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FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: 10. What I Want To Tell My True Self

And done~ /o/

I'll do the second drama CD, but I want to finish this story of Hariyama-san first and I'll be out of town for the second half of May.  That leaves me with about one week before June in which to work on it.  I miiiight get the first track out during that time, but the second CD has longer tracks in general, so we'll see.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 1
Track 10: What I Want To Tell My True Self

[rain falling]
Chrom: [sighs, sheathes sword] That’s finally at an end.
Robin: [panting] Everyone… are you all right?
Gaius: This kind of thing’s easy as pie.
Lissa: I’m fine!
Nowi: I’m okay too!
Cordelia: Myself as well, somehow, though I was worried for a while there.
Tharja: I will not lose… with love on my side.
Frederick: It seems everyone is unharmed.

[BGM: “You deserved better from me than one sword…”]

Robin: R-really… I-I’m glad…
Lon’qu: Honestly.  It was frightening in the beginning.
Frederick: [chuckles] Let’s overlook it this time.  Everyone is all right.
Robin: I’m really very sorry.  I was… unnecessarily agitated.
Lissa: Well, it’s the same for all of us!  We depend on you too much, Robin.
Cordelia: That’s right.  We all share responsibility for our failure to coordinate our actions.
Nowi: Sorry, Robin.  I didn’t keep good track of my dragonstone…
Tharja: My feelings did not change anything.  Ehehe…
Lissa: But when you’re dependable, and when you’re worried about something like you were before -- that’s all part of you, Robin.  Hey!  Everyone agrees, right?
Cordelia: You’re right.  No one is perfect.
Tharja: Don’t worry.  I will always support you.
Chrom: So?  What was it that was troubling you?
Robin: Truthfully, I was thinking about who I really am and grew frightened.
Lissa: Robin…
Robin: Everyone… treats me so well.  I was thinking... I wanted to do something to help all of you in return.  But I wonder if that’s how I really feel. ...I said such lofty things as doing it for other people’s sake… for the sake of people I love… but who are they to me?  What does that mean?  I wasn’t certain.
Chrom: Robin…
Robin: I… have no memories, and so I wondered… what is my true self thinking?  There is a me I do not know in the depths of my heart.  What would I do if he is not the same Robin as the one you see before you?
Chrom: And?  Did you find your answer?
Robin: Yes.  Ha… When my memories return and I find my true self, I’ll tell him.

[BGM: “Grima has returned to slumber.”]

Robin: “How about it, Robin?  The people before you are my, and your, most treasured companions.  They are the people I love.  I am proud of them!” And I want the person I was before I lost my memories to love you just as I do.  That is what I think.
Chrom: I see.  That’s just like you.
Robin: No, this is something I learned from Lady Emmeryn.  I came to realize it because you… and everyone else... were by my side.
Lissa: Robin…
Tharja: Robin… that’s wonderful.
Cordelia: We must work hard so you can be proud of us when your memories return.
Nowi: I’ll do my best too!
Lon’qu: Heh.  Robin is quite troublesome.
Frederick: We’ll just call that one of his good points.
Gaius: Well, just do what you want.  I’ll do anything for a reward or sweets.
Robin: [laughs] Thank you, everyone.

[scene change; music fades out. horses neighing, people walking through the grass.]

Robin: So… the Risen were targeting not Chrom, but myself?
Frederick: Yes.  The remaining Plegian forces commanded the Grimleal and used some means to call forth the Risen.  This time they were after you, Robin.
Robin: Why me?
Gaius: Who knows.  Maybe they were afraid of you as a tactician or maybe there was some other reason…
Frederick: We will interrogate the enemy soldiers we captured and continue our investigation.  With your continued cooperation, Gaius.
Gaius: Yeah, yeah.  I’ll help out.
Chrom: But I didn’t think it would become so troublesome.
Robin: Well… [embarrassed laugh] I really am ashamed of myself.  If you hadn’t entered the battle, Chrom, I would surely have been unable to strategize properly.
Chrom: Heh.  It’s the same for me.  I need you.  We would not have been able to come this far without your tactical prowess.
Frederick: Though I do not have much to offer, I will support the two of you.
Robin: Yes.  Thank you, Chrom, Frederick.

[BGM: Prelude]

Robin: [steps forward, then stops and says hesitantly] And, Chrom.  I can’t choose anyone yet.
Chrom: Hm?  Are you speaking of marriage?
Robin: Yeah.  Everyone is a precious comrade to me, and I love them all equally.  I have no memories, but they are my family, and they are all special to me.
Chrom: Robin…
Robin: I love everyone and I want to protect them.  That is why I cannot make a decision.
Chrom: I see.
Robin: Yes.  So perhaps we should postpone searching for a partner for a little while longer.
Chrom: Yeah.  If that suits you.
Lissa: Ahhh!  Chrom!  Robin!  What are you whispering about?
Nowi: Tell me, tell me!
Cordelia: Two men… isn’t this rather suspicious?  It can’t be.  What you said to Anna… was the truth!?
Tharja: Chrom… I really must keep an eye on him…
Robin: Huh?  What are you all talking about?
Frederick: Now, everyone.  We can see Ylisstol now.

[BGM: Main Theme (Title)]

Chrom: All right!  Let’s go home!
Robin: Yes!
Lissa: Now everything’s settled!  YAY!
[everyone laughs. music crescendos and comes to an end]

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