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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 2. She... Really Doesn't Want to Give Up

next traaack.  I realized a little while ago that Brady isn't supposed to be in this CD, but that means I really don't know who's supposed to be saying those lines, so I gave up. :|

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 2: She... Really Doesn't Want to Give Up

Laurent: Hm… there is no sign of Lucina’s tiara.
Inigo: No luck here either.  No one’s seen it.
Lucina: I see…
Gerome: It’s odd… we’ve searched high and low and still haven’t found it.
Owain: Yeah.  It must be the work of an evil apparition.
Noire: Evil apparition?
Owain: To put it simply… a ghost!
Noire: Eeeeeeek!
Severa: Hey!  Don’t scare her!
[Cynthia runs up, panting]
Cynthia: Heeeey!  We should get going!  It’s almost time to march!
Severa: Huh!?  Geez… oh well.  We’ll tell Chrom what happened and stay here until we find the tiara.
Lucina: Wait!
Severa: Huh?
Lucina: It’s fine.  Even if we continue searching for it… we won’t find it.  I’m giving up.
Noire: B-but… you got that tiara from your mother!  You told us it’s your treasure!
Lucina: Yes.  But I simply cannot... delay our march on account of one of my possessions.  We will be late for our rendezvous with the scouts and detached forces.
Noire: But…
Lucina: It’s fine… really.  I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time.  Thank you very much for searching so hard.  Well, let’s prepare to set off. [turns on her heel and walks away]
[the others make unhappy sounds]
Noire: Lucina…
Cynthia: She… really doesn’t want to give up, does she?
Severa: Geez.  How straight-laced can you get?

[BGM, very soft: “Shh… Easy now, Girl. I won’t hurt you.”]

Morgan(M): Huh.  So you also lost your memories and collapsed, Morgan?
Morgan(F): Yeah.  Then Father happened across me and I joined the Shepherds.  Now we’re all fighting together for a peaceful world.
Morgan(M): By “together”... you mean with Lucina and Severa and them?
Morgan(F): Right, right!  How did you know?
Morgan(M): Heh.  There are people with the same names in my world, so I thought that might be the case.
Morgan(F): That’s amazing… the people around us have the same names too.  And we both dream of being great tacticians… the more we talk, the more we seem to have in common!
Morgan(M): Ha… yeah.  It’s hard to believe we’re strangers. [walks forward] Ah, there it is!  There’s the empty house Anna told us about.
Morgan(F): [walks forward] Oh… there’s a gate to get back to our own worlds in there, right?
Morgan(M): Yeah, seems like it.
Morgan(F): We have to say goodbye already… I’m feeling kind of lonely.
Morgan(M): Me too.  We haven’t known each other for very long, but I enjoyed talking with you.. ...huh? [walks closer] It looks like there’s someone in the house.

[BGM: “Someone has to save you from your good intentions.”]

[ice clinking in a glass]
Vincent: Victor, darling?
Victor: Yes, Vincent?
Vincent: You’re so beautiful today, Victor.
Victor: Oh, you’re embarrassing me, Vincent!
Vincent: Look!  I have a present for such a lovely fellow, Victor!
Victor: Oh my… for me?  Thank you, Vincent.
[both start laughing]

[wind whistling]
Morgans: Uhhhh…
Morgan(F): W-what’s with them?
Morgan(M): It… doesn’t look like they live here.
Morgan(F): I don’t really get it, but they’re kind of suspicious.

[Vincent and Victor laugh loudly]
[Vincent walks over and picks something up; sound of lots of metal shifting]
Vincent: Look.  Your cute little servants just keep sending one present after another, Victor.
Victor: Hm.  How lovely, Vincent.  And… [leans forward] This tiara is especially to my liking.

Morgan(F): Huh?  Morgan!  That’s...
Morgan(M): [gasp] That’s Lucina’s tiara, isn’t it?
Morgan(F): Why is it here?  That tiara’s so important to her.
Morgan(M): Maybe… it was stolen.  Then this is really serious.  We’ll go back to our worlds later.  Let’s investigate first.
Morgan(F): Ah… yeah.

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