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Digimon Adventure PSP: post-credits sequences

Decided to translate when I started laughing at the conversation between Taichi and Yamato.  Oops.

These play at the end of main story but before the movie episodes.  There may be errors; Digimon doesn't have a backlog function (that I've found), so I couldn't check previous lines.

Taichi: Hey!  Yamato!
Yamato: Oh, Taichi…!
Taichi: There are more people than usual. Is something happening today?
Yamato: Yeah, a foreign rock band’s come to Japan and they’re having a concert.
Taichi: Are you going to the concert too?
Yamato: Yeah, I’ve been a fan for a long time.  And I thought I’d like to try it.
Taichi: Seriously?  You’re gonna join a band?
Yamato: No, I haven’t thought that far yet…
Taichi: Yeah, that’s right.  You’re bad at working in a group.
Yamato: Taichi… are you picking a fight?
Taichi: Now that you mention it, we never settled the fight we had in the Digital World!
Yamato: Let’s do it.  What’re we gonna do?
Taichi: Soccer?  Cooking?  Karaoke?
Yamato: There’s something else, right?  Something more important…
Taichi: ?
Yamato: You haven’t figured it out yet, huh… no, it’s nothing…
Taichi: What’re you muttering to yourself?
Yamato: S-shut up… I’m going.  Bye.
Taichi:  Yeah!  Have fun at the concert!
Taichi: What was Yamato talking about? ...I don’t get it.

Sora: Taichi!
Taichi: Hey, Sora!  What’s up?
Sora: I was in the area.  I wondered how you were doing.
Taichi: How I’m doing… are you really quitting soccer?
Sora: Sorry, there’s a lot of other things I want to try now, like tennis…
Taichi: Tennis?  That’s not like you at all!  Keep playing soccer!
Sora: It’s fine!  I was thinking of changing my image, getting rid of my hat, wearing a skirt…
Sora: Hey, do you think it would suit me more than now?
Taichi: It doesn’t matter, right?  I think both look good on you.
Sora: It was stupid to ask you… I’m leaving.
Taichi: Oi, Sora!  Why’re you mad?  I don’t get it!

Taichi: Hey, Koushirou!
Koushirou: Taichi!  Hello.
Taichi: You haven’t come over to hang out lately. ...what’re you up to?
Koushirou: I’ve been investigating the effects Vamdemon had on our world and the Digital World.
Taichi: Huh, so you don’t come over to my place anymore?
Koushirou: That’s also true, but… I’m using my computer more than before.
Taichi: You’re researching the Digital World?
Koushirou: Yes, our fight with Apocalymon had worldwide repercussions…
Koushirou: Well, even if it’s worldwide, it’s still only one group of people, but they’ve started investigating that world.
Taichi: You’re one of those people, right, Koushirou?
Koushirou: Yes, though of course our adventures are a secret.
Koushirou: Right now I’m enjoying exchanging e-mails with people all over the world.
Taichi: Whoa!  Never thought I’d hear that from you, Koushirou!
Koushirou: Don’t tease me!
Taichi: But you always looked so unhappy at camp when you had to sleep with everyone.
Koushirou: That is true.
Taichi: Right?
Koushirou: It’s just that I felt distant from everyone.
Taichi: Let’s just leave it at that…
Koushirou: Ah!  It’s from one of those e-mail friends!
Taichi: If something happens in the Digital World, let me know right away.
Koushirou: Of course!

Taichi: Mimi!
Mimi: Taichi!
Taichi: You’re carrying a ton.  Shopping?
Mimi: There’ve been a lot more clothes I want ever since we got back!
Taichi: Still, I think there should be a limit…
Mimi: This isn’t all.  There’s still a lot to go.
Taichi: Your clothes are wonderful again today, Princess.
Mimi: Geez, don’t call me princess!
Taichi: ...I’m glad you’re doing okay.
Mimi: ……
Taichi: ……
Mimi: There were just as many sad things as happy things, but…
Taichi: ??
Mimi: Getting upset would be rude to the Digimon who got hurt for us.
Taichi: Right…
Mimi: I’ve grown up too.
Taichi: Even though you were always going “I’m hungry~”
Mimi: Don’t say that!
Mimi: Papa and Mama are calling!  Bye, Taichi!
Taichi: Yeah, later!

Jou: Taichi~~~!
Taichi: Jou!  Coming back from cram school?
Jou: Yeah~~!  My grades have fallen since we got back from the Digital World!
Jou: Dad scolded me and Mom was crying.  It was really tough.
Taichi: ...yeah, because you’re getting ready for exams.
Jou: But still, it wasn’t all bad.
Taichi: Eh?!
Jou: I built up a resistance in the Digital World, so I don’t pass out even if I see blood!
Jou: ...well, I still feel sick.
Taichi: That’s a lot of progress!  You’ll be a great doctor too, Jou.
Jou: Everyone changed a lot in the Digital World!
Jou: I thought I didn’t really change, so I was surprised.
Taichi: What’re you talking about?  You changed too.
Jou: Really?  Like what?
Taichi: You’re a lot more reliable than before!
Jou: Yeah, yeah!
Taichi: Now I have to call you “Jou-senpai” too.
Taichi: Okay!  Jou-senpai!!
Jou: ...Taichi.  You’re making fun of me!
Taichi: Sorry, sorry!
Jou: Oh!  I lost track of time!  My home tutor’s waiting!
Taichi: You’re still gonna study after this!?
Jou: Bye, see you later!
Taichi: Jou~~~!  Do your best on exams~~~!

Taichi: Hey!  Takeru!
Takeru: Taichi!  I haven’t seen you in a long time!
Taichi: That’s right… are you going to Yamato’s house?
Takeru: Yeah!  Mom’s working late, so I’m having dinner with my brother today!
Taichi: I see.  Do you go to Yamato’s place a lot?
Takeru: No!  Not really!
Taichi: Oh, that’s surprising.  Yamato’s finally able to let you out of his sight…
Takeru: That’s not it, Taichi!  I grew up!
Taichi: Hahaha…!  Right, the one who grew up was Takeru, not his big brother!
Takeru: I thought I’d be really lonely when I couldn’t be with Patamon anymore,
Takeru: but I’m fine now!
Taichi: Takeru, why do you think that?
Takeru: Patamon’s reaaaaaally far away, but our hearts are connected.
Takeru: It’s the same with my brother and dad!
Taichi: ...right.  It’s like that for me and Agumon too…
Takeru: Ah!  Big brother’s waiting for me!  I’ve gotta go!
Taichi: Yeah!  Say hi to Yamato for me!
Takeru: Say hi to Hikari for me too!

Hikari: Big brother, what’re you looking at?
Taichi: Our commemorative photo!  The one we took with everyone!  Gennai e-mailed it to everyone!
Hikari: It feels like it was a long time ago.
Taichi: It all started when we met Koromon in Hikarigaoka.
Hikari: Yeah.
Taichi: Hey, why did I forget that when you remembered?
Hikari: You finally realized.  The truth is, I’ve got psychic powers!
Taichi: Hahaha… what’re you talking about…?
Hikari: ...but you know, I’m sure.  The gate to the Digital World will open again.
Taichi: Really…?
Hikari: It’s true!  I’ve started training myself for it!
Hikari: Ah!  An e-mail!  Hey, who’s it from?
Taichi: S-shut up!  Don’t look!
Hikari: It’s from Sora, right?  I know… you gave each other your e-mails!
Taichi: Hikari!  Did you peek at the computer?
Hikari: I’m not telliiiiiing!
Taichi: Wait!  Hey!

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