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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 6. What Those on Top Must Do

Again, the second half of this track was previously done by Amielleon here~

eta: the title of this track is one of those that's supremely annoying to translate.  literally it's something like "the resolution of those who stand at the top".  in this particular case, it's referring to the necessity of sometimes having to make difficult and cruel decisions in order to properly lead the people.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 6: What Those on Top Must Do

[sounds of rain falling and footsteps.  Gaius and Chrom are breathing hard.]
Gaius: I see.  They did say it’s pretty good at keeping out trespassers.
Chrom: Ugh…
Gaius: A vertical mountain.  If we fall, we go straight to the bottom and die immediately.  This isn’t somewhere people are meant to go.
Chrom: If you don’t like it, go back to Frederick and Stahl.
Gaius: I’m fine.  I just think it’s not worth it.  That’s all.
Chrom: What?
Gaius: If both of us lose our lives here, we’ll have died for nothing.
Chrom: [sternly] Gaius.  Are you saying that Robin’s life isn’t worth it?
Gaius: Yeah, exactly.  Chrom, which matters more, your life and the lives of all those people or Robin’s life?  You know, right?
[thunder crashes; Chrom steps forward]
Chrom: What?
Gaius: The winner of a war is the side that survives.  You hate Gangrel, and the only way to get revenge against him is to win.  I’m saying you have to make choices with that in mind.
Chrom: [angrily] Keh… Gaius.  What do you mean?  Are you saying we should give up on Robin?
Gaius: You know, that deserted village is a Plegian village destroyed by Ylisse a long time ago.
Chrom: [taken aback] What?

[BGM: “Dry your tears, love. This is not good-bye.”]

Gaius: Do you know what the Plegians thought of Ylisse during your father’s time?  And what they called the previous king?  There’s no way you don’t.
Chrom: I-I…
Gaius: That village was destroyed by Ylisse just because it was near the border.
Chrom: Ugh…
Gaius: War is always absurd.  And you, the prince, are searching for power to overcome that absurdity.  This isn’t the time to be so stubborn.
Chrom: [conflicted] Mm…
Gaius: You get it, right?  Back then, you told Frederick and Stahl that they can’t take this steep path because they’re wearing armor, but didn’t you leave them behind in case we don’t come back?  Even if something happens to us, they can carry on your will.  Isn’t that what you were thinking?
Chrom: Ugh…
Gaius: [angry] You knew it was necessary. [steps forward]
Chrom: [also angry] Gaius.  Go back to the others.  And tell this to Frederick: take Robin and return to Ylisse as fast as you can.
Gaius: [steps away] Got it. ...and what about you?
Chrom: I will find the herb and cure Robin.  And then I will go back.
Gaius: Oh.  Really. [steps away, then darkly] Bye.

[sound of a sword slicing, a man screaming. Marth pants.]
Henry: Oh, was that the last one? It’s too bad it’s over. But it was sooo much fun! Wasn’t that an entertaining battle?
[sound of someone turning around]
Marth: For now… I owe you.  Thank you.  To be honest… I hadn’t thought there was any way out of that situation.
Henry: Oho? So the enemies were THAT strong, huh? Ahaha, but I still haven’t gotten enough of the fighting!
Marth: You stil— no… My battle is also not yet over.
[sword against sheath sounds, footsteps]
Henry: Huuh? Where are you going? Ooh, are you going to… keep fighting?
Marth: Yes. This place may soon become a battlefield.
Henry: Well then! I’m going with you~
Marth: W-why?
Henry: Becaaause, I still haven’t played enough! If I stay with you, I could take part in another fun fight~?
Marth: It’s not “fun”. I have people I want to protect. They may be on the precipice of danger right now. And so I will do everything in my power! That’s all!
Henry: [hums quizzically]
Marth: We should part ways. Farewell.
[footsteps running]
Henry: —ell. —Er, uh— wait!
Marth: What is it now?
Henry: [serious] Just now… I had an ominous vision. [cheery] Haha! Because I’m a spellcaster, you know? Sometimes I can see things.
Marth: W-what did you see?
[dramatic thud]
Henry: [serious] The people you want to protect…
[dramatic cymbal scrape]
Henry: will soon all…
[piano clink]
Henry: [echoing] … go to their destined death, it seems.
Marth: Wh… what did you say!?

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