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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 7. I Don’t Know What’s In This Bag, But Eat This Anyway

This is my second-favorite track on the CD and the most hilarious.  As such, I effortsed to put in a sound clip of the best part. :D And yes, in the last track, Owain and Cynthia referenced the titles of the paralogues where they're recruited. There's a lot of references in the next few tracks.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 7: I Don’t Know What’s In This Bag, But Eat This Anyway

[crows cawing]
Laurent: Severa, the sun is already setting.  It’s quite abnormal that they have not yet returned.
Severa: Something must’ve happened…
[squeak squeak squeak of Lucina’s new hair ornament]
Lucina: Severa.  Laurent.
Laurent: Lucina.
Lucina: We’re about to set off.  Hurry and join everyone.
Severa: Ah… we’ll… go soon.
Lucina: Where is everyone else?
Severa: They’re… uh…
Laurent: [steps forward] They’re training.  But their training session seems to be running a little long.
Lucina: You’re lying, aren’t you?
[Severa and Laurent make uncomfortable noises]
Lucina: I’m sorry.  I’d actually realized it.  Everyone was doing something that they were keeping secret from me… Father told me this morning.  Last night, everyone gathered to discuss something.  And then they went somewhere this morning.
Severa: [small voice] Oh.
Lucina: I trust all of you.  That is why I did not intend to press the matter.  But if it causes trouble for the army, I must demand an answer.  Severa.  Laurent.  Please tell me.  Where are they?  What are they really doing?
Laurent: [sigh] We’re left with no choice.  Our apologies, Lucina.  We shall tell you the truth.  Everyone is...

[BGM: Assault]

[Risen roars and lunges; sound of beating on the walls]
Owain: Heeeeey!  Bringing them to the hut was great and all, but now we’re surrounded!
Gerome: Tch.  It’s only a matter of time before they break down the walls!
Noire: [walking around] Unsightly… unsightly… there’s surprisingly little…
Cynthia: Um!  What about these?  A broken broom and a rotting wood plank!
Inigo: Ugh… I’d be embarrassed to fight with those!
Owain: But we’ve got no choice!  Just grab the weapon you prefer!
[wood splinters and Risen rush in]
Noire: [screams] They got in!
Cynthia: Waah!  There’s a lot more of them than I thought!

Owain: Damn!  My chosen partner tonight shall be a moldy branch!  Take this!  Special attack! [swings; power charges up, special effects] Blazing blade of azure!  Blue Flame Sword!
[sounds stop suddenly]
[snap, weapon breaking jingle]
Cynthia: Oh.  It broke.
Noire: A failure…
[Risen roars]
Inigo: Owain!  Look out!
[Inigo runs over; the Risen strikes and Inigo screams and falls.]
Owain: Inigo!

[BGM: “I’ve never seen one fall so gracefully.”]

[Inigo is making small, pained sounds]
Owain: I’m sorry…!  It’s because you saved me!
Inigo: [softly] Owain…
Owain: What?  Why!?
Inigo: I-I… you know… I would’ve preferred... saving a girl… [collapses]
Owain: [gasp, then with dramatic echo effect:] INIGOOOOOOOOOOO!
[music stops suddenly, then a confused boing]
Gerome: What is this farce?
Noire: It’s just a scratch.  You’re exaggerating.

[BGM: Assault]

Cynthia: [deadpan] Oh well.  Here, a Vulnerary.
Inigo: Oh, thanks.
[item being used!  healing sounds!  ting ting ting of HP being restored]
Cynthia: Huh?  There aren’t any Risen around Minerva.
[Risen making puzzled sounds]
Gerome: Hey.  Scum.  Why are you avoiding Minerva?  Do you not find my Minervakins beautiful?
[Risen groan]
Gerome: So that’s how it is. [growls] I will not forgive this, even if you are cute Risen! [jumps] I don’t know what’s in this bag, but eat this anyway!  Haa!
[Gerome swings and lets go of the bag; the Risen make surprised noises]
Inigo: Whoa… Gerome’s lost his temper.
Noire: But there’s just dirt inside that bag, so we can’t hope for much.
Cynthia: Ahhhh geez, it’s no good!  They flinch back but they won’t go down!
Owain: So we can’t use any of these things… then what exactly counts as “unsightly”!?
[Risen roars]
Noire: Eek!  It’s all over!
[whoosh of magic]
Severa: Say good night!
Laurent: Get thee hence!
[Risen fall]

[BGM: Conquest (Ablaze)]

Noire: Severa!  Laurent!
Severa: Gods, what do you think you’re doing?
Laurent: We grew worried when you never returned.
Inigo: Sorry.  We meant to go back right away, but we lost all our weapons.
Owain: Thanks for coming for us!
Gerome: But they’re…
[Risen groans and gets back up]
Severa: H-huh?  What’s with these freaks?
Laurent: They should have been defeated… but they regenerated?
Gerome: They’re a special kind of Risen that will keep regenerating unless they touch something unsightly.
Severa: W-what!?  That’s completely ridiculous!
Laurent: If only they would perish from their own unsightliness!
Severa: Anyway, that’s how it is!  Be careful, Lucina!
Lucina: [runs up, grips Falchion] Understood!  You will not stop me!
[Risen roars and falls]
All: Lucina!
Lucina: Everyone, I’m glad to see you safe!  To think you would keep this a secret from me….
Cynthia: S-sorry…
Owain: Sorry, Lucina!  But we wanted so badly to find your… huh!?  What’s with that hair ornament?
[ornament goes squeak, squeak~]
Noire: Eeek!  It looks like a huge caterpillar!
Inigo: And it stinks of bear!
Gerome: Hmph.  It suits you rather well.
Severa: [snidely] I thought you’d say that.
Laurent: Er, more importantly… the Risen Lucina defeated… are not regenerating.
All: Huh?
Cynthia: It -- it’s true!  Why?
Inigo: Look, where those Risen were!  They’re the furry hair ornaments Lucina’s wearing!
[squeak squeak]
Lucina: Oh… it looks like I dropped my spares.
Severa: Doesn’t it look like the Risen are backing off without putting up a fight?
[Risen moan]
Laurent: They are retreating from Lucina and her fur-covered hair ornaments.
Noire: Maybe… the “unsightly thing” that can defeat these Risen…
Lucina: [giggle] Isn’t this hair ornament cute?  I have many more of them. [boing] Here.
Lucina: Huh?

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