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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 8. What a Fascinating Phenomenon


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Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 8: What a Fascinating Phenomenon

[BGM: Menace]

Noire: There’s a lot fewer of them now.  Let’s keep going!
Cynthia: Ha!  Haah! [parries] Time to pay! [boing]
Owain: [smack, smack] Beware my true strength... [power flaring] Brace yourself! [smash, boing]
Inigo: [lands lightly] Haa.  It really is a lot easier if we’re armed.
Gerome: Yeah.  If they were undefeatable, it was all we could do just to hold them off.
Laurent: Yes!  The remaining few have been cornered!
Severa: Now, Lucina!
Lucina: Understood!  You will not stop me!  Haa! [slap]
[Risen groans and falls]
[battle over!  level up!  ting ting ting ting ting, five stats increased~]
Lucina: [sigh] There are no others, correct?
Gerome: Yeah.  That was the last of them.
Owain: Pretty amazing that we beat all of them with those hair ornaments.
Lucina: Though I do feel somewhat conflicted.  I’m glad they could be of use… but in the end, they all broke.  I must find another.
Noire: No, there’s no need.  We found your hair ornament, Lucina.
Lucina: [gasp] Really!?
Noire: Yes.  This way.
[they run off]
Laurent: [gasp] What is this?
Severa: Why are there so many things scattered in the middle of the forest?
Gerome: These were all stolen by those Risen.
Noire: Ummm… ah, there it is. [picks it up] Here, Lucina.
[tiara chimes]
Lucina: [gasp] Thank you so much! [puts it on]
Inigo: Hmm.  That hair ornament really is the best one for you, Lucina!
Owain: We’ll have to thank Morgan too.
Lucina: Huh?  Morgan helped too?
Owain: No, but Morgan was the one who told us how to defeat those Risen.
Cynthia: We heard voices from that rift.
Laurent: Rift?  Urk! [jumps back] What is this abnormal fog?  What a fascinating phenomenon.
Gerome: The Risen most likely took these items to another Outrealm.  Somehow Morgan was drawn into that Outrealm and returned them to our world.
Laurent: I see.  Only to be expected from an aspiring tactician… isn’t it?
Inigo: That’s right… Morgan was at the enemy’s hideout.  Are they done fighting?
Cynthia: Let’s try talking! [walks forward]  Heeeeey!  Morgaaaaan!
Severa: Are you still theeeeere?
Noire: [uncomfortable noise] There’s no answer.
Severa: I… hear something!
Vincent: These brats… are causing too much trouble!
Victor: It seems we’ll have to teach them a lesson… hmph!
[whip cracks; both Morgans yelp]

[BGM: Monstrosity (Intro)]

[Lucina gasps]
Inigo: Just now -- that was Morgan screaming!
Owain: It can’t be… they’re still fighting!?
Severa: Look!  It’s pretty faint, but… I can see people inside the rift!
Noire: [gasp] M-Morgan!?  Covered in wounds…
Lucina: No… Morgan!

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