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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 2. Abandoned Village

Forgot to mention in the previous post, but the Robin in this drama CD is female. :|b

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 2: Abandoned Village

[rain falling. door swings open. footsteps; door closes]
Gaius: I just got back.
Frederick: [turns] Gaius. How is the situation?
Gaius: The Plegian army is closing in. It’s only a matter of time before they get here.
Stahl: But there’s nowhere else to hide around here. W-What do we do?
Frederick: There is a small village a short ways away, but… [leans forward] What shall we do? I would like to stay here at least until Prince Chrom’s wounds heal.
Gaius: Can a certain someone’s stomach wait that long?
Stahl: [stomach rumbles] Ahh! [nervously] Ahahahaha… how embarrassing.
Gaius: [laughs] Here. Today’s spoils of war. [sets it on table] It’s food.
Stahl: [gasps] Yes! Thanks, Gaius!
Frederick: [taken aback] Gaius, you can’t have.
Stahl: Huh?
Gaius: Hey, hey. Do you doubt me? I didn’t steal it.
Frederick: [laughs] I’m joking.
Gaius: Hah. If I did that, Robin would definitely yell at me. “Go return it!” I paid for it properly.
Frederick: Aye, I know.
Stahl: Ahaha… it didn’t sound like a joke at all.
Frederick: But in actuality, our food provisions are steadily diminishing. They will soon reach their limit.
Stahl: Do you think maybe that village will give us some food?
Gaius: Give up on that.
Stahl: Why?
Gaius: I’m saying you shouldn’t approach the people who live near that abandoned village.
Stahl: So… what do you mean?
[shifting of metal; Frederick gasps]
Gaius: More importantly, what are Robin and the others up to?

[rain falling]
[BGM: “Something is very wrong.”]
Robin: Look. Over here.
Chrom: A graveyard.
Lissa: There’s so many of them… what in the world happened here?
Virion: A cluster of simple graves marked only by stones. You would be correct to think that they are the graves of those who fell in battle.
Lissa: But that’s ridiculous! For there to be a war up on this mountain…
Chrom: Ylisse and Plegia have continued to quarrel since times of yore. The number of skirmishes has decreased during Emm’s reign, but it seems that they occurred frequently in every corner of the continent in Father’s time. Disaster may have befallen this village then.
Robin: The war has continued for so long.
Virion: [turns on his heel, then brightly] Very well. Then shall we offer these flowers? [begins walking] I went through the trouble of gathering them, after all.
Lissa: Yeah. Good idea. Let’s place them on the graves.
Chrom: So flowers bloom even in this soil.
Robin: [uneasy sound] Yes. You’re right. Even in a place like this.
Chrom: Robin?
Robin: The two kingdoms have been at war since ages past. Why continue to repeat something so meaningless? Are they trying to destroy each other? Even though war breeds nothing but sadness. [breath growing shorter] This… earth where such beautiful flowers grow… is stained with blood…
Chrom: [darkly] It is because they have behaved aggressively since ancient times. Ylisse has always been threatened by Plegia.
Robin: Even so! Continuing these attempts to destroy each other is sheer folly from both sides!
Chrom: [whirls around, speaks sharply] Robin!

[BGM: “You don’t know the first thing about peace. No man does!”]

Chrom: Are you saying that Ylisse is also at fault? Are you siding with the Plegians? With those dastards who killed Emm!?
Robin: T-That’s not what I... meant...
Chrom: [accusingly] Then what did you mean?
Lissa: W-Wait, Chrom! Don’t fight!
Chrom: Damn! At a time like this, we should be returning to Ylisse as soon as possible and preparing to defeat Gangrel! [walks away, frustrated] And yet, I… what am I doing here?
Robin: [walks up behind him and speaks haltingly] Chrom… it is especially at a time like this… that you must remain calm… and lead... everyone…
[Robin collapses; music fades out]
Lissa: [gasps] Robin!?
Virion: [runs forward] Whoa! [catches Robin]
Chrom: R-Robin?
Virion: Oh? Whatever is the matter, Robin? You collapsed so suddenly. Did you so long to be embraced in my arms?
Robin: [breathing ragged and painful]
Virion: Hm?
Lissa: Virion?
Virion: She… [lightning crashes] has a terrible fever…

[BGM: Miscreant (Intro)]

Chrom: W-What!?

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