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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 6. We're a Shameful, Unarmed Militia

apparently Gerome has been promoted???  also tbh I can’t really tell the difference between Vincent and Victor when they’re not saying each other’s names.  WHOOPS.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 6: We're a Shameful, Unarmed Militia

[birds chirping]
Morgan(M): And… there!
[whistle of something falling through the gate]
Morgan(M): [breathing hard] Morgan, is there anything else?
Morgan(F): [breathing hard, walking around] Umm… nope!  Looks like that was the last of it!
Morgan(M): Really?  Okay.  Now we ambush them and… whoa! [jumps back] Morgan!  Behind you?
Morgan(F): Huh?  Ahhh!

[BGM: Chaos]

[Vincent grunts]
Morgan(F): Ahhh!
Vincent: It looks like two naughty kittens snuck in, Victor.
Victor: [chuckle] So it does, Vincent.
[Vincent grunts and punches]
Morgan(M): Ahhh! [stumbles back]
Vincent: Look, I’ve caught this one too.
Morgan(M): [trying to catch his breath] What do you think you’re doing to us poor, innocent kids?
Morgan(F): That’s right!  If you don’t let us go right now, I’ll tear out what little hair you’ve got left!
Vincent: [shock] Arghhh!  This isn’t “what l’ve got left”, it’s a haircut of love!
Victor: Arghhh! No need to listen to the brats, Vincent!  You are only ever lovely!
Vincent: Vic...tor…
Morgan(F): Uhhhh…
Morgan(M): [pained] Seeing this up close… is even worse…
Vincent: Then let’s put a swift end to them, Victor.
Victor: Yes.  And we’ll take back my presents to you as we do.  Come forth, our cute little servants.
[Risen moan, walk through the gate]
Morgan(M): [gasps] This is bad!  The Risen went to the other world!

[wingbeats and people running]
Cynthia: Noire!  You’re sure you heard the tiara over here?
Noire: Yes.  I think it was around here.
Owain: Huh?  There’s something lying on the ground over there.
[they run over and then stop; there’s an odd twittering in the background]
Gerome: [shuffling through the grass] Dresses, jewels, and flowerpots.  These may all be items stolen from the village.
Owain: What’re they all scattered around here for?
Inigo: Look!  Lucina’s hair ornament is here too!
Cynthia: You’re right!  Great job, Noire!  The Great Tiara-Searching Strategy is a huge success!
Noire: [small sigh] Oh, good.
Gerome: I don’t really understand, but we should return these things to their owners.
Cynthia: Then it’ll all be over!
Inigo: [puzzled noise] By the way, that rift... what is it?
Owain: Where?  I don’t see anything.
Inigo: Right… above us.
Owain: [looks up, jumps back] Whoa!  What’s that?
[thick, magical humming]
Owain: It’s all foggy.
Noire: [gasp] I can see something… on the other side of the rift.
Noire: Huh!?
[things falling and hitting the ground heavily; Noire shrieks]
Noire: What!?
Owain: Whoa!  There’s a lot of them!

[BGM: Assault]

[Risen roars; Noire screams]
Inigo: T-the Risen!
Noire: You mean the Risen live in there!?
Gerome: [draws weapon] Don’t just stand there!  Fight!  We can’t recover the tiara unless we defeat them!
Cynthia: Got it!  Okay, prepare yourselves, Risen! [shing, whoosh, posing!] I am the wings of justice that fly through the heavens, the war maiden Cynthia!
Owain: And I am… [pose, whoosh, crash] The scion of legend sprung from the darkness, the black hero Owain!
Gerome: What the hell are you two doing?
Cynthia: What?  Isn’t it polite to introduce yourself before a fight?
Gerome: There’s no point introducing yourselves to the Risen!
Owain: Hmph.  You have no style.
[Risen moan and rush forward; whoosh]
Owain: Whoa!  W-what?  It just went past us. ...Huh?  My sword’s gone!
Cynthia: Ah!  My lance too!
[Risen groans]
Cynthia: Ahhh!  That Risen took it! [runs after it] Give it back!  Give me back my lance!
Gerome: What?  I’ve never heard of Risen stealing weapons before! [gasp] Look out!  They’re coming!
[whoosh; Noire yelps]
Inigo: Damn!  They got my sword!
Gerome: Tch.  My lance, too… their movements are so different from normal Risen.  There’s no doubt: they are the ones who stole Lucina’s hair ornament.
Owain: Hmph.  Their ability to conceal their presence, their speed… everything about them is perfect.  We could stand to learn from them.
Cynthia: Yeah, yeah.
Noire: This isn’t the time for admiration!  They have our weapons!  How are we supposed to fight?
Inigo: That’s right!  Right now we’re just a shameful, unarmed militia!
[Risen roars and shuffles forward, then lunges. the children scream]

[sudden loud whoosh of scene change; the music stops and the screams are suddenly far away]
Morgan(F): Huh? [turns] Just now… everyone was screaming?
Morgan(M): Were they… attacked by the Risen?
Victor: Hmm?  That ugly group is your friends?
Vincent: Poor things.  They’ll soon fall prey to the Risen.
Morgan(M): No!
Morgan(F): Stop… stop them!
Victor: You ask the impossible.  They’re special Risen.  You cannot defeat them with normal weapons.
Vincent: We have no use for normal weapons.
Victor: Haha, that’s right.  They’re so very inelegant.  As long as those Risen are not touched with something extraordinarily unsightly, they will not fall.
Morgan(F): In other words… if they touch something unsightly…
Morgan(M): They’ll fall, right?
Vincent/Victor: Oops.

[BGM: “I mean it. Go!”]

Morgan(M): Morgan!
Morgan(F): Right!  O flames that sear all of creation, lend me strength!  Fire!
Vincent: Ahhh!
Morgan(M): We have to tell everyone!
Morgan(F): Yeah!  They’ll hear us if we yell into the gate!
[they run over]
Morgans: Everyone!  Can you hear us?

[far away, with the twittering of the gate in the background]
Morgans: Everyone!  Can you hear us?
Cynthia: Huh?  Just now, wasn’t that Morgan’s voice?
Noire: I heard it too!  But Morgan should be with the detached forces!
Inigo: That voice… it came from the rift!
Owain: Heeeeey!  Morgan!  Are you there?
Morgans: Yeah!
Morgan(M): I’m not sure how, but I ended up in one of the Outrealms!
Morgan(F): More importantly, hear us out!  Those Risen are weak to unsightly things!
Morgan(M): That’s right!  If you touch them with something extraordinarily unsightly, you can defeat them even if you’re unarmed!
Cynthia: W-what do you mean?
Noire: Like what kind of thing?
Morgans: We don’t know!
All: Whaaaaaat!?
Owain: That Morgan… making us do all the work!
Inigo: But we’ve got to try!  Let’s look for something we can use to attack them!
Noire: But where should we go?
Gerome: On the way here, we passed an abandoned mountain hut.  There might be something there.
Inigo: Then let’s head there!  Hurry!
[they run off]
Noire: It feels like we’re doing nothing but running today!

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