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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 8. I Want You to Forget About Me

in this track: you can laugh at my attempt to describe audio battles.  about the last minute is legit everyone’s battle quotes strung together.  I used the English versions of all of these since they’re more recognizable, save for the very last, since the “official” release didn’t actually do a direct translation of that line and it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

with thanks to Amielleon for her help on a couple lines!  there is one that's still pretty difficult to decipher, and it's marked in (parentheses) if anyone has any input. ;;

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 8: I Want You to Forget About Me

[BGM: Annihilation]

[arrows whooshing through the air. one connects and Stahl lets out a cry of pain.]
Frederick: Stahl!
Stahl: [steps forward, breathing heavily, grunts, then laughs] I’ve been really hungry for a while now.  I’m… all out… of strength…
Frederick: What are you saying!?  Robin, Lissa, and Lord Chrom are all fighting right now!  We are supposed to protect them!  We must not die first!
Stahl: [surprised] Frederick…
Plegian 1: [draws sword] What, that’s all you can do?  Well, you did pretty well for just the two of you.
[derisive laughter from the Plegians]
[Stahl is breathing hard]
Frederick: At this rate… there’s no choice. [straightens up] Stahl!  Escape by yourself!
Stahl: [gasp] There’s no way I can do that!
Plegian 2: [laughs] Trying to run away? [readies sword] It’s about time for the both of you… to die!
Chrom: [running] Uwooooooooah!
[stab!  Plegian screams and hits the ground]
Chrom: Frederick!  Stahl!  Sorry for the wait!
Stahl: Chrom!
Frederick: Lord Chrom!  You’re unharmed!
Gaius: So the enemy really has come this far.
Plegian 3: What?  Reinforcements?, you’re… [laughs] So you really were hiding here, Chrom, prince of Ylisse!
Chrom: Urk...
Plegian 3: You just come strolling out here when your minions are in trouble… you really should’ve just stayed in hiding.
Chrom: Don’t patronize me. [readies sword] Do you think I would allow you to kill my comrades right before my eyes?
Plegian 3: You talk big.  But even four of youl don’t stand a chance against this many.
[malicious laughter from the Plegians]
Plegian 3: Right, boys?
Gaius: Tch.  There’s so many of them.
Plegian 3: [laughs] Take a good look.  You’re already covered in wounds.
Chrom: Khh...
Gaius: So this is it, huh?

[shiny sound of magic being cast!]
Robin: [breathing hard] Lissa…
Lissa: Robin!

[sounds of battle, swords clashing fade back in]
Plegian: Urrgh!  How dare you!  Don’t get full of yourself! [grunts, swords clash]
Chrom: [gasps and falls back] What was that?
Stahl: [grunts] Let’s go!
Chrom: T-these voices…
Frederick: Hrrr!  Ha!  They sound like Lissa and Robin’s voices.
Stahl: [breathing hard] They’re… being sent into our minds!?
Plegian 3: What’s with you bastards?  Hearing voices?  Aren’t those just your final prayers!?
Gaius: Whew.  Seems like only the four of us can hear them.
[sounds of battle fade out]

[BGM: “And what if I can’t? What if I’m not worthy of her ideals?”]

Robin: Plegian soldiers… are approaching, aren’t they?
Lissa: Um... well…
Virion: No, those footsteps belong to the villagers coming to visit.  It’s fine, Robin.  We’ll go talk to them.
Robin: [small laugh that turns into ragged breathing] Virion… you’re quite skilled at lying.  But… thank you.  I know.  You’ve done enough.
Virion: Robin…
Robin: Lissa… Virion… leave me… and run.
Lissa: Huh?
Virion: [muffled noise of surprise] What are you saying?

Chrom: These voices… are they real?
Frederick: It’s the three we left behind in the village.  Some power must be bringing them to us across the intervening distance.

Robin: The enemy is approaching.  You can’t bring me along.  I’ll only be a burden.
Lissa: [gasps] No!
Virion: [gravely] Are those your orders as tactician?
Robin: Ah… [laughs breathlessly] It’s nothing that grand.  I just… don’t want to… cause you all any more sorrow.
Lissa: [small voice] S-sorrow?
Robin: [breathing hard, about to cry] Lady Emmeryn has died.  If I die as well… You are all too kind.  You will be overcome with sorrow.
Lissa: [about to cry] Robin…
Robin: I don’t want to burden... Chrom and the others… with any more sadness.  So… so… please pretend that I… a person without memories… who doesn’t even know her past… never existed to begin with. [breathing hard] Please… forget about me.
Lissa: [gasps, shouts] Don’t say that, Robin!
Robin: Lissa… this is where we part ways.  Please tell Chrom… I escaped alone… and concealed my whereabouts. [swallows] “She fled from battle.  She gave in to fear and departed the battlefield.” [gasping for breath] And then… everyone will immediately forget about me.  I think… I think that’s for the best.
Lissa: [crying] No!  I don’t want to!
Virion: Robin… you…
Robin: I’m a hindrance… so forget about me… and run away, quickly…
Lissa: [screaming] No!  I’m staying right here!  I’ll protect you until the end, Robin!
Robin: Lissa… [small laugh] T-that is a problem…

[rain and sounds of battle fade back in]

Chrom: Robin…
Frederick: Robin…
Stahl: Robin…
Gaius: She…

Robin: But… I really… am sorry. [sobbing] Lissa, Virion.  I… really am hopeless… but even so… I don’t want everyone to forget about me!
Lissa: [sobbing] Robin!
Virion: Robin… what resolve you show! [breathes in, then firmly] I have been enraptured by your character.  The title of an aristocrat too is not just for show.  No matter what may befall me, no matter how wretched I may become, I will protect you from the Plegian soldiers outside!

[rain falling. shouts and sounds of battle fade back in.]
Chrom: Robin harbors such feelings… and our precious friends harbor such resolve.  I… I am ashamed… of my own lack of strength!  I must become stronger… and stronger!  So that I can protect everyone!
Frederick: I... feel the same.
Stahl: Me too.
Gaius: Hey, you guys!  That’s all well and good, but Robin’s just going to laugh at us if we don’t find a way out of this mess.
Chrom: Gaius…
Frederick: Gaius…
Stahl: You’re right.  Somehow, just hearing Robin’s voice filled me with strength.
Gaius: [laughingly] Geez, you’re easily swayed.  And you were just acting like you were about to die, too.
Stahl: [laughs]
Chrom: Easily swayed?  Hm.  It seems the same holds true for me.
Frederick: I… feel the same.  Heh.
Plegian: [readies sword] What’s with these guys?  How can they laugh in this situation?

[BGM: Conquest (Ablaze)]

Chrom: All right! [cloak whooshes] Everyone!  Lend me your strength!  We will be victorious no matter what!
Frederick: Aye, of course!  We must not die here!
Gaius: [readies sword] Let’s end this already and go back to Robin!
Stahl: [steps forward] Yeah!  And we’ll all return to Ylisse together!
Chrom: Let’s go!
[thunderclap; all Shepherds roar and charge forward]
[Plegians make astonished/afraid sounds]
Plegian 1: What!?
Plegian 2: Are they out of their minds?  (What can they do with just four people!?)  Che.  You all!  Get them! [readies sword] Who cares if we kill the prince!
Chrom: Let’s see what I’ve learned from Robin!  Stahl, Frederick, take out the archers with your javelins!
Frederick: Understood! [mounts his horse, which neighs] Let’s go, Stahl!
Stahl: Yeah! [mounts] Let’s go!  One, and!
[horses neigh; they charge off]
[Stahl and Frederick grunt as they attack; lots of stabbing noises ensue.  lances clashing against armor and other swords.  a stab and one of the Plegians screams.]
Chrom: Gaius!  Charge straight into the enemy’s ranks!
Gaius: Yeah, got it!
Plegian: Don’t hold back!  There’s only one of him!  Whoaaaa!
Gaius: [dodge] You’re way too slow to hit me!  How’s this? [stab]
Plegian 1: Oi!  What’re you doing?  There’s only one guy!
Plegian 2: But he’s running circles around us!
Chrom: Causing a commotion is his job, after all.
[Plegians turn; one gasps and the other draws his sword]
[Chrom grunts and stabs Plegian 2, who screams and hits the ground.  Plegian 1 attacks, but Chrom parries and stabs him.  The Plegian grunts and falls.]
Plegian 1: Bastards… where did you find such strength at a time like this…
[horses neigh.  Frederick grunts as he attacks various enemies.]
Frederick: Pick a god and pray!
Stahl: And one from me!
[horse neighs; Stahl yells as he stabs]
Stahl: You are so dead!
[Gaius dodges and grunts as he attacks; bodies hit the ground]
Gaius: Too slow!  Piece of cake!  Like candy from a baby!
[thunder crashes.  Chrom walks forward slowly.]
Chrom: We have friends who fight alongside us!  And even now, the people we wish to protect await our return!
[Plegian groans; Chrom readies his sword]
Chrom: As long as these bonds hold true, I will not lose!
[Chrom yells and charges. thunder crash.  Plegian screams and hits the ground.]

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