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FE Awakening, Drama CD 4: 5. I Really Think That Hair Ornament Won’t Do

don’t ask me how a tiara can make noises.  with this, the CD is about halfway done~

Amielleon also pointed out that Lucina's voice acting is super girly in this track.  She does sound more feminine in general in this CD than in CD two, but in this scene, she's really... really... girly...

Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Volume 4
Track 5: I Really Think That Hair Ornament Won’t Do

Severa: Laureeeent.  Any luck?
Laurent: There’s no sign of it.  It doesn’t seem to have been misplaced among the wagon goods.
Severa: Oh.  I thought maybe there was a chance.  I guess we just have to wait for everyone to get back.
[slow footsteps]
Lucina: Oh... Severa, Laurent.
Laurent: Lucina.
Lucina: What are you doing?  It’s rare to find you two together.
Severa: Well, of course it is!  After all, we decided by drawing--
[Laurent covers her mouth; Severa lets out muffled protests and flails]
Lucina: What’s wrong?
Laurent: It’s nothing.  We had some free time, so we were inspecting our supplies.
Lucina: Ah!  Thank you!  That’s right, if you’re free right now, will you go shopping with me?
Laurent: Shopping?
Severa: [breaks free and takes a deep breath] Shopping?  What’re you going to buy?
[Lucina laughs softly]

[BGM: Main Theme (Summer) (No Voice)]

Lucina: Oh!  What a beautiful snake hair ornament!  What do you think, you two?
[confused boing]
Laurent: Er… well…
Lucina: Hm?  It doesn’t suit me?
Laurent: No, er… it’s just… it is quite unique.
Severa: Unique?  It’s horrible!  Why is there a snake wrapped around a hair ornament?  That means you’ll be walking around with a snake on your head, you know!?
Lucina: I see… then how about this one?
Laurent: This time it is adorned with a praying mantis.
Severa: You’re not helping, you know.
Laurent: Ahem… Lucina.  When you said you wanted to go shopping, you were referring to the purchase of a new tiara?
Lucina: Yes.
Laurent: ...I see. [steps away, then hisses] Severa!  Please come here for a moment! [grabs her]
Lucina: Huh?
Severa: What’s with you, Laurent?  You know how bad her taste is!  Isn’t it a little late to be surprised?
Laurent: No!  It will be terrible if Lucina buys something now!
Severa: Why?
Laurent: Everyone is giving their all to search for her tiara.  If they return with it and find that she has a new one, it will leave a bitter taste in both parties’ mouths.
Severa: Ah… you’re right.  Then how about we show her a bunch of things she doesn’t like until she doesn’t want to buy anymore?
Laurent: An excellent plan.  Let’s do that.
Lucina: What’s wrong, you two?
Severa: Ahhh!  N-nothing!  We were just talking about which ones look best!
Laurent: Exactly! …waaah! [stumbles back] This one… may be perfect.
Lucina: Oh!  It’s made of thick bear fur!
Severa: Laurent, this is bad!  That’s the kind of thing Lucina likes!
Laurent: I’ve made a terrible miscalculation!
Lucina: It’s wonderful! [sparkling] The feel of this coarse fur… its gentle embrace of my head… the thick volume!
Laurent: Ah, but there are other nice items too!
Severa: T-t-t-t-t-that’s right, Lucina!  Oh look, over here--
[music stops suddenly]
Lucina: [firmly] No, I’ve decided on this! [sparkle]
Laurent/Severa: Huh?  You’re buying it?
Lucina: Yes!
[coins spilling, cash register chime]
Severa: ...she bought it.
Laurent: And she put it on immediately.
[boing boing]
Lucina: I apologize for the wait.  I bought their whole stock.
Laurent/Severa: Uh.
Lucina: Haha.  It will be all right now.
Severa: “All right”?  What will?

[BGM: Id (Serenity)]

Lucina: To tell the truth, I have an old habit of reaching up and touching where my tiara was.  And each time… [sigh] I remember that I no longer have the hair ornament my mother gave me.
Laurent: Lucina…
Lucina: But it’s all right now!  It’s not the one from my mother, but as long as I have this, I no longer feel lonely.
Severa: I see…
Laurent: If you’re happy, then we’re happy.  You bought something wonderful, Lucina.
Lucina: Yes.  Thank you for coming with me.
[Laurent and Severa laugh]
[music grows louder and suddenly stops]
Severa: [deadpan] But I really think that hair ornament won’t do.  It stinks of bear, too.
[crows cawing and flying away]

[birds chirping.  Noire is sobbing.]
Noire: I did it again… Mister Bear… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…
Owain: Don’t get so down.  You saved us.
Inigo: That’s right.  You’re cute and strong, Noire.  You really are the best!
Owain: Hey.  Don’t hit on her when she’s upset.
Cynthia: [faraway] Heeeeey!
Noire: [looks up] Hm?  That voice…
Owain: Voice?  You hear something again!?
Inigo: Wha!?  I can’t take any more!  I’ve had enough of bears!
Noire: [light breath, laughingly] It’s all right.  Look over there.
Cynthia: Heeeeey!  Everyone!
Inigo: That’s… Cynthia and Gerome!
Cynthia: [jumps down] Hup.  Did you guys find the hair ornament?
Noire: No, not yet.
Cynthia: Oh… I see.  It’s the same for us.  But we got a lot of info!  Right, Gerome?
Gerome: Yeah.
Owain: Heh, as expected of the heroes who soar through the sky.
Gerome: So?  What about you?
Owain: Huh?
Gerome: You’ve found at least one hint, right?
Owain: Uhhhh, well, that’s, uh…
Inigo: [nervous laugh] How do I put this… we were… uhh...
Gerome: [steps forward] What’s with that bear behind you? ...don’t tell me you wasted your time playing tag with a bear?
Owain/Inigo: [taken aback] Urk.
Gerome: [sigh]
Cynthia: I-it’s okay!  You can collect info just running through the forest!  Um, like… wasn’t there anything?  Like seeing suspicious people, or hearing something weird?
Noire: Hearing something… weird…
Noire: Ah!

[BGM, very soft: “Oh, it’s not so bad, Lissa. Just a healthy little walk!”]

Gerome: What is it?
Noire: That’s it!  The sound I heard in the forest… that was…
Inigo: Sound?
Owain: Wasn’t that the bear?
Noire: No, it wasn’t.  That sound… that metallic noise… of course!  That was Lucina’s tiara!
Owain/Inigo: What!?
Cynthia: T-that’s great news!
Gerome: Yeah.  But it took you too long to remember.
Gerome: Urk! [stumbles back] S-sorry.
Cynthia: Anyway!  Let’s go back to where you heard it!  Do you know where it is, Noire?
Noire: Ah… yes.  It’s this way.

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