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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 9. An Even More Amazing Treasure

there are no words for how much I love this track.  when the BGM kicks in both times. ;; also, if you think you spot a reference, you’re probably right~

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 9: An Even More Amazing Treasure

[both Morgans groan]
Vincent: How dare you…
Victor: This is our revenge!
[kick; Morgan(M) makes a pained noise]
Morgan(F): [gasp] Morgan!  Morgan, are you okay?  Hang in there!
Morgan(M): [groans and sits up] Morgan… we’re… going to die here, aren’t we…?  Without… making it back to our own worlds…
Morgan(F): [gasp] You can’t give up, Morgan!
[Vincent walks over]
Vincent: [amused] You look to be in pain, little kittens.  It’s about time for you to go to sleep… [draws sword] FOREVER!
[Morgans gasp]
Laurent: O wind born amidst clouds of shifting sand, mow down those who would do evil!  Elwind!
[whoosh and zip through the gate]
Vincent: [startled noise] From the Outrealm!?
[sound of arrows whizzing through the air and embedding themselves in the wall]
Victor: [gasp] Ahh!  My clothes are pinned to the wall!
Vincent: Don’t move, Victor!
Morgan(F): That’s… but it can’t be…

[BGM: Id (Return)]

Lucina: ...hear me… Can you hear me, Morgan?
Morgan(M): That voice…
Lucina: Morgan, we’ve defeated all the Risen.  Thanks to you, everyone is safe and we have recovered my tiara.  But there’s no point if we lose you!  Please… please return safely!
Everyone: Morgan!
Morgan(M): Ugh… Lucina… everyone…
Morgan(F): [softly] Morgan. I want you to listen to me.
Morgan(M): Huh?
Morgan(F): I noticed something a little while ago.  On top of that shelf.
Morgan(M): [shifts] Ah… that’s…
Morgan(F): Can you use it?  Morgan.
Morgan(M): I don’t know.  But… if I’m with you, Morgan… definitely.
Morgan(F): [relieved] Yeah!  I think so too!  If we’re together, becoming the best tactician in the world isn’t just a dream!
Morgan(M): Like… your father.
Morgan(F): [small laugh] Yeah.  Like… your mother.
[both laugh]
Vincent: Hmph.  These arrows are little more than a nuisance.
Victor: We’ll kill you for sure this time.
[both Morgans make unsettled noises]
Lucina: Morgan!  It’s all right.  You’re not alone.  You will surely emerge victorious!  I know it!
Victor: Che.  The peanut gallery is so irritating.
[the gate’s buzz lowers in frequency]
Owain: Hey!  The rift is closing!
Lucina: [gasp] Morgan!  Everyone is waiting for you!  So please… please come back to us!
Everyone: Morgan!

[BGM: Id (Purpose)]

Morgans: Yeah!  We’ll show you!
Morgan(F): We can do this!
Morgan(M): Yes! [runs forward]
Victor: What!?
Morgan(M): Grrrr!
[slam; Victor cries out and stumbles]
Vincent: What do you think you’re doing?  That was nothing more than a body blow!
Victor: How inelegant!  Haa!
[Victor strikes; Morgan(M) cries out and stumbles back]
Morgan(M): [recovering, gasps for breath] It doesn’t have to be elegant.  We just needed you to let down your guard!
Morgan(F): Got it!  I got the tome!
Victor: [gasp] When did you…?
Vincent: Impossible!  They didn’t have time to discuss a plan!
Morgan(M): We don’t need words to communicate!
Morgans: Because we… are one and the same!
Vincent: What nonsense are you spouting?
Morgan(M): We don’t need to explain ourselves to you!
Morgan(F): Now… prepare yourselves!

Morgan(M): Tordo, Mage Knight of antiquity, heed our call!
Morgan(F): Grant us the power of holy lightning and rain judgment upon this foreign land!
Morgan(M): O golden torrent…
Morgan(M): Roar up to the heavens!
Morgans: MJOLNIR!
[crash of lightning; Victor and Vincent scream]

[twittering of the gate in the background]

Laurent: Ah.  It seems... the rift has closed completely.
Noire: No… what do we do?  Morgan…
Lucina: It’s all right.
Severa: [questioning noise]
Lucina: I heard Morgan’s voice just before the rift closed. “We’ll show you.” So it will be all right.
Severa: Do you… mean it?
Lucina: Yes.  Morgan will surely return to us, no matter the distance.  Let us believe that and wait.
Everyone: [uncertain sounds]
Owain: That’s… right.  Morgan’s definitely all right!
Cynthia: Yeah, yeah!  Morgan’s the hero who returned Lucina’s tiara!  And heroes don’t die like this!
Inigo: Yeah!  I think so too!
Noire: Yes.  Me too.
Severa: Well… if you’re all so sure, I guess I’ll go along with it.
Gerome: [sigh] Then let’s get going.
Inigo: Going?  Where?
Gerome: There’s nothing more we can do here.  Just standing here is a waste of time.  There’s something else we must take care of.
Laurent: Mm… that’s right.  We must return the stolen items to their original owners.  Do you know where they live?
Gerome: Aye.  In the village a bit beyond here.
Lucina: Then let’s go to that village.

[BGM: “It appears the capital was spared the chaos.”]

Cynthia: [runs up] Okay!  The jewels and dresses have been returned to their owners!
Gerome: That should be everything.
Lucina: Yes.  It’s such a relief that everyone has recovered their precious belongings.
[everyone laughs]
Lucina: Hm?  What is it, everyone?  Why are you staring?
Inigo: It’s nothing.  I was just thinking, you’re back to normal!
Owain: Lucina really is a mess without her tiara!
Cynthia: Yeah, yeah!  It took me a second to recognize her without it!
Lucina: Haha.  You’re terrible, all of you.
Severa: You better not lose it again, okay?
Noire: That’s right.  It’s full of memories of your mother... right?
Lucina: Yes.  But that’s not all.
Gerome: [walks closer] Is there something else?
Lucina: All of you and Morgan put your lives on the line to recover my hair ornament.  That is my precious new memory.
Cynthia: Lucina…
Lucina: This incident has once again strengthened our bonds.  I am the luckiest person in the world to have friends like you.  This hair ornament is a mimicry of the Hero-King’s, but compared to the one he wore, the bonds I share with you are an even more amazing treasure. [laugh]
Owain: Yeah.  That much is obvious.
Inigo: We’re the best friends you could ever ask for!
Severa: And just like the tiara, you better not lose us either, okay?  Lucina.
Lucina: Yes.  I won’t.  We were together back in our own world, and we will be together from now on, always.  I cannot bear to lose any of you, not a single one.  So please do not keep such secrets from me and act on your own, all right?
Everyone: Okay!
Owain: Oh well.
Lucina: [laugh] All right.  Then let’s return to camp.  It’s gotten quite late.
[they walk off, laughing and exchanging conversation]
Owain: Let’s go!
Gerome: Minerva!
Inigo: No fair!
[Lucina takes a few steps and stops]
Lucina: Morgan.  Please, return safely.

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