Friday, February 14, 2014

Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX

Hey all! For those who like pigeons (and those of you who don't, I am judging you right now), the official English version of Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX is now available!

EX is a compilation of chapters 13-16 of the manga published on the web, as well as over twenty new pages of bonus material. The translations of the older chapters have been fixed up and edited for errors, phrasing, and what have you. There are also two new sidestory manga chapters, several pages of drawings, and info on the new web series. It's three dollars and I highly suggest you buy it, if at all possible. It's totally worth the price; the bonus material made me want to let out high-pitched squeals when I saw it.

As these chapters now have an official release, I've deleted the corresponding translations on this blog. Support Moa by buying this book! Read with updated translations! Yay! Merry Christmas!

Also, since I am working on Hatoful Boyfriend officially, do note that this does mean this series gets first priority if there's any work for me to do.

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