
Lissa: Ahh!  Miss Anna!  Please!
Anna: Hehe.  All right.  Then I, Anna, the cupid of love and business, will proceed to ask Robin a series of questions! [sparkle]
Nowi: [clapping] Yay, yay!
Cordelia: This has gone in an unusual direction…
Tharja: Heeheehee.  Well, the results are already clear.
Robin: What?  What?  Ah, Lon’qu.  Er, what in the world…?
Lon’qu: Swordsmen keep their silence. ...Robin, you will experience the same fate as me.
Robin: Huh?
Anna: Then let’s begin!  Go!  Robin, is there someone in the Shepherds you just can’t stop thinking about?  Answer with a “yes” or a “no”!
Robin: What?  Someone I can’t stop thinking about?
Anna: Yes, hurry up and answer!  And don’t dodge the question!
Robin: Uh… hmm… let’s see… “Yes…” I suppose.
Tharja: Aha.  Of course.
Anna: Ooh!  Just as we hoped!  This is our chance.  Will you tell us that person’s name?
Robin: Yes, that’s fine.
[slightly taken aback boing]
Cordelia: He agreed so readily.
Anna: As expected of Tactician Robin!  He doesn’t flinch in the face of difficult questions!  Then please tell us!  Well, go ahead!
Lissa: [heart thumping]
Robin: Er… I don’t understand why everyone is so excited, but… [drumroll finishes with a flourish] Chrom… I suppose
[level~ up!]
Anna: Huuuuuuuuuuuh?

[BGM: “You don’t know the first thing about peace. No man does!”]

Lissa: R-Robin!?  You mean…
Nowi: Me too!  I love Chrom!
Cordelia: Ah… another one… another miserable puppy who has fallen for his charms...
Tharja: Chrom… unforgivable…
Lon’qu: There is… a definite difference between us.
Anna: Robin… I did think you got along well with Chrom… but I never imagined that you…
Robin: We’re all comrades, so you are all in my thoughts.  But right now, I am most concerned about Chrom.  He has just been married and is doing his best to represent the halidom in Lady Emmeryn’s place.

[BGM: “The Vaike never forgets! I just don’t always remember.”]

Robin: His actions as king and leader will greatly influence our future.
[pop of realization]
Lissa: Huh?  S-so then…
Cordelia: So that’s what you meant!  You surprised me.
Robin: Is there any other meaning?
[dramatic cymbal crash]
Anna: STOOOP!  It’s time for a change of strategy.  Go over there for a moment, Robin.
Robin: Huh?
Anna: [quietly] T-this is serious... [normal voice] Okay, girls, it seems normal methods won’t get an answer from this clueless man.  It seems like we’ll have to let him gradually realize it for himself.
Nowi: Robin’s so dense.
Cordelia: It’s true.  He seems to be even denser than Lord Chrom.
Lissa: Maybe it’s because he lost his memories... Even though he’s so sharp during battle.
Tharja: I do not mind his foolishness.  Ahaha… the greater the challenge, the more it fans the flames of a woman’s heart.
Robin: Why is everyone… looking at me so scornfully?
Lon’qu: Robin.  Come here and have a drink.
Robin: Even Lon’qu is giving me a look of pity… W-what in the world is this!?

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