Sunday, February 16, 2014

Persona x Detective Naoto: Character & Persona Concept Art

and done! yay! credit for providing images goes to herrDoktorat; if original scanner wants credit, let me know who you are. thanks for all the support! it's not a literary masterpiece by a long shot, but the last few chapters were pretty enjoyable.

for my next project, I really want to pick up Kagerou Days, since progress on existing translations seems to have stalled, but it might be quite a while before I can get raws.  In any case, I'll be concentrating a lot more on Hariyama-san now. :3

Persona x Detective Naoto
Character & Persona Concept Art

Seventeen years old.  The fifth generation of the Shirogane lineage of detectives.  Due to her handsome face and the rarity of being a high school detective, she became known by the nickname “Detective Prince”, after appearing on television during the serial murder case that occurred in Inaba one year ago.  In truth, she is not a boy, but a “girl detective”; however, she normally acts masculine to avoid being belittled in the course of her work.

In this story, she awakens to a new Persona, “Amatsu-Mikaboshi”.

A robot produced by the corporate entity the Kirijo Group.  His official designation is “Specialized Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon R-00 Genesis”.  As his name says, he was originally constructed to combat non-human beings (Shadows).  Before being removed from service, he was developed in absolute secrecy as the succeeding “seventh generation” machine, but due to the deficiencies in his performance, he was never utilized.  However, he evaded being decommissioned in the disorder following the accidental death of his supervisor, as well as the sudden death in 2009 of the head of the group.  He unexpectedly became the last of the series and his operation time rivals that of the oldest machines.  For that reason, his conversational skills are surprisingly fluid.

The unique power of his “Tsukuyomi” is derived from his sorrowful past.

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  1. I like Naoto's design more here. It... actually looks like the character, haha. Sousei also looks pretty cool, very chunky, though for the life of me I cannot figure out where the three of his wheels go.

    Thank you very much for this!