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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 4. Prepare Yourself, Mountain Creature

this track is silly, and it only gets sillier from here on out. 8| with thanks to Amielleon for helping with a couple of the lines~

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 4: Prepare Yourself, Mountain Creature

[birds chirping.  Morgan(F) is snoring]
Morgan(M): [quietly] Morgan.  Morgan!
Morgan(F): Hmmmm…
Morgan(M): MORGAN!
Morgan(F): Ahh! [sits up] Oh… oh… Morgan!?
Morgan(M): Shh!
Morgan(F): [whispering] S-sorry… I fell fast asleep… ah… [slurp]
Morgan(M): It’s fine.  Just sitting and watching really is boring.  Anyway, they finally left.  If we’re going to look for Lucina’s tiara, it has to be now.
Morgan(F): Are you serious?
Morgan(M): Just to be sure.  Be quiet, okay?
Morgan(F): Y-yeah!

[BGM, very soft: “Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!”]

[they run across the grass.  door creaks open and they walk inside]
Morgan(M): Tiara… tiara… oh, there!  It really is Lucina’s.  There’s no mistaking it.
Morgan(F): There are dresses and jewels over here.  Are those people actually really rich?
Morgan(M): No, it looks like it’s all stolen.
Morgan(F): Stolen!?
Morgan(M): Yeah.  When those two were talking, I found out they use the Risen to steal from other Outrealms.  They give the stolen goods to each other as presents.
Morgan(F): Whoa… that’s serious dedication.
Morgan(M): Now that we know they’re stolen, we have to return these things to their owners.
Morgan(F): But… how?
Morgan(M): We’ll use the Outrealm Gate here.  According to Anna, the people and objects that go through it go back to their own worlds.
Morgan(F): I see!  You’re a pretty good strategist, Morgan!
Morgan(M): Well, of course!  After all, my mother is a genius!  I’m the son of the best tactician in the world!  I can at least do this much!
Morgan(F): Mrr… the “best in the world”?  I can’t let that slide.  My father’s the more amazing tactician.
Morgan(M): No, my mother is better.
Morgan(F): No, my father is!
[both growl and glare at each other, sparks flying]
Morgan(M): [sigh] Anyway, now isn’t the time for this!
Morgan(F): You’re right.  If we throw the things in here, they’ll automatically go back to their own worlds, right?
Morgan(M): Right.
Morgan(F): Got it!  Then let’s hurry and toss the tiara in!  Yay!
Morgan(M): Huuh?  Why’d you throw it on the floor?
Morgan(F): Sorry!  I got too excited!  Ahaha! [picks up the tiara]
Morgan(M): Geez… what if it broke?  Don’t mess up this time.
Morgan(F): Of course.  Okay, okay. [pause] Haa!
[glowing sound of the gate activating, then whistle of something falling and landing with a clink]
Morgan(F): There!  I did it this time!
Morgan(M): Heh.  Good job.  Let’s return everything else to their worlds the same way.
Morgan(F): Yeah!

[birds tweeting, people walking]
Owain: [sigh] We’ll reach yesterday’s campsite soon as we leave the forest.
Noire: I hope we can find Lucina’s tiara.
Inigo: Don’t worry.  We’ll definitely find it.  Let’s believe that and do our best.
[faraway whistle of something falling, then a chime]
Noire: Huh?
Inigo: What’s wrong, Noire?
Noire: I just… heard a familiar sound…
Inigo: No way… enemies?
Noire: No, that’s not it.  Not enemies, but something--
Owain: Oh!  H-hey!  Look!  There’s someone hurt over there!
Noire: Eek!  Y-you’re right!  Maybe I heard someone yelling for help!
Inigo: This is bad!  If only Brady were here…
Owain: Anyway, let’s go help them!
[they run over]
Owain: Hey, you okay?  What in the world are you doing here?
[long, low growl]
[confused boing]
Owain: Huh?
Noire: ...a bear?
Inigo: It’s a bear, huh?
Owain: [straightens up] Oh, it was just a bear.  Wait…

[BGM: Annihilation (Galvanised)]

[bear roars]
[Owain, Inigo, and Noire scream and begin running]
Owain: [still running] Hey, Noire!  Was it a bear you heard?
Noire: I don’t think so!  But I’m sorry if I was wrong!
Inigo: Anyway, we have to do something! ...right, Owain!  Use one of your special attacks on it!  You’ve got a ton of them, right?  They’ve gotta be amazing!
Owain: Huh!?  Uh, um, er… I apologize, but the time has not yet come!
Inigo: Huuh!?  What’s with you?
Noire: Grrrrrr….
[sound of something flaring up and bursting]
Inigo: What’s wrong, Noire?
Inigo: Huh!?
Owain: W-well, yeah?
Inigo: There’s nothing we can do!  That’s why we’re running!
[power flaring up]
[the boys stop running]
Owain: Wait, what?  What’s she doing?
Noire: PREPARE YOURSELF, MOUNTAIN CREATURE! [shoots; arrow is charged with power] TO THE ABYSS WITH YOU!
Owain/Inigo: Whaaaaaaaa!?
[bear roars; arrow hits it like a jet plane]

[faraway thunder, birds taking flight]
Cynthia: Huh?  What was that sound?
Gerome: Sound?
Cynthia: It sounded like something exploded.  Like a hero’s special attack!
Gerome: I didn’t hear anything.
Cynthia: Oh… really…
Gerome: More importantly, did you learn anything from the villagers?

[BGM, very soft: Id (Beginnings)]

Cynthia: Yeah.  There’ve been a lot of thefts in the village lately.  Things are there one night and gone the next morning.
Gerome: The same as with the tiara.
Cynthia: And the stuff stolen from the village is things like dresses and jewels and flowerpots, even though there aren’t any flowers in them.  Hm… maybe the culprit likes gardening.
Gerome: It bothers me that there’s no consistency in what’s stolen.  If the thefts occur at night, it’s likely that they are carried out by Risen.
Cynthia: The Risen don’t look smart enough for that.
Gerome: I have some information too.  Yesterday, someone was spotted carrying what may have been stolen property in the forest near our campsite.
Cynthia: Whoooa!  Just what we needed!  You’re amazing!
Gerome: Though they may have been mistaken.
Cynthia: Anyway, we have to go look.  Maybe we can pick up their trail, and Noire and the others might be in that forest too.
Gerome: I hope they have some information.
Cynthia: Yeah!  Then we’ll fly to the forest!  Soar, my pegasus!
[pegasus neighs and takes off]
Gerome: We’re going too, Minerva!
[Minerva bellows and follows]

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