Tuesday, July 8, 2014

FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 7. Fighting to Protect Bonds

I hope I'm not the only one amused at all the sappy music playing between Chrom and Gaius.

Once again, the last bit of this track (with Henry and Lucina) was translated by Amielleon here~

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 7: Fighting to Protect Bonds

[sound of heavy rainfall]

[BGM: “You don’t know the first thing about peace. No man does!”]

Chrom: [breathing hard] T-there it is. [walks over slowly and kneels down] It’s the herb… [digs it up] ...that will cure that disease!
[rumbling of rocks shifting]
Chrom: Ah!  The cliff is -- crumbling!
[Chrom runs and jumps]
Chrom: This is bad!  At this rate…
[rocks begin to fall]
Chrom: Gkk! [pained] My wound has reopened… [breathing hard]
Chrom: Robin… and Gaius.  I’m sorry.  Lissa… you’ll cry again, won’t you? [breathes in] Frederick… everyone… [shifts; voice becomes pained] I leave... the rest to you...
[rocks fall; cliff face crumbles]
Chrom: Keh… [strained] I’m… at my limit!  Argh!
Gaius: [slightly stressed but trying to sound cheerful] Y-yo, Chrom!  So we meet again!
Chrom: G-Gaius.  W-why did you return?
Gaius: Who cares? [grunts, reaches down] Hey, hurry and grab on!
Chrom: Y-yeah! [grabs]
Gaius: Okay.  I’m pulling you up.  Urrrrrrgh!
[both Gaius and Chrom land heavily on top and grunt]
Chrom: [breathing hard] Y-you saved me.
Gaius: [breathes hard, then sighs] You didn’t drop that important herb of yours, right?
Chrom: N-no. [shifts] I have it here, safe.
Gaius: Good job.
Chrom: But, Gaius… why?

[BGM: “You deserved better from me than one sword…”]

Gaius: [serious] I… thought it over.  Where am I supposed to be?
Chrom: What do you mean?
Gaius: The place I chose to be is with you and Robin.  It’s wherever you are.  I decided that already.  If I leave behind even one of you, I’ll have made the wrong choice.
Chrom: Gaius…
Gaius: I don’t want to think I made a mistake. [more light-hearted again] So I changed my mind and came back.  That’s all.
Chrom: I see.  Sorry.  I didn’t understand you at all, even though you’re under my command… I really am blind.
Gaius: [laughs] It was worth coming back just to hear you say that. [walks away]
Chrom: All right. [stands] Let’s go back to Frederick and Stahl.  And then we’ll bring this to Robin right away!
Gaius: Yeah!
[they run off]

[crash of lightning. a horse neighs.  malicious laughter.]

[BGM: Aggression]

Frederick: Tch… to think the Plegian army would come this far…
Stahl: There are so many platoons… it looks like they were combing the whole area.
Plegian: Hahahaha!  Well, you must be Prince Chrom’s little knight lackeys!  Dunno what you think you’re doing at the entrance to this valley, but there’s no way the two of you can win against these numbers!
Frederick: [quietly] No. [steps forward, readies his sword] There is no need for us to win.
Stahl: Frederick?
Plegian: [taken aback] What?
Frederick: As long as we can stall you here until Lord Chrom and Gaius return, we will have accomplished our duty.
Plegian: What’s that?
Frederick: Just as Lord Chrom entrusted this to us… this time, it is our turn to entrust Robin’s life, and everything, to Lord Chrom!
Stahl: I see.  Mm.  You’re right.
Plegian: Huh?  What’re you talking about?
Frederick: Stahl. [steps forward, draws his sword] You are prepared, correct?  We have no choice but to overcome this situation!
Stahl: [tense sigh] Yeah. [draws sword and steps forward] I’ll do all I can!
Frederick: Hah.  Now that’s a good face.  Then. [readies himself] Let’s go!
Stahl: Yeah! [charges]
[lightning crashes]
Plegian: Just the two of them against this many people… fools!  We’ll send you straight to Hell!
[Plegians roar and charge forward]
Marth: What do you mean, they’re going to die!?
Henry: That platoon from earlier wasn’t the only one that came out here~ There are a WHOLE bunch more!  They’ve spotted your allies, and soon they’ll kill them~ Ahaha! How fun!
Marth: [steps forward] Is there any… is there any way it can be stopped!?
Henry: Mmm, let’s see. I’m a spellcaster, so I can probably do something kinda cool~ Uh-huh, let’s see… Oh! I can bring a voice to them, I think~
Marth: A… a voice?
Henry: Yup. The voice of whoever they want to hear the most. The spell carries it over!
Marth: The one they want to hear the most… their voice…
Henry: How about it? Shall I give it a try?
Marth: [small gasp]

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