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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 1. Retreat in the Storm

In which Chrom is accompanied by a lot of sword sounds and I have no idea what he's actually supposed to be doing with Falchion??

Anyway, welcome to drama CD two!  Thanks to Amielleon for her help on this track.  I'll also be shamelessly ripping a significant portion of this CD from her translations of the Henry bits (with permission, so maybe not that shamelessly), which can be found here, along with sound clips.  I'll leave a note on those sections again when they're posted with the full tracks.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 1: Retreat in the Storm

[men shouting, sounds of battle]
Chrom: Don’t… [draws sword] speak her name!
[Chrom charges in, enemy screams. thunder crashes.]

[BGM: Miscreant]

Robin, narration: Chrom’s angry roar, close to a lamentation, echoed across the battlefield.  He cut down the enemy general and all those who stood before him.
[Chrom breathing heavily]
Robin, narration: We lost the battle with Plegia.  Several days ago, Exalt Emmeryn passed away.  Everyone was fleeing, still overcome with sorrow.  Lissa could not stop sobbing, Frederick’s shoulders were slumped, and Chrom was trembling with rage.
[Chrom yells as he runs; his sword strikes metal and an enemy screams and falls]
Plegian 1: W-what strength!
Plegian 2: Hey, that guy’s already hurt!  What’re you holding back for?
Chrom: [breathing heavily] Come at me, Plegians! [readies his sword] Chrom of Ylisse will be your opponent!
Plegian 2: He’s the prince of Ylisse!  Grab him!
Plegian 1: B-but… that man… he’s strong!
Chrom: What’s wrong?  You want my head, do you not? [grabs sword, takes stance] Then come!  Just as you did when you killed Emm!
Frederick: You musn’t, Milord!  We’re vastly outnumbered right now!
Robin: O child of lightning born of the black thunder god, roar down upon the earth!  Thoron!
[lightning crashes down]
Robin: [running] This way, everyone!  Hide in the shadow of that cliff!
[running footsteps, panting]
Robin: [breathing hard] With this… we’ve bought a little time.
Gaius: Whew… those guys were just saying… it’s the perfect chance to bring us down.
Stahl: It’s true, Gaius.  Everyone’s distracted right now.  The Plegian army won’t miss this opportunity.
Lissa: [sobbing] Emm… Emm…
Robin: [gently] Lissa, please get ahold of yourself.  You must pull yourself together.
Frederick: Robin.  There’s nothing that can be done.  Please allow her to cry a little longer.
Robin: Frederick… I understand your feelings, but right now, we must focus on retreat.  Crying will do nothing to improve our situation!
Chrom: [readies sword] I’ll… I’ll crush them all!
Robin: You mustn’t, Chrom!  Calm down!  Fighting alone will solve nothing!  And you suffered such terrible wounds fighting their general.
Chrom: Ugh…
Virion: [walks closer and stops, shoes shifting in gravel] Oh… there you are.  I’m glad to find you unharmed.  Though you do all look utterly exhausted.
Robin: Virion!  It’s such a relief to see you well!
Frederick: What of the battle?
Virion: It could be no worse.  We have been completely cut off from the main Ylissean force.  Basilio’s unit has already reached the other side of the ravine.
Robin: T-they’re that far away?
Stahl: You mean there’s no way we’ll meet up again?
Virion: To phrase it elegantly, that seems to be the case.
Gaius: Tch… our enemies are in disarray, so I thought we could break through if we had the chance…
Chrom: [steps forward] You say the enemies are in disarray?
Frederick: Aye.  It seems revolts are breaking out among the Plegian forces.  Perhaps those responsible were eliminated, for they were quickly suppressed.
Robin: What could this mean?
Stahl: Maybe it means there are those among the enemy who were moved by Lady Emmeryn’s intentions and sympathize with Ylisse.
Chrom: [harshly] Stahl.  Don’t spout nonsense.  No such people are to be found among the Plegians.
Stahl: S-sorry, Chrom.
Robin: Chrom…
Virion: Nothing will come of standing here and pondering.
Plegian: [runs closer] Hey!  Those Ylissean bastards are hiding over there!
Gaius: They’ve noticed us!
Robin: Let’s go, everyone!  This way! [running, horses’ hooves] Frederick, I leave Lissa to you!
Frederick: Understood. [gallops over]
Lissa: [sobbing] Emm… Emm…
Frederick: Come, Lissa.  Ride behind me.
[horse neighs]
Robin: Stahl, Gaius, accompany Chrom!  The three of you must not be separated!
Stahl: Y-yeah!
Chrom: I… will be fine alone!
Gaius: Oh, man.  You’re a real handful.
Robin: Virion and I will disrupt the enemy’s formation from the rear!  Virion, prepare your longbow!
Virion: Taking flight, hm.  It is quite vexing for a gentleman, but I suppose there’s no helping it this time.
Robin: [cloak flutters] Let’s go!
[horse neighs and gallops away.]

[rain falling.]
Robin, narration: Rain began to fall.  The wind raged around us.  Isolated and friendless, our retreat continued as the storm pounded down, as if it too were attacking us.  We gradually grew exhausted from the Plegian army’s pursuit.

[BGM: “Leave me... Save yourselves...if you can…”]
Chrom: Fire Emblem Awakening.
Robin: Drama CD series: A Dauntless Plegian Storm.

[rain falling, people walking tiredly through the mud.  Robin is breathing hard.]
Chrom: I-it seems everyone has managed to survive.
Frederick: [breathing hard] It may be my imagination, but it seems the enemy has become even more aggressive.
Stahl: They were all really bloodthirsty and cruel.  Like they were bandits or something!
Robin: Were the rumors of rebellion false?
Gaius: [steps forward] I wonder.  I saw a sorcerer in the enemy lines laughing as he attacked his own comrades.  The guys he attacked all panicked too.  No matter how you look at it, that’s not friendly fire, more like a falling out.
Robin: Unbelieveable…
Chrom: By the way.  Gaius, should we go in this direction?
Gaius: Yeah.  There should be a ghost town around here where we can hide.
Frederick: We must rest soon.  Everyone is at their limits.
Virion: [steps forward and into a puddle, turns around] A withered forest and slimy earth.  A village located in the heart of the mountains.  It’s been quite a long while since anyone lived there.
Stahl: That’s true.  There’s no way crops would grow in this kind of soil. [gasps] Over there!

[BGM: Id (Dilemma)]

Robin: A small abandoned village!  It’s really there!
Virion: The majority of the old houses are already decaying.  It does look to be uninhabited.
Chrom: It’s enough to keep off the rain.  It is no palace, but right now, I want nothing more than to let Lissa rest.
Lissa: [slightly confused] I-I’m all right now! [shifts] Ehehe… sorry, everyone.  I couldn’t stop sobbing, even though we were in the middle of battle… I’m all right now!
Stahl: [sighs] You don’t look “all right” at all, Lissa.
Lissa: Uh… that’s not true!
Robin: [turns] Chrom, you must rest as well.  Your wounds hurt, do they not?
Chrom: [stands up] I’m… fine.  We must not… linger here.
Robin: Chrom… your anger is not yet spent…
Chrom: [angrily] Of course not!  I will not forgive those dastards who killed Emm!
Robin: R-right…
[ominous shing]
Robin: Hm?  H-huh?
Lissa: Robin?  What’s wrong, all of a sudden?
Robin: Ah… um… [breathlessly] I-it’s nothing.  I simply missed a step.
Lissa: Huh?  Really?
Robin: [small, breathless laugh] Yes.  Pay me no mind. [heavy, dragging footsteps] C-come, everyone, we’ll catch our breath here.  Don’t worry, we just have to hold out until everyone has recovered from their exhaustion and wounds.  We’ll surely return to Ylisse.

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