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FE Awakening, Drama CD 2: 9. Now, End the Chain of Sorrow

“every time you fall I’ll help you stand” hahaha so how about that SSB trailer

This wraps up the second drama CD.  I do plan to do the fourth, but I have other projects to work on, so I shouldn’t start it for a while… keyword there being “should”. 8D;; we’ll see.

The short scene with Henry and Lucina was previously done by Amielleon here!  An interesting thing is that a couple minutes of this track are almost word-for-word from the game, with several adjustments to make up for happenings in the drama CD.  I decided to translate it directly rather than using the game’s official translation, and there’s at least one interesting change.  Those parts are marked by {curly braces}.  I can point out specific differences between the CD and the original Japanese script if anyone wants them as well.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 2
Track 9: Now, End the Chain of Sorrow

[birds chirping, footsteps, horses neighing. the four are gasping for breath.]
Frederick: We’ve finally returned.  How are they?
Stahl: [runs forward] Robin!  Lissa!  Virion!
Gaius: Soldiers’ footprints… were they attacked by Plegians after all!?
Chrom: Ugh… [foot scuffs against grass] Damn!  Again… I failed to protect the people I care about!
Old woman: You’re back.
Stahl: [turns, gasps] You’re!
Old woman: Your friends are resting at my house.  Come with me.
Chrom: What?
Lissa: [runs up] Chrom!
Chrom: Lissa!
Virion: So you’ve returned.
Frederick: [turns] And Virion!  You’re unharmed?
Virion: Naturally.  A true aristocrat would not allow himself to die shamefully in a place like this.
Stahl: You two… I’m so glad you’re all right!
Gaius: But you… why?
Virion: We’ll speak at length later.  You brought the herb, correct?  Hurry and give it to Robin.  Time is of the essence.

[BGM: “You may call me Marth.”]

[Robin is breathing steadily.]
Frederick: [sighs] It seems the worst is over.
Chrom: Aye.
Lissa: [crying] Good... Robin…
Stahl: But why did you three come to this village?
Gaius: I thought for sure the people here were working with the enemy, but…
Virion: We thought so as well.  Actually, the inhabitants of this village told us.  Initially they begrudged us and thought of betraying us so that we would be captured and killed.
Frederick: [indignant noise]
Lissa: And then... we placed flowers on the village graves… and they reconsidered.
Chrom: The flowers?  The ones we offered?
Virion: And they told our whereabouts, not to the Plegian soldiers who hated Ylisse, but to those who empathized with Lady Emmeryn’s words.  A great number of them rushed to our side.
Stahl: They came… to help you!
Chrom: ...I see.  So that was it.

[birds chirping; music continues]

Old Woman: Oh? Are you more of their companions? The children are in that big house. They’re all covered in wounds, but it seems they’ll be fine. The sick girl also seems to have narrowly escaped death.
Marth: I see. That’s good.
Henry: Oohhhh… wow. In the end, everyone survived, huh?
Marth: It appears that I must thank you yet again.
Henry: Huuuh? Why?
Marth: It seems you’ve guided them to a fate where they kept their lives.
Henry: Ohhhhh, is that right. Well, if the fighting’s over, I guess I’m done here~ I’m thinking of going off somewhere else where people kill each other. What will you do?
Marth: Until the time comes, I will conceal myself for some time.
Henry: [quizzical hum]
Marth: We may meet again somewhere… Plegian spellcaster whose name I don’t know.
Henry: Yup. It’d be great if next time we met in an interesting battle again! [turns around] See ya!
[runs off into distance; music stops]
Lucina: The storm… has passed.  Father… [turns] May we meet again soon. [walks away]

[BGM: Id (Serenity)]

[footsteps walk in and then stop]
Chrom: At last… we’ve returned.  To our home… to Ylisse Castle!
Lissa: But… [small sob] Emm isn’t… here anymore…
Frederick: Yes.  It is… rather upsetting.
Chrom: Lissa… Frederick…
Lissa: Heh.  Sorry, I’m crying again.  Just, we got back home, and I remembered Emm…
Robin: [walks over] Chrom.  Lissa.
Lissa: Ah!  Robin!
Chrom: Robin.  Are you all right?  Shouldn’t you be sleeping?
Robin: I’m fine.  I’m… sorry for causing you so much worry.
Chrom: No, it’s enough that you are well.
Robin: But Chrom… let me say it again.  I’m very sorry… [bows] ...for the outcome of this battle.
Lissa: Robin?
Chrom: [steps forward, somewhat angrily] Stop.  Lift your head.
{Robin: Because my strategy was flawed… your beloved sister died, and on top of that, I caused you so much trouble.
Chrom: No, it’s not your fault.  You did well, Robin.  You know, coming back here and realizing all over again that Emm is gone, I’m seething with rage at my own powerlessness. [hisses] Damn!  How weak can I get!?
Robin: Chrom…
Chrom: It’s because I’m so weak… because I was foolish… I couldn’t change anything.  I-I lost Emm, the person I loved most in the world!  And… [walks forward, about to cry] I almost lost you too. [sobs]
Lissa: Chrom…
Frederick: Lord Chrom…
Robin: [steps forward] ...Take my hand, Chrom.
Chrom: Robin…
Robin: I too cannot forgive my own powerlessness.
Chrom: No, you did nothing wrong--
Robin: Chrom.  We are both inexperienced and neither one half of what your sister was.  So from now on… I will be your other half.  Just as you saved me, it is now my turn to support you and aid you.
Chrom: Robin…
Robin: No matter how many times you fall, I will extend my hand and help you to stand.  And so, use your other hand to grasp that which Lady Emmeryn was unable to reach.
Chrom: What Emm couldn’t reach…
Robin: You don’t have to be just like Lady Emmeryn.  Please give hope to all people in your own way.  That is something only you can do, Chrom.
Chrom: Do you think… I am able?  That I have that strength?
Robin: If you’re not strong enough, everyone else will do the rest.  If you doubt your capability, you just have to work to become better.  At the very least, all of your comrades here believe in you.}
[several people walk in]
Virion: That’s right.
Stahl: Yeah.
Gaius: Well, let’s just go with that.
Chrom: You all…
Frederick: Aye.  I too believe in you.
Lissa: Yeah.  Me too!
Gaius: And didn’t you figure something out in the last battle?
Chrom: Aye.  That’s right. [walks forward] The chains of enmity lead to nothing but sorrow.  And sorrow will not lead us to the future.
Robin: Chrom…

[BGM: “Dry your tears, love. This is not good-bye.”]

Chrom: That enemy general -- Mustafa, was it?  I remembered our battle with him.  Back then, I told him not to speak Emm’s name.
Robin: That’s right.
Chrom: But the Plegian soldiers were also moved by Emm’s words.  Thanks to that, Robin was saved.
Robin: [relieved] Yes!  That’s right!
Chrom: During war, people march under more than one banner of justice.  That is why battles continue to unfold.  The different “justices” refuse to yield and so come into conflict.  But in the end, war is empty and meaningless.  Even if it is just, even if your beliefs are unyielding, war is still painful.  And so we must put a swift end to this war, for the sakes of both countries.
Frederick: Ah… Lord Chrom…
{Chrom: [walks forward] Robin.  Everyone.  I want to avenge Emm.  I will defeat Gangrel and protect the people of Ylisse.  But that’s not all.  I want to bring back peace and protect all those within my reach.  That is how I feel now.
Robin: Chrom…
Chrom: Will you follow me?  And will you believe in me?
Virion: [steps forward] I believe.  In the bonds you share with all our friends here.
Lissa: [sniffs and laughs softly] I’m going too!  I’m tired of just crying!
Stahl: For Lady Emmeryn, and for Chrom!
Gaius: Yeah.  That’s what I’ve decided too.
Frederick: I will accompany you anywhere.
Chrom: Thank you, everyone.  I -- will fight!}
Everyone: Yeah!
Chrom: And we will surely be victorious!  I want to hold a strategy meeting immediately to discuss the attack on Plegia.  All of you come with me!
[everyone runs off.  Frederick chuckles.]
Robin: Frederick?
Frederick: The young mature so quickly.  We have lost much this time, but Lord Chrom has certainly grown just as much.
Robin: [lightly] You look happy.
Frederick: Aye.  Of course.  I have watched over him since he was an infant.
Robin: [laugh] You sound a little like his father.
Frederick: [turns, startled] That’s unthinkable!  I am nothing more than Lord Chrom’s loyal retainer. [steps forward] Well then, Robin.  You should join Chrom.
Robin: Yes.  You come along too, Frederick.
Frederick: Yes, of course!
[the two walk off]

[BGM: “Grima has returned to slumber.”]

Frederick: [small sigh] Lady Emmeryn.  Lord Chrom has grown.  He will surely follow in your footsteps.  No, he will grow into an even greater exalt than you, won’t he? ...My apologies.  I will make amends later.  Right now, I will move forward with Lord Chrom!

[BGM: Main Theme (Title)]

Robin: And so, we approached the decisive final battle with Plegia.  Whether we’ll be able to win against Plegia, whether we’ll be able to bring an end to this long, painful struggle  -- right now, there is no way for us to know.  But it will surely be all right.  Because there are irreplaceable bonds between us.  The story of our destiny and our bonds is only just beginning.

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