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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 3. Midnight Visitor

Next track.  Lucina makes her first appearance here; I use "Marth" to refer to her when she's speaking, as that's how the rest of the characters know her, but in later tracks, I'll use "Lucina" when she's thinking to herself and using a more feminine voice.  Thanks to Amielleon for helping with this track~

As a quick note, I have a project I really should finish by the end of the month (meaning I should stop procrastinating terribly), so updates will be a bit slower for a while.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 2: Midnight Visitor

[crickets chirping. an owl hoots.]
Stahl: The rain’s finally let up, but who knows when it’ll start falling again? [sighs] I’m so hungry…
Gaius: Hey. [stops walking] Stop spacing out, Mr. Watchman.
Stahl: Oh. [sighs] Gaius.
Gaius: The moon’s pretty dim tonight.  Pay attention to your surroundings.
Stahl: [mulishly] Yeah, I am.  Anyway…
Gaius: You want to know how Robin’s doing?
Stahl: Yeah.
Gaius: Lissa’s looking after her constantly.  You don’t like how she’s doing?
Stahl: I went to see her a little while ago.  My family runs an apothecary.  Her illness is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.
Gaius: [walks forward, startled] What?
Stahl: It’s not just a common cold or physical exhaustion, but… right, I think it’s some kind of endemic disease.
Gaius: [walks away a bit] Endemic disease… so that’s it.
Stahl: All we can do is make her comfortable.  But still, she really should get plenty of food and rest well.
Gaius: You’re right. [turns suddenly] Huh?
Stahl: Gaius?
Gaius: Shh!

[BGM: Chaos]

Gaius: Keep your voice down!  Someone’s coming!
[faraway footsteps]
Stahl: [gasp] You’re right.  There shouldn’t be anyone here but us.  It can’t be… the Plegian army?
[soft footsteps continue]
Gaius: There’s only one set of footsteps… it looks like they’re alone.  A scout, then?
[the steps pause]
Gaius: The footsteps stopped. [gasp]
Stahl: I wonder what’s wrong? [begins walking]
Gaius: [urgently] Hey!  Don’t just look outside like that!
[sword shing]
Stahl: Aah!
Gaius: I told you!  Hey!  Don’t point that sword at his throat!  He’s worthless as a hostage!
Stahl: Huuuh!?  You’re horrible!
[music stops; sound of a sword being sheathed]
Marth: You… what are you doing here?
Gaius: Ah.  You’re…
Stahl: Huh? [turns and looks]  Oh!  You’re…

[BGM: Id (Serenity)]

[Robin rolls over in bed.  she is breathing heavily.]
Lissa: It looks like you’re in pain… I’ll wipe your sweat away. [squeezes a cloth in water]
Robin: [breathing hard] I’m sorry… Lissa…
Lissa: [cheerfully] Don’t worry about it.  Just let me take care of you.
Marth: The two at the entrance said it was an endemic disease.
Frederick: So it seems.
Chrom: Ugh… to think there’s nothing we can do… [upset sound, turns away]
Frederick: But Marth… what are you doing so deep in the mountains?
Marth: [walks forward; floorboards creak] I followed you here.  I heard you were fleeing from the Plegian army.
Chrom: You came to help us again?
Marth: More importantly, this place is dangerous.  The enemy is swiftly closing in.  They’ll be here within days.  They are searching frantically for the prince of Ylisse and his companions.
Frederick: For Lord Chrom!?
Virion: But Robin is in poor condition.
Marth: If it is an endemic disease, those who live here may know something about it.  Are there any people living nearby?
Frederick: There is a small settlement. [sigh] However…
Chrom: [leans forward] What?  Why do you hesitate, Frederick?

[BGM: ………]

Frederick: The people who live near a village destroyed by war are most likely orphans or those who suffered otherwise.  That is why. They doubtless hold no love for the Ylissean army and royal family.  I doubt they would willingly cooperate with us.
Virion: Whether or not they cooperate, it marks the end for us if they inform the Plegian army of our whereabouts.  Though we are near the border, this is Plegian territory.
Chrom: [stands up] Then I will go alone!  I will conceal my lineage and make do somehow!
Robin: [breathing hard; sits up in bed] E-everyone… what are you discussing?
Lissa: We’re thinking of going to a nearby village to ask for help, but we’ll be in trouble if they tell the Plegian army where we’re hiding.  We’re deciding what to do.
Robin: [gasps] You don’t have to go that far. [swallows] I’m all right. [gets out of bed, still breathless] S-see?  I’m feeling better already. [stumbles]
Lissa: [gasps] Robin!  You should stay in bed!
Chrom: Robin.  It’s fine.  Get some sleep.  I’m going to pay a visit to that “village”.
Robin: [breathing heavily, panicked] Chrom!  Wait!  If anyone is to go, we’ll need a plan.  Ah, um… let’s see.  Please call Stahl.

[BGM: “We’d best prepare for combat, just to be safe.”]

[sounds of someone getting dressed]
Chrom: Honestly, even at a time like this… you’re really something.
Robin: [giggles] How is it?  The two of them look just like a married couple on a journey.
Stahl: [unconvinced] R-really?
Lissa: Ehehe!  It’s fun wearing something different!
Frederick: I see.  Even if Lord Chrom hides his lineage, his royal dignity cannot be concealed, and word will spread.  And so the one to visit the village must be Stahl, who is completely unremarkable!  As expected, Robin!  What a magnificent plan!
[confused boing]
Lissa: [disbelieving] Ahaha… is Chrom really that dignified?
Stahl: Hah… I almost feel insulted… but putting me aside, Lissa’s the princess, you know?
Virion: No, even taking into account her station, you seem much less suspicious with a woman by your side. [amused] Either way, you are superbly qualified, Stahl.
Stahl: Yes, yes, is that so?  Well, in any case, we’re going.
Lissa: Wait for us, Robin!  We’ll definitely find a way to cure you!
Frederick: [steps forward] Lissa, take care.
Robin: [breathlessly] Don’t overdo it, you two.
Lissa: [cheerfully] Okay!
[Stahl and Lissa walk away. door opens and they leave; door swings closed again]
Robin: [breathing hard; leans back]
Frederick: Robin has fallen asleep again.
Marth: Well then.  I shall also depart.  I will return to the mountain paths and delay the Plegian soldiers.
Chrom: Alone? [sound of cloak shifting quickly] That’s impossible!  It’s too dangerous!
Virion: However, it is also true that we must buy time by some means. [steps forward] Very well.  I shall accompany you.  I’m quite skilled at delaying tactics.
Marth: [turns] No, I can move more freely alone.  You stay here. [walks away] Please protect her.
Chrom: H-hey!  Marth!  Wait!  Do you want to die!?
Marth: It’s all right.  Rest assured, I will flee if I encounter trouble.  And… [opens door] I am not fated to die here.
Chrom: [gasps] Hey!
[door swings closed. a pause.]
Frederick: She left. [turns] Who in the world is she, I wonder?  She is of course quite skilled, and I know she is a trustworthy warrior, but…
Chrom: But right now, we have no choice but to rely on her.

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