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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 5. Searching for the Herb...

Where have the horses been this whole CD?  Whose great idea was it to leave an archer and a cleric alone on defense?  No one knows~

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 5: Searching for the Herb...

[heavy, beating rain. hoofbeats.]
Frederick: I wonder if Lissa and Robin are all right.
Chrom: That’s why we left Virion with them!  But right now…
Gaius: We need to get that herb, right?
Chrom: Aye!
Frederick: The rain has grown stronger again.  Let’s hurry!
Stahl: According to the old woman in the village, there should be a cliff around here.  Ah!  There it is!
Frederick: Halt!
[horse neighs and slows to a walk; both Frederick and Stahl grunt as they jump down]

[BGM: “Now that’s a declaration of war if I’ve ever heard one!”]

Chrom: Here, huh?
[sound of the wind whistling fiercely]
Stahl: W-whoa… it really is a sheer cliff… it’s the end of the line if we fall...
Gaius: Heh.  Getting scared, Stahl?
Stahl: N-no, I’m not!
Frederick: However, Stahl and I are currently wearing armor.  It seems we will not be able to proceed down this path by normal means.
Chrom: Hm…
Gaius: Well, Chrom?  Better hurry up if we’re going.
Chrom: No, Frederick and Stahl will stay here.  Gaius and I will go.
Stahl: Huh!?
Frederick: Unacceptable! [steps forward] I will accompany you!  I will not allow you to face such peril alone!
Chrom: The two of us are unarmored; it is better if only we proceed.  You two stay here and watch the horses.
Frederick: B-but…
Stahl: Will you be all right?
Chrom: Aye.  Leave the herb to us.  And Frederick, if we have not yet returned by the time the sun sets, it is surely because the search is taking some time.  In that case, return to Robin, Lissa, and Virion for the time being.
Frederick: L-Lord Chrom…
Chrom: Plegian soldiers are closing in.  We musn’t leave those three alone for too long.
Frederick: B-but!
Gaius: Hey.  We’re wasting time just standing around talking like this.
Chrom: [turns] Yes, you’re right.  Understood, Frederick, Stahl?
Gaius: Let’s get going already. [jumps]
Frederick: [gasps] Lord Chrom!  Gaius!
[Chrom also jumps; the two run off]
Stahl: [sighs] They left…

[Robin is breathing heavily.]
Lissa: Robin…
Virion: Her condition continues to worsen.
Lissa: Are Chrom and the others still not back?
Virion: Not yet, it seems.  But rest assured.  I will surely protect you ladies.  I swear it on my pride as an aristocrat.
Lissa: Yeah.  Thanks, Virion.
Robin: [breathing heavily] What is Chrom… doing?
Lissa: Ah!  Robin!  You’ve come to!  How are you feeling?
Robin: More importantly… where is everyone else?
Virion: They’re--
Lissa: [interrupts] Chrom and the others went out to get an herb that’ll cure you.  So relax.  You’ll definitely get better!
Virion: [sigh]
Robin: [shifts around, agitated] What are they doing?
Lissa: Huh?
Robin: If they have that much time… they should be preparing… to return swiftly to Ylisse… Everyone… is waiting… for them to return…
Lissa: Ah… Robin…
Robin: [breathing is labored; it takes her a moment to start talking again] I don’t want… to put everyone… in any more danger… on my account…
Lissa: B-but!
[Robin doesn’t answer, but is still breathing heavily]
Virion: She seems to have lost consciousness again.
Lissa: Robin…
Virion: Lissa, the truth can sometimes be cruel.  Just now, we should not have told Robin about Chrom, even if it meant lying to her.  We should have let her sleep without worrying.  Sometimes it is kinder to lie.
Lissa: Ah… s-sorry.  I see… you’re right.
Virion: Ah, pay it no mind.  Well, nothing can be done now.  I apologize.  I went too far.  However, please keep that in mind and act appropriately from now on.
Lissa: Ah… yeah!
Virion: [turns] Hm?
Lissa: Virion?

[BGM: Assault]

Virion: [quietly] Shh!  Quiet down.
Lissa: Huh?
Virion: [quietly] Stand up slowly and look outside the window.
[Lissa stands and walks over]
Virion: A number of people are approaching.  These heavy footsteps… most likely belong to a troop.
Lissa: [gasps] You’re right.  They’re coming closer.  Do they know we’re hiding here?
Virion: Plegian soldiers?  Ugh… what numbers!
Lissa: Oh… that person…
Virion: The one in the lead is not a soldier.  She seems to be one of the villagers… Lissa, do you know her?
Lissa: She’s the old woman… from the village Stahl and I went to.
Virion: I see.  It seems my bad premonition was correct.  Most likely, the villagers there revealed our whereabouts to the Plegian soldiers.
Lissa: No… it can’t be… why!?

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