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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 1. Just... Who Are You?

welcome to drama CD 4, which is honestly my favorite of the bunch. o/ it's pretty much 100% humor, after the seriousness and drama of CDs 2 and 3.  for the most part, the translations of the titles I took off Serene's Forest (same as the previous CDs); however, one thing to note is that the track titles on this CD are actual lines said in the CD itself, so I'll be changing a few of them to match with context.  thanks again to Amielleon for helping with a few of the sketchy parts~

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Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 1: Just... Who Are You?

[BGM: Id (Hope)]

Morgan(M): Haah! [parries and stabs] There are so many enemies… they’re pretty tenacious.
Morgan(F): There’s no helping it.  We already knew they wouldn’t just lie down and die for us. [gasp] Here they come!
[man comes running toward them, yelling]
Morgan(M): Hah! [parries] Prepare yourself!
[Morgan runs forward and stabs; the man screams and falls]
Morgan(F): [jumps lightly] Hup! [parries] Heeh!  You’re wide open!
[whoosh of magic; man screams and falls back]
Morgan(M): Huh... that was pretty well done, Morgan.
Morgan(F): You too, Morgan!  That last attack was perfect!
Morgan(M): Of course.  After all, I’m that person’s strongest unit.  I can at least do this much!
Morgan(F): What?  “The strongest”?  I can’t let that slide.  I’m at least as strong as you are.
Morgan(M): I know.  The two of us are one and the same.  If I’m the best, you are too.
Morgan(F): Hmm?  That’s fine, then.
Morgan(M): [chuckle] Then let’s finish this in one go!
Morgan(F): Yeah! [murmurs] Everything is for that person’s sake.  Time to tip the scales!
Morgan(M): This is the end!
[thunder crashes; several men scream]
[BGM fades out]

[shiny, sparkly sounds]
Anna: [blurred, echoing voice that slowly becomes clearer] Hey.  Heeey.  Hey, you two!  Listen to me!  Get up, get up!  Ugh… [takes a deep breath, then yells] WAKE UP!
Morgans: Waah!?

[BGM: “Open for business!”]

Anna: [sighs] Oh, good.  You’re still alive.  Wow, you scared me.
Morgan(F): [sleepily] Umm… just now… was that… a dream?  It was really vivid...
Anna: You were dreaming?  Honestly.  What a carefree girl.
Morgan(M): Huh?  Aren’t you… Anna?
Anna: Oh, so you know me.  But too bad, I’m someone else.  This is the Outrealms.  It’s a different place than the world you’re from.
Morgan(M): Outrealms?
Anna: Right.  If I had to guess, you probably got lost somehow… but I’m glad you two are okay.
Morgan(F): The two of us?
Anna: Yeah.  Look, your friend’s right next to you.
Morgans: Friend…?
[they turn to look at each other, then jump back]
Morgan(M): Ahh!  I don’t know her!  It’s our first time meeting!
Morgan(F): T-t-that’s right!  I’ve never seen him before!
Anna: Huh?  Really?  You’re wearing the same clothes and were lying right next to each other, so I thought you were twins…
Morgan(M): N-no!
Morgan(F): We really haven’t met before.
Anna: I see.  Ha. [leans forward] Then you should introduce yourselves, right?  What are your names?
Morgan(M): Ah, um…
Morgans: I’m Morgan.
[they turn to look at each other]
Morgan(M): Huh?
Anna: [amused] Oh, you have the same name.
Morgan(M): Just… who are you?
Morgan(F): [unnerved] What about you?  Who are you?
Anna: Hmm.  Well!  It happens a lot, meeting someone who looks just like you.  You know, there are countless people in all the Outrealms with the same name and face as me!  You just said you know someone who looks like me, right?
Morgan(M): Ah, t-that’s right.
Morgan(F): Then… this is normal?
Anna: It’s not unusual for me at least.
Morgan(M): Oh… really?  Then I won’t worry about it!
Morgan(F): I… won’t worry about it either.
Anna: Oh, you’re both pretty adaptable.  Now go ahead and shake hands.
Morgans: Ahh… [reach over and clasp hands]
Morgan(M): Ah… um… I hope we get along, Morgan.
Morgan(F): S-same here… Morgan.
[both laugh a little awkwardly]

[BGM: Duty]

Morgan(M): Fire Emblem Awakening: Drama CD series.
Morgan(F): Outrealm Bonds Edition: The Search for the Dreaming Tiara.

Young Lucina: Mother… thank you very much.  The same tiara as King Marth… it’s so beautiful!  I’ll cherish it always! [giggles]

[sound of the wind howling]
Lucina, slightly older: Mother… I never thought… I would lose you so soon… [sob] But… I’m all right.  With this sword and this tiara, the same as those of the Hero-King, I will become a beacon of hope, just as he did.  I’m fine as long as I have these.  I will keep them with me always!  Right, Father, Mother?

[a chime]
[birds chirping]

[BGM: “The Vaike never forgets! I just don’t always remember.”]

[Lucina grumbles and rolls over]
Severa: Morning, Lucina.  You don’t usually sleep in this late.
Lucina: Severa… good morning.
Severa: Hurry up and get ready.  We’re marching today.  Chrom’ll get mad at us if we’re late.  Didn’t we come here to defeat the enemy and bring back peace?
Lucina: Ah… yes.
Lucina, thinking: ...It seems I was dreaming, of the day long ago when Mother bought me that hair accessory… and the day I decided to take the name Marth.  What a nostalgic dream.
Severa: Come on! [heaves the covers away] Cynthia, Noire, you get up too!
Cynthia: Uuuuwah!?  Cold!  Severa, you jerk!
Noire: Hiiiiii!  I-I’m awake now, so please stop…
Lucina: [soft laugh, thinking] Everyone’s so lively this morning.  I must ready myself too.
Lucina: ...hm?  Huh?
Noire: What is it, Lucina?
Lucina: I can’t… find my hair ornament…
Severa: What, didn’t it just fall somewhere? [walks over]
Cynthia: Um… but it doesn’t look like it’s around here.
Noire: It’s not under the blankets either.
Lucina: I see.  That’s strange.
Severa(?): Maybe… someone stole it in the middle of the night?
Noire/Lucina/Cynthia: Eh?

[birds chirping]

[BGM: “But, Frederick, it’s nearly dark!”]
Laurent: One, two, three, four!  Five, six, seven, eight!  Ho, ho, three-- [continues counting in background]
Inigo: [breathes hard, sighs] Hey, Laurent.  Will these exercises really make us stronger?  I’m tired already!
Laurent: How foolish, Inigo. [continues exercising] These are the superbly fascinating anti-extinction exercises taught to me by Yarne!  It seems that practicing these in the morning dramatically increases your probability of survival for the day!
Brady: Probability of survival?  Wasn’t that just him babbling?
Owain: Ugh.  All this repetition is making my arms scream in agony!
Laurent: Owain!  Needless chatter will only exhaust you!
Gerome: Hmph.  Honestly.  You’re all trying hard.
Inigo: [imitating his voice] “Trying hard”, is it!?  Why aren’t you exercising, Gerome!?
Brady: That’s right!  Don’t just stand there looking down on us!
Gerome: I’ve been training since early in the morning.  I have no need for exercises to wake me up, unlike you idlers.
Inigo: Oh, yeah, yeah, is that right?
[faraway footsteps]
Laurent: ...hm?  What’s that sound?
Owain: H-hey!  They’re coming closer!
Severa: Ah!  There they are!  We were looking for you!
Gerome: What?  Is it the enemy?
Cynthia: No!  Something really terrible has happened!
Gerome: Terrible?
Laurent: We will not understand unless you tell us.  Please explain.
[slower footsteps approach]
Lucina: I apologize, everyone.  I’m sorry for causing such a commotion this early.
Owain: Ah, Lucina.
Inigo: Huh?  You look a bit different from usual.
Laurent: That is correct.  Something that’s always present is missing… ah.
Gerome: You mean this “something terrible” is…
Lucina: That’s right.  In truth, my hair accessory… has disappeared.
Brady/Inigo: Huh!?

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