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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 4. Treacherous Dark Mage

"I'll be a bit slower" haha yeah right.  The second half of this track, after the scene change, was done by Amielleon!  Her post includes the sound clip for that part.

Once again, "Marth" is Lucina acting as Marth, and "Lucina" is her thinking to herself.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 4: Treacherous Dark Mage

[sound of rain falling. footsteps.]
Lissa: It’s started raining again.
Stahl: You’re right..
[they fall silent for a moment and stop walking.]
Lissa: This is the place.
Stahl: Yeah.
Lissa: [knocks on the door] Hello?  Excuse me!
[a pause, then the door slowly creaks open]
Old woman: You two… what in the world… are you doing so deep in the mountains?

[BGM: “Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!”]

Stahl: Um, well, that’s… We’re a m-married couple on a journey.  Will you please share some food--
Lissa: [elbows him] Stahl!  That’s not it!
Old woman: Hmm? [sharp stare]
Stahl: Aah!  That’s not what I meant!  W-we’re actually traveling with another person, but it looks like she caught an endemic disease, and she’s been delirious with fever for three days.  Do you know any way to cure her?
Old woman: Hmm… [turns]
Lissa: [softly] Ack… she’s staring at us…
Stahl: [softly] Y-yeah.
Old woman: Are you two… really travelers?
Stahl: [gasps] O-of course!  Look!  No matter how you look at me, I’m normal traveling young man!
Old woman: Hmph.
Stahl: [softly] Ooh… saying that makes me kind of sad…
Lissa: [softly] Stahl, do your best!
Old woman: There’s probably no way to bring down her fever.
Stahl/Lissa: Huh!?

[BGM: Chaos]

Old woman: If it came on after that storm, it really is an endemic disease specific to this area.  There are trees around here that release toxins when it gets very wet. [turns away] If it’s already been three days, she probably only has one day left.
Lissa: T-that can’t be…
Stahl: Isn’t there any way to save her!?
Old woman: Hm… it’s not that there isn’t one.
Lissa: [starts] Please tell us!
Old woman: [reluctantly] Very well… but…
Lissa: [runs forward] She’s extremely important to us!
[long silence, then the old woman begins]
Old woman: You must bring back a special herb that grows in the depths of this ravine.
Stahl: A special herb?
Old woman: Aye.  It is special because it grows only there.  That ravine… the way down is so complicated it cannot even be called a path and its steep cliffs deny people passage.  Many travelers like yourselves have gone there, and there is no guarantee that you will ever return.
Stahl: Even so, we need it no matter what!
Lissa: Please tell us exactly where this place is!

[soldiers grumbling and marching through the rain]
Plegian 1: Hey! Are those Ylisseans really hiding in somewhere in these mountains?
Plegian 2: Yeah. If they’re trying to escape, they have to be around here.
Plegian 1: A place like this? They’ll just end up dying like dogs. Look! The storm’s still getting worse.
Plegian 2: Will you shut up and march?
[sound of a swoosh, and feet hitting the ground]
Marth: Your march ends here. Turn back.
Plegian 1: [laughing] Hey, look at this guy. What’s with the mask?
Plegian 2: One of the Ylisseans?
Plegian 1: Move over, little boy.
[sound of feet planting firmly into the ground]
Marth: And if I don’t? What would you do?
Plegian 1: Hahahahaha! Aren’t you a proud one!
[sound of steel being drawn]
Plegian 2: You’ll move. We’ll make you! [sound of running] Graaah!  Die!
Marth: Too slow!
[whoosh sounds]
Plegian ?: Urk? He’s gone—
[sword sounds]
[an impact sound. aforementioned Plegian grunts, screams, and thuds against the ground. The sound of a crowd murmuring with worry.]
Plegian 1: You—who are you!?
Cavalry 1: Hey!  What’s going on here?
Plegian ?: It’s the enemy!
Plegian ?: Y-yeah.  Hey, be a gentleman and fuck off!
Marth: What’s the matter? Weren’t you going to make me?
Plegian ?: Oy, all of you! Let’s get him all at once!
Lucina: Even so, there are far too many of them for me alone…
[steel being drawn]
Plegian ?: Take thiiiiiiiis!
[dark magic sounds]
Plegian ?: W-what!?
[several Plegians scream]
[some Plegians make astonished, worried gasps]

[BGM: “Gods, have the Risen spread this far?”]

Lucina: Was that… Ruin?! A dark mage’s attack! But… where could it have come from? [Henry’s laughter starts echoing in the background] But if they’re divided like this...
[whoosh; feet hitting the ground]
Henry: Ahahaha, another fight’s started? Good~! But splitting from the army would be more fun, hmm?
[army is taken aback]
Henry: That’s why I just killed my own allies. It’s been suuuper fun, but soon this battle will be over, you know? And then we’ll just stroll around the mountain trails forever. And I thought, oh, that would be SO boring… So I’m glad another battle started~ Yay!
Marth: He’s… what in the world is he…
Plegian ?: Hey, you! You’re a dark mage! A Plegian soldier! THAT guy is your enemy!
Henry: Ahaha? But right now, doesn’t the guy wearing the mask look more interesting?
Plegian ?: W… whuh… what the heck!?
Henry: [laughs madly] Well then, let’s get on with it! [serious echoey magic-casting voice] Coming forth from the sludge of hell, I summon thee, thou who art grotesque. Melt them, my puppets. Mire!
[soldiers shout and fall]
Lucina: It couldn’t be… I heard that several days ago, there was mutiny within the Plegian army… Was that his doing as well?
Plegian ?: Dammit… what the heck is this! Just when we thought Mustafa’s lackeys quieted down, this troublemaker just had to show up!
Lucina: No… it seems it’s a different situation…


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    1. That scene was previously done by Amielleon. A lot of translation is about carrying over the "feel" of the original, which is often much easier if you're not limited by the same things that companies are -- such as ratings, for example. I won't get into the aspects of localization choices I disagree with, but suffice it to say that it is much, much easier to convey a character's personality -- even a minor character! -- if you have the freedom to phrase things however you'd like.

      That said, you'd probably hear much worse at your average public high school. It's not that big a deal.

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    3. You are missing my point and that is the last I will say on this matter.