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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 9. Battle of Ylisse

so razy~ one more track left to post.  Translations for the first three incantations, as well as voice clips, come from Amielleon over at Tumblr!

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 9: Battle of Ylisse

[footsteps, birds chirping, pegasus neighing]
Cordelia: Lon’qu, it seems this is the right direction.
Lon’qu: Yeah.  Gaius has gone ahead to scout.
Cordelia: Gaius?  But why?
Lon’qu: How should I know?  He and Frederick were working out some sort of plan.
Cordelia: A plan?
Lissa: Ah!  By the way, Robin!
Lissa: Robin?  Hey, listen to me!
Robin: Ah… ah, Lissa.  I’m sorry.
Cordelia: Robin?  Are you all right?  You were spacing out.
Robin: Hm?  N-no.  I’m fine.

[BGM: “The Vaike never forgets! I just don’t always remember.”]

Robin, thinking: Lissa.  Cordelia.  Tharja.  Nowi.  G-gods, they’re all here.  Ugh… I feel so uncomfortable after that conversation… I can’t look any of them in the face…
Lissa: You know when we were talking about marriage before?  Anna was just fooling around and using us!  She’s terrible!
Robin: Huh?
Cordelia: To be more precise, she wanted more men and women to join hands in marriage, popularize weddings in Ylisse, and use that as a means to increase sales.
Nowi: I wanted to marry Robin and fool around!
Tharja: What!?  Nowi, I will not overlook that!
Lon’qu: All of you.  We are approaching battle.  Have you no sense of tension?
Lissa: And you know what Anna said at the end?
Anna: Well, marriage is a serious life event.  You should think on it long and hard.  Ohohohohohoho!
Lissa: Ughhhh!  She really was just playing around!
Robin: Marriage is… a serious…
Lissa, background: Anna said she thought Robin’s support levels were pretty high, but what did she mean by support?
Lon’qu: By the way, why did Chrom and Frederick not come?
Cordelia: Frederick was worried about the rumors circulating last time.  Perhaps he thinks it’s a trap meant for Prince Chrom.
Lon’qu: I see… if the Risen don’t appear, there’s a good chance they’re targeting Chrom…
Robin: [sigh] Can I love these women… or anyone?
Lon’qu: Hm?  What are you talking about?
Robin: Lady Emmeryn loved all people, and she held to that until the end.  Compared to her, I…
Lon’qu: Hey, Robin.  Are you listening?
Robin: [sigh]
Lon’qu: Hey.
Robin: I cannot--
Lon’qu: Hey.
Robin: --give orders in this state of mind...
Lon’qu: HEY, ROBIN!
[Risen jumps out of the bushes and roars]
Robin: Wah! [jumps back]

[BGM: Annihilation (Galvanized)]

Lon’qu: [unsheathes sword] What are you doing!?  The Risen are here!  Give your orders!
Nowi: [screams]
Lissa: Wah!  There are a lot over here too!
Cordelia: Ugh… there are more of them than I thought!
Tharja: Robin, hurry and give your orders!
Robin: Um… uh… Lissa, fall back!
Lissa: B-but… we’re surrounded!  Which way is the back!?
Robin: Tharja, target the enemies on the left -- no, the center -- no, to our right!
Tharja: W-which one is it…?
Lon’qu: Robin, it’s impossible for Lissa to fall back in her position!  Give sensible orders!
Robin: S-sorry!
[Risen roars and attacks; Cordelia screams and falls]
Robin: C-Cordelia! [runs to her] Are you all right?
Cordelia: Y-yes.  I’m fine.  It’s but a scratch.
Nowi: Huh? [digging through her clothes] Where’d my dragonstone go?
Lon’qu: Weren’t you just saying you put it somewhere safe?
Nowi: Huh?  Really?
[Risen roars]
Lissa: [gasps] Nowi!  Look out!
Tharja: O evil intentions, you shall burn in the fires of hell.  Elfire!
[flames whooshing; Risen screams]
Nowi: Thanks, Tharja!
Tharja: It’s fine.  Hurry and find your dragonstone.
Lon’qu: Hey!  Cordelia is being targeted by archers! [turns] Robin!  We need a counter-plan!
Robin: Uhh… um… my mind is clouded... good!  I can’t put my thoughts in order!
Lissa: [screams, jumps back] There are reinforcements over here too!
Lon’qu: T-there are so many.  But if they have shown themselves without Chrom present, does that mean he’s not their target?
[Risen roars]
Gaius: Yeah. [draws sword and runs] Looks like it!
[Risen screams; blood spurts and the Risen falls]
Lon’qu: Gaius!  What in the gods’ names were you doing?
Gaius: [walks forward] Scouting.  These guys are fighters with no will of their own.  So there’s gotta be someone leading them and spreading the rumors.
Lon’qu: Leading them?
Gaius: Yeah.  Some of the Grimleal.  They’re all trussed up and taking a nap.
Lon’qu: Are you alone?
Gaius: I’m here on Frederick’s orders.  He picked me out ‘cause I’m good at working solo.
Lon’qu: I see.  So that was what you were up to.  Well, no matter. [unsheathes sword] We’ll continue this after we’ve dealt with these creatures.
Gaius: Didn’t think I’d be facing a big group like this.  Hah.  I didn’t sign up for this.
Lon’qu: Heh.  And yet you still have the leisure to speak so frivolously. [steps forward, grunts] That woman’s in trouble!
[Risen roars; Lissa screams]
Cordelia: It seems they’re after Lissa!  Robin!  Your orders, quickly!
Robin: Ugh… we won’t make it in time!
Gaius: Okay, time for the star player to arrive!
[STAB. Risen screams and falls.  music and screams stop, and the sound of rain falling can be heard.]
Chrom: [long sigh, straightens up] We made it.
Robin: C-Chrom?
[Risen roars]
Nowi: Chrom, behind you!
Frederick: Yaaaah! [stab] Heh!
[Risen screams, stumbles, and falls]
Cordelia: [gasp] And Frederick!
Frederick: In the nick of time.
Chrom: What’s with all of you?  Not a single one of you was even trying!
Lissa: [steps forward] Chrom?  Frederick?  Why?
Chrom: It was according to Frederick’s strategy.  But we didn’t account for this situation.  Gods, what happened?
Robin: S-sorry, Chrom.  I couldn’t put my thoughts in order and grew confused.  The blame lies entirely with me.
Chrom: I see.  That’s how it was.  No, it was my fault for leading you astray.  I’m sorry.
Robin: C-Chrom…
Chrom: But what if I am with you?  Can you return to normal?
Robin: Yeah… I’m much calmer.  All right. [turns, steps forward] Let’s give it a try!
Chrom: We’re counting on you, tactician of Ylisse!

[BGM: Prelude (Ablaze)]

[Risen roars]
Frederick: Milord!  Robin!  The enemy is closing in!
Robin: All right!  Lissa, heal Cordelia, but beware of the archers’ attacks!
Lissa: Yes! [runs off]
Robin: Lon’qu, repel the archers in the grass who are targeting Cordelia!
Lon’qu: Understood! [runs off]
Robin: Tharja, stay close to me.  We’ll protect Chrom’s back!
Tharja: Ehehe… [walks forward] I’ll show you I am the most reliable.
Nowi: Ah!  I found it!  Robin, I found my dragonstone!
Robin: Then Nowi, eliminate the javelin wielders!  Can you do it?
Nowi: Yeah!  My breath will hit enemies no matter where they are!  Leave it to me!
Gaius: Whew.  Looks like you’re all fired up.
Frederick: Good work, Gaius.
Gaius: Let the spies go on purpose, wait for them to hide themselves, and I’ll give chase. The double-tailing went well.
Frederick: Aye.  To think the Grimleal were commanding the Risen and targeting Robin.
Gaius: Chrom didn’t get mad at you for sending me?
Frederick: This plan succeeded precisely because it was kept secret from Lord Chrom. On the contrary, he offered his praise.
Gaius: Oh, really.  Then you better splurge on my reward sweets.
Frederick: Aye. [steps forward, draws sword] Do not relax your guard until it’s over!
Robin: Frederick!  Gaius!  New reinforcements are closing in behind Lon’qu!  I leave it to you!
Frederick: Understood! [gallops off]
Gaius: Time for one last push!
Lissa: [panting] Cordelia!  Sorry for the wait!  Holy breath… Mend!
Cordelia: [gets up] Lissa!  Thank you.  Now I can continue to fight.
Lissa: Ehehe!  It’s nothing!
[pegasus whinnies]
Cordelia: I won’t lose either!  Come, Lissa, get on behind me. [grabs Lissa and pulls her up] We’ll regroup once we’re in the air.
Lissa: Yeah!
[wingbeats; pegasus taking to the air]
Lon’qu: Heh.  Everyone’s movements have suddenly improved.  I wonder if it’s the same for me?
[Risen roars]
Lon’qu: Keh! [parries] Too slow!
[Lon’qu attacks; Risen yells and falls to the ground]
Lon’qu: [sighs, lowers sword] Robin!  Your strength lies in more than just tactics!

[BGM: “Don’t you put any stock in this destiny hogwash!”]

Robin: O wind passing through heaven and earth, tear apart the power of corrupted darkness!  Rexcalibur!
[whoosh of wind; Risen screaming]
Nowi, dragon form: I’ll finish all of yoooou!
Robin: All right!  Only those few remain!
Cordelia: [muffled, accompanied by the sound of wingbeats] Robin!  I’ll break their formation from the sky!  Take that as your chance!
Robin: Got it, Cordelia!  Let’s go, Chrom!
Chrom: [readies sword] Aye!
[Risen roars]
Cordelia: Yaaaaaaaah!  Now!  Robin, Chrom!
Robin: O heavenly wrath of the thunder god, strike down upon the earth!  Arcthunder!
Chrom: [running] Whooooooa!
[critical hit! Risen screams.]

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