Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tales of Asteria: Something Only You Can Do

So the current Tales of Asteria gacha includes a limited-edition four-star Sophie, and someone in our guild was lucky enough to roll her.  Her low-level subquest has a mini-plot with Elle. ...there was no way I would be able to resist two of the cutest characters in recent Tales memory.

With thanks to Aska for providing the screenshots (of which there were many). :D

Tales of Asteria
Limited 4star Sophie (light), level 12 subquest
Something Only You Can Do

Scene 1:
???: Oh, Sophie!
Sophie: Elle…
Elle: What’re you doing in a place like this?
Sophie: I was looking at the flowers.
Elle: Do you like flowers?
Sophie: Yeah.
Elle: I thought so.   I like flowers too!
Elle: That’s right!
Elle: If you like flowers, why don’t you come to my house?  We have lots of pretty flowers.
Sophie: Really?  Can I?
Elle: Of course!  You’re welcome to come!
Elle: The flowers will be waiting for you too!
Sophie: Okay.
Elle: Then let’s go!
Elle: If there’s any you like, I’ll give them to you!
Sophie: …Stand back, Elle.
Elle: Monsters…!?

Scene 2:
Sophie: Are you okay, Elle?
Elle: I-I’m fine… thanks.
Elle: …You’re amazing, Sophie.
Sophie: …?
Elle: You’re a girl like me, but you’re really strong.  I’m jealous.
Sophie: Really?
Elle: I’m always the one being protected…
Elle: So sometimes I think,
Elle: I want to be strong and protect everyone too…
Sophie: Oh…
Elle: Hey, hey, teach me the move you used to beat that monster just now!
Sophie: Huh?
Elle: Please!  You will, right?
Sophie: It’s fine, but… you’ll definitely get hurt, Elle.
Elle: I still wanna learn!
Elle: It was something like this…
Elle: Shadow Moment!
Elle: …
Elle: Oh… I guess it’s no good after all.
Sophie: Elle…
Sophie: Elle, come here…
Elle: Huh?  Wait… where’re you going?

Sophie: Look…
Elle: Wow, what a pretty flower…!  It’s growing by the side of the road…
Sophie: You know, when I look at flowers, I feel like I grow lighter.
Sophie: Just like when you showed me those flowers and talked to me…
Sophie: My chest grows warmer, right around here.
Elle: Sophie…
Sophie: Maybe you can’t fight, but you can warm people’s hearts.  It’s a really amazing power…
Elle: …the power to warm people’s hearts…
Sophie: I want to use my power to protect the people I care about.
Sophie: That’s what I can do.
Sophie: So Elle, you should help everyone by doing what only you can.
Elle: Something only I can do…
Elle: …Right, I’ll do my best!
Elle: Thanks, Sophie.

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