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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 8. The Exalt's Letter

There is a trend in the Awakening drama CDs.  Track eight is around when they start playing “And what if I can’t? What if I’m not worthy of her ideals?” and try to pull at your heartstrings.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 8: The Exalt's Letter

[Frederick walks in]
Frederick: Milord!
Chrom: Frederick.  It’s been several days.  What of the matter I entrusted to you?
Frederick: You speak of the Risen?  There has been some progress.  It does seem there was someone intentionally spreading rumors.  We are currently investigating that person’s whereabouts.  However… it seems they are not Ylissean.
Chrom: I see.  So it was intentional after all.  But if that’s the case, what is their true motive?
Frederick: They intended to lure someone out... but their target was not among those who came, and so they did not act.  That is my hypothesis.
[Chrom shifts]
Chrom: Their target… Lon’qu and the others were the ones deployed… so someone not with them…
Frederick: It goes without saying.  As the halidom representative, you immediately come to mind, Milord.
Chrom: [heavy sigh] So in the end, it was something that simple.
[slow, heavy footsteps]
Robin: Oh, Chrom.
Chrom: Hm?  Robin? [turns, walks toward him] What’s wrong?  You look utterly dejected.
Frederick: Lord Chrom.  Our investigation yet continues. [stands up] I will excuse myself here.
Chrom: A-aye.  I’m counting on you.
[Frederick turns and walks away]

[BGM: Id (Serenity)]

Chrom: So, what is it?
Robin: Well, you were the one who told me to do what I wanted back then.
Chrom: Hm?  A-ah, that!  Now that you mention it, I’d completely forgotten.  So, how was it?  Was there a good match for you?
Robin: That’s not a decision I can make on such short notice.
Chrom: I-I see.  Well, you can’t force something like this.
Robin: Of course… I was happy... that everyone would consider me as a potential husband… but more than that… I began to worry.
Chrom: Worry?  About what?
Robin: What is marriage?  What does it mean to love someone?  My parents married and brought me into this world, didn’t they?  They were happy, weren’t they?  Then why am I here, having lost my memories, not even knowing who I am?
Chrom: Robin…
Robin: [sigh] Of course.  For someone like me, who knows nothing about himself, it’s only natural that I cannot readily decide whom I would like to spend the rest of my life with.
Chrom: It seems I’ve caused you grief.  Sorry.  That was not my intention.
Robin: Oh, no.  I’m not blaming you.
Chrom: But even so, I want you to know the joy of having a family and people you cherish.
Robin: Chrom…
Chrom: Hmm… that’s right.  As a man, I first viewed my ideal woman as being something like a mother.
Robin: Huh?  A mother?
Chrom: Don’t mock me.  I’m speaking seriously.
Robin: Oh… yes.
[Chrom takes a step and turns]
Chrom: I don’t have… no, I too don’t have any memories of my mother.  My parents both passed away when I was young.  But I had my sister.  I came to think of Emm as a mother.  She was a kind, loving presence, all wrapped into one.  Emm was… my mother.
Robin: Lady Emmeryn was?
[rustling of paper]
Chrom: Look at this.
[Chrom slides pages out of the envelope, steps toward Robin, and hands it out]
Robin: What’s this letter?
Chrom: This is… Emm’s… final message.
Robin: ...final message!?
Chrom: Yes.  Frederick handed it to me after Emm died.
Robin: Uh… er… is it really all right for me to look at something so important?
Chrom: Aye.  I want you to read it too.
Robin: Ah… all right. [unfolds the letter]

[BGM: “And what if I can’t? What if I’m not worthy of her ideals?”]

Robin: “Chrom.  If you are reading this letter…”
[Robin’s voice fades out and is replaced by Emmeryn’s]
Emmeryn: ...I have already passed from this world.  I have placed a terrible burden on Frederick by entrusting him with this letter.  Phila would refuse it outright, so I have no choice but to rely on Frederick.  Please tell him I beg his forgiveness.
Robin: Lady Emmeryn…
Emmeryn: Chrom.  Thank you for doing your utmost to protect me until now.  Such a conclusion, despite your consideration for me, must cause you much grief.  I’m sorry.  But this is the natural choice for me.  It is what I wish for.  There is no need to fret.  I want to tell you that.
Robin: What she… wished for?  Lady Emmeryn did?
Chrom: So you’re stuck on that.  I couldn’t protect Emm and she died.  I couldn’t believe that was what she wanted.
Emmeryn: You and Lissa are my precious little brother and sister.  When we lost our mother and father, I swore to myself. I would raise and protect the two of you in their place. ...But rather than simply being my duty, it was my greatest joy.  In other words, rather than just being my siblings, I loved you as if you were my own children.  Well, you may have thought of me as something of an unreliable mother.  Haha…
Robin: Lady Emmeryn felt the same way you did.
Chrom: Aye.
Emmeryn: And as the exalt protecting this country, I harbor those same feelings.  I think of everyone, the people of Ylisse and the people of other countries, as my family.  I adore them just as I do you and Lissa, and I want to cherish all people as if they were my own children.  That is how I live.
Robin: All people… as her own children…
Emmeryn: And so it does not matter what happens to me, as long as I can continue loving.  Rather, if I can die to protect you and Lissa, the people of Ylisse, and the people I do not know, that is my choice and my greatest joy as a mother.  I believe my life shone brightly until the end.
Robin: Lady Emmeryn…
Emmeryn: So, please.  Don’t give up on loving the world.  If there are people you love in the world, the world will overflow with love. ...You will surely love the world.  Because the people you love live there.
Emmeryn: P.S. It will surely take Lissa some time to recover.  Please support her, Chrom.  Sincerely, your sister and mother, Emmeryn.

[BGM comes to an end.  Robin folds up the letter.]
Robin: [quiet sobs] Lady Emmeryn…
Chrom: When I read this letter, I realized I was wrong.

[BGM: “Dry your tears, love. This is not good-bye.”]

Chrom: I meant to protect Emm, but she was the one who had always protected me.
Robin: [sniffs] Chrom…
Chrom: And that was when I thought, I had always loved Emm.
Robin: That was… love for a mother.
Chrom: Yes.  That may have been the root of the love a man would have for a woman.  And my wife, the woman I chose, said she would be mine alone.  And on top of that, she said she loves me.  And so I think of her as my most beloved, just as much as I did Emm -- no, even more so.  I swore to go through my whole life with her by my side.
Robin: Your whole life…
Chrom: I now understand how Emm felt.  I want to protect this world, the world we all live in.  And I want to love it.  I feel that way from the bottom of my heart.
[Chrom steps forward]
Chrom: Yes… that’s right.  I have inherited the blood of those who have protected this world for thousands of years.  It is the Ylissean royal family’s, and my, duty.
Chrom: Emblem.  I carry my will in the shield on my arm, so that my hand may protect all those it reaches.  This I swear.
Robin: Just like Lady Emmeryn.
Chrom: Aye.
Robin: Ha… I see.  But love is a lot more encompassing and complicated than I thought. [sigh] It may still be a little too difficult for me.
Chrom: Well, take some time to think it over.
[door opens and Frederick rushes in]
Frederick: Lord Chrom!
Chrom: What’s wrong?
Frederick: We’ve just received word that Risen have appeared in the area!

[BGM: Miscreant (Intro)]

Chrom: What!?

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