Friday, September 12, 2014

FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 10. Let's Meet Up Again Someday

whee. this track does fun things with switching between left and right audio channels for the two Morgans.  there's one last, very short track after this.  it'll be up whenever I stop being lazy. :V

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 10: Let's Meet Up Again Someday

[magical Outrealm shimmering sounds]
Morgan(M): [groans] ...huh!? It looks like… we beat them. [relieved sigh] We did it, Morgan. We won!
[no answer]
Morgan(M): Huh? ...Morgan?
Morgan(F): H-huh? Morgan… disappeared. Morgan! ...Morgan!
Morgan(M): [walking around] Morgan! Where are you?
Morgan(F): [walking around, anxiously] Where are you? Morgan!
Morgan(M): [uneasy sigh] Maybe she got lost.
Morgan(F): Even though we were together until just now…
Morgan(M): Even though we fought together…
Morgan(F): It feels like… I was dreaming.
Morgan(M): An amnesiac aspiring tactician…
Morgan(F): With the same name as me…
Morgan(M): But that… was definitely real.
Morgan(F): It wasn’t a dream. I’m sure of it.

[shimmery transportation sounds; the Outrealm background noises stop]
[birds are twittering. someone runs up to Morgan(M).]
Robin(F): Oh, there you are! I’ve been looking for you!
Morgan(M): Mother!

[BGM: "Ha ha! Yes, it will take some getting used to!"]

[someone runs up to Morgan(F)]
Robin(M): [sigh] And just where did you run off to?
Morgan(F): Father!
Robin(F): [sigh] Geez. Don’t worry me like that.
Robin(M): We’ll be meeting up with Chrom’s regiment soon. Let’s get back.
Morgans: [chuckle] Okay!
[they begin walking]
Morgan(M): Hey, Mother. Something really strange just happened to me.
Morgan(F): You might not believe me, Father, but I can prove it!
Morgan(M): When we meet up with everyone else, if Lucina’s tiara is just a little dirtier than usual…
Morgan(F): Then that wasn’t a dream! That I met that kid, and that we fought together, all of it!
Morgan(M): [stops walking] Huh? Who do I mean by “that kid”?
Morgan(F): [giggles] Wellll…

[BGM: Main Theme (Title)]

Morgan(M): The child of the greatest tactician in the world…
Morgan(F): A kid named Morgan!
[they resume walking]
Morgan(M): Hey, Morgan.
Morgan(F): Yes, Morgan.
Morgans: Let’s meet up again someday.
Morgan(M): Next time, I want to learn more about you.
Morgan(F): It’s a promise.
Morgans: Morgan.
[both laugh and walk on; music crescendos and ends]

[sound of the Outrealm shimmering…]

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