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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 3. Royal Crown Search Mission (die Tiara Suche Mission) about that title. 8|; it's something owain says in the course of this track. there's a note explaining it at the end.

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 3: Royal Crown Search Mission (die Tiara Suche Mission)

[crickets chirping.  a tent flap is pushed aside.]
Severa: All right!  Everyone’s here!
Inigo: You’re late, Severa.
Laurent: You are well past the designated meeting time.  You were the one who initially proposed we meet without telling Lucina.  And yet--
Severa: Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry!  It’s not my fault!  I couldn’t just tell Lucina where I was going!
Noire: [gasp] You talked to Lucina?
Gerome: How was she?
Severa: [sigh] ...she didn’t say anything about this morning, but she still looked pretty upset.
Noire: That’s right.  She lost something so precious to her…

[BGM: “We should turn in for the night.”]

Laurent: We were just discussing this, but we are not far from last night’s campsite. Shall we keep this a secret from Lucina and continue searching?
Cynthia: We’ll call it “The Great Tiara-Searching Strategy!” [sparkle]
Owain: Wait.  If it’s a secret plan, shouldn’t we call it the Royal Crown Search Mission, “die Tiara Suche Mission”? [1]
Cynthia: Huuuuh?  The Great Searching Strategy is more heroic!
Severa: W-well!  Putting aside the name, it looks like we’re agreed.  We’ll look for the tiara.
Inigo: Good.  Then let’s all go tomorrow.
Laurent: Wait, Inigo.  It is inadvisable for everyone to search.
Inigo: Huh?  Why?
Laurent: If all of us are missing, Lucina will be suspicious.  In addition, in the event that something untoward happens, it is better if some of us remain.
Inigo: Oh.  You’re right.
Cynthia: Then let’s draw lots to figure out who stays behind.
Owain: Oh, I’ll make the lots.  Anyone got paper?
Noire: Um, around here… ah, there it is. [hands it over]
Owain: Hey, thanks. [begins tearing]
Gerome: The search party should split into two groups.  It will be hard to move about with too many people.
Cynthia: Then, then, we’ll split into three groups, one that stays behind and two that search.
Owain: Leave it to me!  All right… the Violet Team and the Schwarz Team.  And the last one…
Severa: Who cares about that?  Hurry up!
Owain: Tch.  You have no sense of adventure. [flips through pages] Okay, done.  Now, everyone, make your decision!
Laurent: Thank you.
Severa: Everyone got one?
All: Yeah.
Severa: We’ll work with these groups tomorrow, okay?  And no complaining about who you end up with.
Noire: I-I’m getting excited for some reason…
Owain: Okay, everyone ready?  All together!  Ready, set, go!
[everyone flips theirs open]
Severa: Huh?  I’m staying behind.
Laurent: As am I.  Let’s do our best, Severa.
Cynthia: I’m in the search team, Team Violet!  Whoooo’s going with me~?
Cynthia: Gerome?  Yaaaaay!  I’ll be counting on you!
Inigo: I’m searching with Team Schwarz…
Noire: Me too.
Inigo: Really?  Yesss!  I’m glad you’re with me, Noire!  The two of us will work hard together.  If anything happens, I’ll protect--
Owain: No, it’s not just you two.
Inigo: Huh?
Owain: Fate has once again decreed that I walk the path shrouded in darkness… Team Schwarz!  I’ll be counting on you, you two!
Inigo: What, Owain’s coming too?
Owain: What?  Any objections?
Inigo: No, not at all. [shifts, then annoyed] Everyone else is in a guy-girl group, so why’d it have to be us?
Severa: UGHHHH, GAWDS!  You just won’t shut up!  I said no complaining!  It’s DECIDED!
Inigo: Huuuuuh?
Laurent: Well then, everyone, let’s all set off tomorrow morning.  Leave Lucina to Severa and me.
Cynthia: I’m getting excited!  Okaaaaay, everyone, let’s work hard tomorrow!
All: Yeah!

[1] Originally Owain called it "Searching Mission of Tiara" in English.  I guess it's a "secret mission", so he's giving it a name in another language, super sneakily.  Since that doesn't quite work when translated, and since he seems to have a German thing going on later on with the team name, I stuck it in Google Translate and got out equally sketchy German.  Yes, it's supposed to be slightly incorrect. :P

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